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A Feeling of Home

Second day of @thexmasfileschallenge: wreath. 

Revival fluff, sort of. 

Also tagging @today-in-fic

Mulder’s hand, the one that is not clinging to the paper bag holding his present, is poised to knock. If any of Scully’s neighbors were to open their door right now they might stop and wonder. Mulder, he is certain of it, looks frozen in time and place, an unwanted still picture here in this unfamiliar hallway. Her neighbors don’t know him, have never seen him; he doubts she ever mentioned him. To them, he is a stranger, a possible intruder. To Scully, he hopes, he is neither.

But he pauses, contemplates. His eyes are fixated on the perfectly crafted wreath that adorns her otherwise impersonal door. The joyous green clashes with the dark, massive grey that almost looks black. The paper bag rustles as he shifts his weight from one foot to the other. It was a silly idea. Stupid, really. He should leave. Scully doesn’t know he’s here, she doesn’t expect him. There’s no discernible noise on the other side of the door. She might not even be home. Without him she has all the time in the world. She could be at church, out a café with friends or she could be out on a date. Mulder swallows hard. Scully wouldn’t go on a date on a Sunday morning, would she? Not the Scully he knows. Or knew. But the Scully he knew had also never left him. That Scully never packed her bags, told him she couldn’t do this any longer before left him and their house. 

His hand touches the wreath and he lets his fingers wander over a pinecone, over an artificial, dark red berry. It pains him to realize she’s used artificial greenery this year. He gathers his courage and finally knocks. It’s been years, a decade, since he’s last knocked waiting for her to open the door. 

“Mulder?” Scully is surprised to see him and he can’t tell if she considers it a good or a bad surprise.

“Hi. I know I should have called first but-”

“No, it’s fine.” It’s hard to tell if she means it. Mulder decides not to question it, not now, and instead hands her the paper bag awkwardly.

“I uhm, brought you a gift.” She glances down at the bag and then back at him. 

“Come on in, Mulder.” Scully steps aside and Mulder, for the first time, steps into the small space that Scully considers home these days. A few times after work she asked him if he wanted to see it, come with her. He always declined, unable to stomach the fact that when they spoke of home they both meant different places. 

“Would you like anything to drink?” Scully asks him setting the bag on the kitchen counter. 

“No, I can’t stay.” She turns to him, her expression unreadable. “I just wanted to drop this off. You don’t have to use it, but I wanted…” Mulder trails off, shrugging. A small smile plays around Scully’s lips as she gently takes out his gift. 

“Oh Mulder.” How often has she uttered these words. He knows every intonation of her voice, has heard his name spill from her lips in so many ways, and he knows this one, too. “You did this for me?” The room fills with the strong aroma of freshly cut greenery. Scully touches it, follows the contours of twig that stubbornly sticks out. 

“It’s cedar and fir,” Mulder clears his throat, “Your mother told me once that you can use just about anything green but make sure it’s evergreen. I know… you and your mom used to make the wreaths together. I still have the one she made for me last year.” He has to clear his throat again and he observes Scully. Her eyes fill with tears but the smile on her lips lets him know she wants to hear this. 

“I know this is your first Christmas without her and I- I guess this is my way of honoring her. I should have known you already had a wreath.”

“I bought it, Mulder.” Scully admits, her voice heavy. “But you… this is beautiful, Mulder. My mom would love it. I love it. Let’s put it up on the door.”

“Scully, you don’t have to do that.” Mulder tells her as she walks past him, her hand softly touching his arm in passing. 

“But I want to, Mulder. Make this place feel a bit more like home.” Mulder bites his lip as he watches her take off the artificial wreath. How badly does he want to remind her that there’s another house, another place that’s just waiting for her to come back. But he’ll wait. This, he figures, is a start. 

“Now I’ll always have a piece of you here with me, Mulder.” Scully whispers before she gently, almost tentatively, kisses his cheek.

¡Tarde pero seguro!

The last one, Chi-Chi day 05/11!!




Has been such a long road guys, i’ll be bustin’ my butt with work projects, so here i wanted to finish my participation with something good, keep an eye on me, i’ll posting requests! xx

I just really wanna thank all those awesome people who write fanfiction and draw fanart, you are heroes and you deserve much more credit than you get. You pour all of your creativity and time into your stories and pictures and you don’t even get money for it. I wanna thank you for being the best people in the world ever!

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Okay but like Dean introducing Cas to all the different types of warm drinks. Like, not just coffee, but apple cider, tea, and hot cocoa 😄😜 ☕🍵

“Which one’s your favorite, Cas?” Dean asks.

Cas takes a sip of each drink down the line. Cider. Tea. Wassail. Hot cocoa. Coffee. 

He grins. “I can’t decide which one!”

Cas tries them in a different order, enjoying the way some of them leave aftertastes that bleed into his tastebuds for the next cup. 

Somewhere along the way, Dean ends up blindfolded, Cas feeding him his own “concoctions,” which Dean is pretty sure entail adding copious amounts of sugar cubes and whipped cream to each drink. 

“Mmmmm,” Dean nods, trying not to purse his lips when he downs the sugar concentrates. He peeks through the bottom of the blindfold where it isn’t as tight, so he can see the way Cas is staring at him with an excited grin. 

“I can’t decide which one I like better, either,” Dean says, pulling off the cloth. 

He pulls Cas in for a deep kiss. 

“Oh wait,” he says, then does it again. “Yep. I found my favorite flavor.”

Send me your soft!dean/soft!destiel/soft!cas headcanons :)

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A vampire brings back home a human. A human mate. The human looks for entertainment, the vampire has an ancient radio. The human inquires. The vampire pulls out Scrabble. Time to woo the human.

This is actually the cutest headcanon!! I’d totally fall for a vampire with a dusty old radio and formidable Scrabble skills. Hell yeah, let’s listen to some staticky fiddle tunes and fight about the spelling of “coelacanth”. Need me a freak like that, as the youths say. 

chloemac86  asked:

Cas likes to take Dean on dates where they get to do things that Dean missed out on in childhood. Playing at the park, making their own prom, catching fireflies, high school sporting events, DisneyWorld, etc

Dean takes another large bite of cotton candy, talking with his mouth full, gesturing. 

“Ov’ her, Cas!”

Cas smiles, ducking between a family waiting in line for the Matterhorn, holding on to his mickey mouse ears as he goes under the awning so they don’t fall off. 

Dean’s already handing his phone off to a passerby, pulling Cas in close to him so they can pose with Tinkerbell. 

“Dean, you have to stop eating to smile,” Cas laughs as Dean takes another bite. 

Nodding, Dean swallows quickly, both their smiles wide and genuine, even if the photographer can’t seem to get them to stop grinning at each other and look at the camera. He gives up and snaps a picture of the two do-eyed boyfriends oggling each other from either side of Tinkerbell with a laugh. 

“You know,” Cas says to her in all seriousness. “I have wings, too. Real ones.”

Tinkerbell crinkles her nose, looking amused, then gives Cas a kiss on the cheek. He’s about to continue when Dean laughs, pulling his boyfriend away. 

“Come on, Fabio,” Dean says, kissing him on the exact same spot on the cheek as Tink, before giving her a meaningful wink. “Time to see what a knock off ‘haunted mansion’ looks like. 

Send me your soft!dean/soft!destiel/soft!cas headcanons :)

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is because I wrote in just now. I figured what the heck right haha (: also I had to rush because of my Lima bean attention span. I may or may not make this into another series (; I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤ 

 Warnings: Flirting. Online relationships. Age gaps. Teasing. 

Series Masterlist

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Lazytown “Episode” Concept

A Fake “What If” Season 5 Lazytown Episode Concept

I wanted to do something different than my typical ‘headcanons’ and think up of something that would be an episode within the show itself.

  • We’ll Bolly-well Miss You
  • Would be a two-part episode
  • What if Robbie was totally into different kinds of singing and dancing.  
    • Not just musicals
    • But like, Bollywood movies
    • K-Pop
    • J-Pop
    • Flamenco Dancing
    • ALL Kinds of neat and interesting dancing and singing performances all around the world

  • So Part One would begin with Robbie watching a Bollywood movie that was a favorite of his.  He’d be sitting in his chair and dancing it out to himself
  • And then the kids, of course, are all noisy, and he goes to look what-the-hay they are up to
  • And it turns out that there will be some vistors to Lazytown, so they are all prepping banners and welcome signs.
  • He is all disgusted at them being all ACTIVE
  • And as usual he goes through his whole thing of I’M GOING TO STOP THIS BY PUTTING ON A STUPID DISGUISE
  • So he does, and he emerges on the surface to end their shinanigans
  • It turns out, the visitors are FAVORITE DANCERS OF HIS.  
    • Could be Bollywood, or k-pop or from some other country
    • But he is TOTALLY star-struck
  • So he, still in disguise, ends up joining in on the fun of dancing and singing and spending time with the famous people
    • And they, during it all, are getting very very impressed by him.  Like, by his singing and dancing (because, Robbie IS awesome at it) and the stars keep giving each-other knowing looks.
  • But Robbie’s disguise is broken, and the kids are all “HUUURG THAT GUY >:[” “ROBBIE ROTTEN! >:[”
  • And Robbie slinks away all upset…
  • But the famous people seek him out and actively ask him to COME WITH THEM.  Because they are THAT IMPRESSED by his ability.
  • So he… decides to go with them. 
    • So happy that he is going to MAKE FRIENDS
    • And that someone wants him
    • And that he will be appreciated
    • And he is so caught up in the moment
  • Sportacus and Stephanie are sad to see Robbie go, but are REALLY happy for him and encourage him to chase this opportunity
  • And the kids are happy too… but are a little bit happy that he won’t cause trouble anymore

  • Part Two would be set a few days (weeks?) later
  • And the kids are really sad and bored
    • And not doing much
    • Like, just sitting on the ground, chin on their hands
    • Sighing
  • Like, something is wrong with Lazytown
    • “It’s so BORING now…”
  • Something isn’t right
  • They try to figure it out
    • They’ve been active
    • They’ve been playing
    • They’ve been eating well (lots of Sportscandy)
    • They’ve been going to bed (at 8:08!)
    • They’ve been making sure they are doing their schoolwork
    • They’ve been good and kind to each other
    • All like normal!
  • But something is wrong.  They are sad.
  • Stephanie figures out that… It’s Robbie.  They miss Robbie.
  • Lazytown isn’t Lazytown without Robbie
  • It’s like a piece of the town is gone
  • And even Sportacus sort of agrees in his cheerful way that… Lazytown isn’t the same. 
    • “I don’t have to save him anymore…”
    • “I hope he’s being safe wherever he is”
    • “Lazytown is just so different now!”
  • And the kids go through this dilemma of missing Robbie and wanting him back, and have a song about all his faults that really are all his best attributes and how much they miss him.
  • And Sportacus reminds them that Robbie is chasing a dream and they should be HAPPY for him.
  • So Stephanie suggests they all write him letters hoping he is doing well and is happy, and they they miss him, but they hope he is having lots of fun
  • So they all do
  • But when they go to send off the letter… 
    • Robbie is coming off of a bus (a bit tanned)
    • And he is all:
    • “I missed you guys!”
    • “I missed this town!”
  • And they all give him their letters
  • And do the bing-bang dance
  • And yes this was an excuse to write two-part episode of Robbie-appreciation
  • So sue me

concept: v loves to garden. when he’s in a bad mood, he tries to get his mind off of it by tending to his garden. while his house is fairly modest (despite the fact that he’s loaded, bc it’s v like did u expect anything different), he went all out with his backyard — it’s Huge and features everything from flowers to vegetables.

he has an entire bookcase devoted to gardening and the language of flowers and cookbooks so he can make different kinds of food using the vegetables he grows.

even when v begins losing his eyesight, he refuses to stop gardening.

kat2609  asked:

I'll play. How about Killian and rope?😉😉

Thanks for helping me out with my 15-Minute “Masterpiece” (round 2) prompt! (For those of you unfamiliar with my 15-Minute Masterpieces, they are one-shots I write for at least 15 minutes, with no beta, and light editing. Basically a brain dump to help get my writing wheels turning again.)

Kath, I bet you didn’t think I would go in this direction…

Here’s a little Captain Charming for you because it’s Friday!
(Rated PG, ~745 words)

Look At Your Mate

“What’s this?” Killian asked, a look of amused suspicion on his face.

David had just thrust a small package into his hand and nodded at it, then stood back a pace, folding his arms over his chest.

“What’s it look like?” David asked with a huff.  

The baby giggled from where he was tossing blocks out of his play pen at his father’s feet. David took the opportunity to avoid looking directly at Killian who stood there, eyebrow raised.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“Not so far as you remember anyway.” David shot back with a snort.

Shrugging, Killian chuckled. “Fair point. Maybe it is my birthday.”

“Just open it already,” David muttered, rolling his eyes.

Using his hook, Killian pulled the tape away from what was a rolled up paper bag and then gently shook it open to reveal a red box and a citrusy, musky scent wafting up at him.

Killian pulled the box out and tossed the bag on the table, all the while perplexed as he read the label. “Soap… on a rope?” he asked.

“Yeah!” David said, his enthusiastic grin sliding away in exchange for a nonchalant shrug. “I saw it at the drugstore and thought you might like it.” David tapped the box with his finger. “Look, there’s a ship on the label. Thought it kinda looked like The Jolly Roger.

“Aye, mate, I noticed.” Killian read aloud from the box and shook his head in disbelief. “‘Old Spice?’ Are you disparaging my age or the way I smell?” he laughed.

David sighed. “No. Neither! I was just trying… you know what?” He reached over and snatched the box of soap out of Killian’s hand. “Nevermind. I’ll keep it for—”

“No, no, no, no, no,” Killian interrupted, holding his hand up to stop David from continuing. “It was a lovely gesture, and I am flattered you thought of me when you saw this…soap. On a…rope.”

Retrieving his gift back from David, Killian wedged the box between his left bicep and his chest and opened it, fishing out the cream-colored round of soap. He hung the rope from his finger and gave it a little twirl. “I look forward to using it,” he said with a nod. “Thank you.”

David slapped Killian on the shoulder. “Don’t mention it.”

A few days later, the two men were helping Emma wrangle three rowdy and inebriated former Musketeers into the squad car to return them to their lodgings after a particularly raucous gathering at the Rabbit Hole. They weren’t belligerent so much as unruly, and at one point, David lost his balance when Porthos attempted to put Aramis into a friendly headlock, sending the two of them careening toward Killian who had been keeping Aramis mostly upright.


“Bloody hell!”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Hey now!”


Killian managed to right David after he awkwardly dodged the burly Porthos, who toppled over onto Aramis. The sheriff and the pirate let the two swordsmen sort themselves out and finally spill into the backseat of the squad car where a drowsy Athos was waiting, his head pressed against the glass, and a glare directed at them like the point of a rapier.

Emma was coming around the back of the cruiser, making sure everyone was ok when Killian caught the look of confusion on her face.

“Dad? What are… Are you sniffing Killian?”

Killian glanced behind him to catch David, eyes closed, and in the middle of a deep inhale.

Chuckling, Killian asked, “So, which is it, mate? Do I smell old or spicy?”

David grinned. “Spicy.”

Emma said with a soft snort, “You two are weird. I’ll take my chances with Huey, Dewey, and Louie over there.” She walked back over to the driver’s side and opened the door.

“Aye, but they won’t smell as good as I do, love.”

Nodding in agreement, David called out “It’s true!”

Emma rolled her eyes and got into the car, turning on the flashing lights as she revved the engine.

“What kind of soap do you think would be good for me?” David asked, as he and Killian walked toward the squad car.

“Sheep dip,” Killian responded, not missing a beat.

David opened the passenger door and gave Killian a shove. “You think you’re so funny, don’t you?”

“Aye, funny and fragrant,” Killian said, sliding into the front seat next to Emma, leaving just enough room for David.

“I take it back. You just smell old.”

A/N: There is/was Old Spice soap on a rope, and the reason I used the Musketeers in the second half, is because there is also an Aramis soap on a rope. I like to amuse myself if no one else. ;)

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6. “I’m sorry” kiss with Alyanette? :>

6. “I’m Sorry” with Alyanette

It had been a bit of a rough fight, and Marinette had seen some of the roughest. Though really, what made it so terrible was the emotional turmoil. She could deal with fists and blasts and akumas, but fighting verbally with Alya? Possibly the worst thing that could happen to her.

So when she bumped into Alya the next morning, barely minutes before the high school bell rang, she had to make it right. She couldn’t let ugly words end the relationship that they had carved from friendship with their fingernails and kisses.

Alya met her eyes, and Marinette’s vision clouded with tears. Blinking them away, she saw teardrops running down Alya’s face too.

She rushed forward, cupping Alya’s cheeks with her hands, desperately leaning upwards to let their lips meet. Alya kissed her back fervently. The kiss was salty with teardrops and bitter like the ugly words that they had torn from ugly places, words they both knew they didn’t mean.

Marinette kissed her again, and again, and again and again until her lips were swollen and her breath ragged. She pulled away, only long enough for Alya to pull her even closer into a hug.

“I’m so sorry,” Alya whispered, hiccuping slightly. “I didn’t mean any of it.”

“I didn’t either,” Marinette replied, hushed and trembling. “I’m sorry.“

A little angsty but I really hope you enjoyed! Thank you for sending a prompt <3

Send me a kiss prompt and a ship!

@elizabethrobertajones: “ONE DAY MAYBE the show would even get to MAKING its point instead of waffling around hinting while putting almost the opposite picture in the main text with only subtextual clues that it was all fucked up and meant to change. By the time it started getting to the point it was all going too fast - like, I should have braced myself to speculate beyond this point after Sam was like “it’s called sublimation Dean” and Dean snarked about that’s him alright. Like, seriously. Miscalculation on my part, and then we barrel into season 12 in full force and systematically work through entire checklists that have just been sitting around gathering dust on everyone. And even if we’re not at the END of the checklist, it’s like, Carver just wrote all the points on the checklist up for us and made us aware of everything that had to change.”


I’m watching season 8 right now and this hit me so hard too - it’s EXQUISITE!

It’s like Kripke era is the waffle cone establishing the basis, Carver era is the meta-subtext-text-ice cream and Dabb era is the beautiful toppings that just finishes it off and are the easy to recognise visual representation of what was there underneath all along :)

Originally posted by titaniumblackelement

A Cat, a Fox, and a Bee walk into a Bakery 33

“Vixy?  Queenie?  What are…” Chat paused, staring at his teammates, who were sitting on a rooftop and cheering Akuma-Marinette on.

“Hey Chat.” Vixen glanced over, and grinned at the red and black-spotted figure with him.  “Hey Nino, you look good.”

“It’s Scarabee right now,” He replied, glancing nervously at where Akuma-Marinette had tied up six civilian males and was hanging them upside down from a lamp post.  She appeared to be talking, the tip of her spear slowly moving back and forth a foot or so in front of their faces as she circled them.

Oddly, she had two large ravens sitting on her shoulder, which were eyeing the men hungrily.

“She’s calling herself Valkyrie, so I’m thinking a Norse theme.  She used a couple bolts from the spear to turn two pigeons into the ravens, which she’s calling Huginn and Muninn.  Which, those are supposed to be Odin’s thing, not a valkyrie’s, but…” Vixen trailed off with a shrug.

“But Hawkmoth doesn’t really know his mythology that well,” Chat finished.  “Which we learned from The Pharaoh.” He sighed.  “And just great, more birds.”

“It also means that we should probably expect basically anything Norse-themed to be thrown our way,” Vixen added.  “And I for one don’t want to be fighting The Midgard Serpent or a giant wolf or three tonight.”

“Tikki said before Nino transformed that the akuma is in her spear, so at least we know that.  So, why, um…” Chat gestured at the six civilians being menaced by Valkyrie.

“Recognize them?  You should, they’re the ones that were harassing us on that one date,” Queen Bee growled.

Chat started, taking a closer look.  Yeah, that was them.

“… We think that they attacked Marinette and that’s what got her akumatized,” Vixen added solemnly.  “At least from what Valkyrie said earlier.”

“So, we’re not exactly in a hurry to help,” Queen Bee finished.  “She’s mostly just lecturing them anyways.”

“Um, guys?” Scarabee squeaked, gesturing at Valkyrie, who had just pointed her spear at something and shot a beam at it.

Chat guessed that maybe it had been a rat originally, but the rapidly growing creature quickly shed fur and limbs, turning long and sleek and scaled.

And big.

The giant snake reared up, dwarfing even the ancient Titanoboa as it loomed, scales dark under the street lamps as it flickered its tongue in and out, easily twenty-five meters long, if not more.

“Jormungandr, show them what happens to those who prey on the defenseless!” Valkyrie ordered.

“Okay, Vixen, you are no longer allowed to potentially give her ideas!” Chat gasped, gripping his staff as the giant serpent opened its maw and hissed, revealing rows of long, needle-sharp teeth, the front fangs dripping pale venom.  “Queenie, distract Valkyrie!  Vixen, see if you can confuse the snake!  Scarabee, stay here.  I’m going to try to get that spear.”

His teammates nodded, Vixen pulling out her flute as Queen Bee spread her wings, taking off and shooting straight at Valkyrie, orange smoke trailing after her as Vixen began to play.

Chat swallowed hard, gave Scarabee’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze, then bounded off after Valkyrie, who had just taken off chasing Queen Bee.

‘Please, Marinette.  Please be okay in there.  We’re coming to help you.’

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I'm curious on why you dislike Vincent's end #17

Because I want Vincent all to myself >:0

But no also I hate the little shit Farz with a burning passion. And I’m personally uncomfortable with poly content in fics and art. I have nothing against poly, I’m just not interested in reading about it.

anonymous asked:

(1/2) I have a crack fic I'm working on and I thought you might enjoy it: the story starts with Emmanuel Gregor, a newly turned american who has been accused of fraternizing with werewolves by the volturi. He does the only thing he can think of when he's brought in front of the kings, he asks for a lawyer and is a lil afraid when Cauis starts to curse.

(2/2) Enter Miriam McDonovan, a vampiric lawyer whose job is to interpret The Law and find ways to protect her clients all the while her wedding planner wife sends her cute text messages about what their kitten is up to around the house. She is also Cauis’s archnemesis, or at least one of many. I don’t have much of a storyline rn but I just thought I’d share for your amusement.

Ahhhhh, this is adorable and hilarious, I am screaming.  It’s the most American thing in the world to immediately demand a lawyer and get super-litigious at the first sign of trouble. Also, Caius needs more nemeses who are not werewolves and who oppose him in normal ways. 

(Is it bad that I kind of want Miriam’s life? Granted, I’m buried in law job applications and I can only think huh, being undead would probably mean less crying and falling asleep while filling these out. But still, she seems like she has herself together.)

Thank you for sharing this idea with me. If you ever post this story, extra-please pass on the link :3

anonymous asked:

Ooooo, fanfic ask! 15, 21, and 24, please. :) (Unless someone beats me to it!)

(A lot of these I can answer more than once honestly! I rarely have just one thing in the favourites list. :D )

15. something you learned this year

* Maybe I actually know something about how to structure sex scenes.

* I learned a lot about seaside and coastal gardening thanks to The Wind that Cuts the Night (legit).

* I learned a lot about resistance movements, and resistance politics, thanks to The Golden Age that Never Was.

* I learned that I can be pretty productive writing 25,000 words per month. (Previously I was aiming for around 40-50k).

* I learned to feel pretty settled / okay re: writing noncon / dubcon and other difficult themes (including underage, which I haven’t written yet, but expect I will one day), thanks to the anti crowd on Tumblr helping me to define my priorities ethically.

21. most memorable comment/review

Really it’s impossible to pick just one. It really is. Some of the most memorable were the longer comments, particularly the two-parters when they happen. But I treasure all of them, and some of the shorter comments have made me snort / laugh, fist-bump the air etc. Some people have replied with gifs and they’ve been amazing too. One person put a picture quote up in response to Davix’s entrance that went: ‘Him. Ah there he is. That motherfucker. What a tool’ which felt entirely on point. :D

The comments for The Ice Plague so far have been fantastic. I was really scared there’d be hardly any (which is the biggest motivation killer), especially with the huge delay between COFT and TIP, and people have really stepped up to the plate and been extremely generous with their time and love, and I am so grateful.

24. favorite fic you read this year

There’s definitely not a single favourite. I’m going to pick from a fandom again:

Title: Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches
Author: Reiya
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Pairing: Yuri/Viktor
Wordcount: 200k~ Complete.

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of this? Lol. It has 17,000 kudos for fuck’s sake. :D


From this meme!
Eidetic Memory Not Needed Chapter 1: Anxiety of Shawn Spencer, a Criminal Minds + Psych Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Hey guys! This is an old fanfiction by the lovely @ifdragonscouldtalk! Somebody has decided to be an asshole to them about it! I’m responding by reading the whole godblessed thing. And I’m gonna comment on every chapter. And when I’m done, I’m gonna make my last comment on my old ff account, so she can go through my old garbage if she likes. 

I don’t expect many other people to go whole hog like I am, but I hope that a significant portion of you will at least reblog or like it. 

This is a good fic. I’m already invested less than one chapter in, and I’ve never seen either show. It deserves to be loved. More than one person can love something.

So please.

Help me. 

just downloaded the best distraction free writing app - it’s a google chrome extension. it’s called Writer and i can get all my documents from google drive onto this program, and it is literally just a blank page where i can write and i can get it to make typewriter sounds too like whoa 

lmao i sound like i’m advertising for them but i’m really not, i’m just super excited about it


You just don’t know you know it.