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Look look saracchi it took me 6 hours more but I did it Anyway, this will be the postcard bundled with the limited edition of volume 1 of Taishou Stray Dogs!

(lol I wish)

For those who don’t know Taishou Stray Dogs, it’s an AU @akutagawaprize made for April Fools’ Day, and it’s absolutely awesome. I’m not shamelessly plugging or anything but seriously, go read it if you haven’t. I’d pay an arm and a leg for this to be the official ver. 

anonymous asked:

I love the Cassian x Reader fics on here but I've only read a couple one shots. Any reccomendations for a series???

Oh, yes!! Sadly there aren’t many series type fics here on tumblr dot com (my opinion) but!! To each their own.

May I suggest:

Remembrance by @the-new-fanfic-order: A brilliant series about second lives, an alternate universe where you work for a company and have a crush on Cassian even though you have met him before. It’s so damn amazing and Zoe is a FANTASTIC writer! You got that angst, that fluff, all this shit that makes my ass cry. I remember having to wait for the last chapter nd like….reading the last chapter nd crying right before class.

Devil in the Details (AO3) by @marvelouswritings: A story about the reader being a medic for the Empire but finds that breaking free with the wounded rebel is the best decision for her life. BOY! Even though it’s an unfinished series, this fic takes you for one hell of a ride. I’m talking about plot twists, adventures, and just…fuck it’s rly awesome, my dude

Shameless self plug in pero…I made a series!

No Surrender (though I suggest you read on AO3 as I made small but big revisions) by yours truly: u want that angst? i got u. need some fluff? u bet i got ya! want an extra side of sass from k-2? coming right up! The mission from Kashyyyk goes awry, resulting in Cassian getting severely hurt and the reader feeling guilty about it. 

And…that’s about it? Zoe also has another series called Let’s Make a Deal so go check that out! If there are any other series that any of my followers have, feel free to hop on here and leave the deets below!

So I just crawled out from under a rock and I heard this really great song on the radio and I was like OH shit this is awesome so I plugged as many of the lyrics as I could remember into google and it brought up “Too Much To Ask” by Niall Horan and I just about pissed my pants @ontheslowtown