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Child’s Play - Request

Requested by anon: The reader is taking care of her friends kids while they are on a hunt and they fall asleep on her stomach and dean walks in and admires her. 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1.100

Warnings: None.

A/N: Bit of Dean fluff to finish the night. ;)


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“So how again did we end up as baby sitters?” (Y/N) asked as she and Dean took a glimpse inside the kitchen, where three kids were chasing each other.

“Sam’s old hunter friend and his wife are on a hunt…” Dean started.

“The hunt Sam is also in, right?”

“Yes, he volunteered as a third hand to finish quicker.” Dean nodded, “But they needed baby sitters and I said we’d do it.”


“Because those kids are cool and I don’t want to go after disgusting witches.” Dean stated as it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“OK…” She took in a deep breath – she wanted so much to rest that day – and smiled at him. “We can do this.”

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drippy--paint  asked:

Could you make a post on little things you can do to be happy? I just got evicted and my mental state just went down a lot. I find happiness in small simple things but I can't think of anything right now. Sorry for being annoying. thanks.


Here are some sea cows to make you feel better ; u ; I’m so terribly sorry about your situation. Do you have a safe place to stay? If you set up a gofundme or youcaring account for us to donate to, please send it my way so I can share with everyone! I can’t imagine how hard it must be right now, please hang in there. This might be a tough situation but I believe that you’re tougher, especially with some help from friends who care about ya! I love you so so much. Okay anyways onto the list. 


weave silk into cool patterns (artsy and easy to use)

mood boost!!! (get flattered by a computer)

strangers give you hugs (videos of strangers offering hugs)

look at cute animals (blog of baby animals!!!)

1 correct answer = 10 grains of rice (help donate rice to feed the hungry) 


1. Make some slime!!! {here’s how}

2. Try out one of eighteen different facial masks {diy recipies here}

3. Here’s a playlist of popular songs but in musicbox form. It’s nice to just listen to it while laying down {click for link}

4. Take a nice bath with oatmeal lavender soak in it! It’s easy to make!

 1 cup Epsom salt 

1 cup quick oats

 1/2 cup baking soda

 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil 

10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil 

15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Grind up your oats in a food processor and mix all this stuff together, store it in a big jar or gallon sized plastic baggy. It should be good for about 4 baths! The oatmeal will soften your skin and the lavender’s aromatherapy properties will help calm you down!

5. Take an epson salt bath. You can buy a big bag of it from Target for about $5 and you’ll have enough for A LOT of baths!! They come in different scents like tea trea/eucalyptus/lavender/etc and are all pretty darn awesome for calming down any muscle tension. Light up a few candles and relax. Bonus Points if you do it after a nice workout/neighborhood walk. 

6. Have a laugh. Listen to some Louis CK stand up performances while laying on the couch or sitting outside. It’s even more fun with friends {click for comedy}

7. Make a bonfire with friends. You don’t even need a beach or woods to do this. Just find someone with a firepit, go to the backyard and burn some wood when it starts getting dark outside. You guys can roast marshmallows and sing karaoke together. It’s a cheap way to make sure everyone has a relaxing night, just make sure you’re safe around the fire (keep a gallon of water nearby just in case)!!!

8. Bake some sugar cookies and decorate them with friends. A pack of sugar cookie mix is like $2 and you can form them into funny shapes or cover them in sprinkles/frosting. You and your friends will have fun making a mess in the kitchen. Plus they taste awesome. 

9. Snuggle. A pillow. A pet. A friend. A lover. A family member. Build a fort of pillows and blankets to snuggle in, grab your buddy, and go go go. Snuggling is great when you feel like poo.

10. If you’re not a touchy person with others, try spending time with a pet. If you don’t have one, find a friend who has one and see if they’re cool with you sliding by. Tell them you wanna take their dog on a walk even and see if they’ll let you. Or brush their cats. Or pet their rats. Or lizards. Feed their fish. Cute animals just make everyone feel a little better ahhaha.


Sungjin: big comfy sweaters, cups of hot cocoa, a roaring fire, thick woollen blankets, tucking your frozen toes under his thighs to warm them, falling asleep to Frank Sinatra.

Jae: lazy days off spent in the warmest pjs known to man, building a wicked awesome pillow fort, initiating a battle with a pair of marshmallow guns, roasting discarded marshmallows over a candle while sitting on the rubble of the pillow fort. 

Young K: walking through a snow covered park at night, bundled up in multiple scarves, having an impromptu snowball fight, slipping on ice down a bank, landing in a huge snow drift, lying there looking at the stars for a half hour until you realize you can’t feel your nose

Wonpil: building a snowman five minutes after the first snowfall, twig and pebble searching, absentmindedly eating the carrot nose before being able to use it, changing the man into a bunny due to lack of nose

Dowoon: baking sugar cookies at midnight, painting each other’s faces with batter and icing, burning fingers and mouths on hot cookies cause you were too impatient for them to cool, having a contest on who could make the ugliest cookie face

#Blog New KAIJU swag!

Look at this awesome new pillow that just came in the mail today!

it looks awesome!!!!


by the way if you’re interested, I found it on redbubble:

here it is right next to my other cute Peridot/Lapis Lazuli pillow, courtesy of @blushmallet

(and here’s another link)


I woke up thinking about how nice it would be to cuddle with Gabriel Reyes and I want to share:

-He almost engulfs you because he is a Big Boy but that just means he makes an awesome body pillow
-He strokes your hair, or gently caresses the curves of your ear with his fingertips.
-One arm around your middle, the other around your shoulders–safest, warmest, comfiest place on earth.
-His big pillowy man bosoms have plenty of room for nuzzling
-He smells wonderful–like clean laundry and bodywash
-His beard is ticklish; he uses that to his advantage
-You both probably doze off

Zenyatta Pillows!

Like a lot of you guys, I’ve become a little bit obsessed with Overwatch these past few months, particularly with a certain omnic monk. Since there’s barely any Overwatch merch on the market right now, particularly for Zenyatta, I decided to literally take matters into my own hands, and am super excited to start selling these Zenyatta pillows on my etsy!  

Each pillow is entirely hand-sewn by me out of super soft fleece, and stands about 12″ tall and 10″ across. 

They currently cost $37, and you can choose between any of Zenyatta’s non-legendary skins for your pillow’s coloring!

You can get your tranquil Zenyatta face pillow from ClarusCrafts on etsy, along with Neko Atsume pillows and more stuff I’ll be releasing soon!