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David Tennant catching that puppy on the set of Doctor Who (Partners in Crime)


Happy Belated Birthday, Shan! ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆  @halbeary

heyya i’m sure you had a rad time celebrating your birthday! just wanted to say that literally everything about you screams “awesome!!” to me :D

your halbarry posts always make my day and your fanfics makes me cry every time _(:3 」∠ )_ also, thank you for being very neat-o with everyone much love dude 💖✨

so, i drew this based on one of my fave !


hal knows no mercy to barry

When I first met you, you didn’t catch my attention at all. You started talking to me. We would make sarcastic remarks towards each other, and you wouldn’t get offend. You made me laugh and just smile a lot. I couldn’t get you off my mind. Then I started getting excited to see you. I started getting butterflies around you. Started to laugh a little to hard at your jokes. Then one day it hit me. I like you. You became beautiful to my eye. The way you’d look at me, I knew you felt the same. I fell for you unexpectedly. Its the most beautiful and most horrible kind of way of falling for someone.
—  Crushing a little to hard
Name Meme!

Rules: Enter your answers, then tag 10 people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each question. . If the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use the same word twice.

Name: Iesha
A four-letter word: Ivory
A boy’s name: Ian
An occupation: illustrator
Something you wear: Incredible Hulk pajamas….shhh
A food: ICEBERG LETTUCE…or ice cream if your vanilla (you get me jokes?)
Something you find in a bathroom: ibuprofen 
A place: Italy 🇮🇹 
A reason for being late: incident on the freeway (HAHA…i almost couldn’t find anything)
Something you shout: INFIDEL
A movie title: I am Robot
Something you drink: Instant coffee
An animal: iguana (there’s an African antelope called impala….and now you can see my dilemma with the next question 6-6)
A type of car: IMPALA
Title of a song: I Just had Sex by thelonelyisland ft. Akon.

I wanted to do this because it looked like fun.. so now I tag uhhhh… @adehikari @c-sand @fassyanon @imsopunkrxck @lokidorky @lanadelraisingtheroof @rika4ever @urubabyducky @relenafanel @kastletoe …I know I don’t know like more than half of these people, but it would be cool to get to
know you all, you totally don’t have to do it…yeah.


So I watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 yesterday. It’s an amazing movie, go watch it; but that’s not what I was going at.

So, my friend and I were already in our seats, when his dude comes in. He’s got viking metal all over him: Big muscular guy, long hair, manly beard, black coat, looks like he can rip you in half with his bare hands and has the scowl to match. You know the type. People make a visible bow around him or wait until he walked past. Now, most metal guys I know are the nicest people ever, and I think resting bitch face syndrome might be overrepresented in their genre, but you never know. Anyway, this guy is probably my favorite person of the week. Here’s why:

- he was very enthusiatic about the m&m’s he bought before the movie
- he laughed at the tiniest little joke, at first it was just kind of girly giggles, but eventually he totally lost it; he had a really nice laugh too
- he danced in his seat every time a good jam came up
- every time Baby Groot appeared he went “Daaaaaaawwwww”
- every time something bad happened he said “Oh no” in a completely unironic, horrified voice.
- I think he likes small animals, he’s definitely a fan of Rocket
- he clearly didn’t approve of Drax being mean to Mantis
- when the big revelation hit (if you’ve seen the movie you know the one, I’m not gonna spoil it) the theater went very quiet and you could clearly hear him go “You motherfucker”. He sounded absolutely devasted.
- I think he cried at the end
- he definitely did, because he asked his friend for a handkerchief to save his eyeliner
- oh right: he wore black eyeliner and totally rocked it
- When we left the cinema there was somebody walking his dog and metal guy totally lost it at how cute the dog was

He was basically being a totally adorable dork, quiet enough for me to hear but not anyone else because we were pretty alone in the rows. So who was he talking to? Well, his friend obviously, that I had not seen yet or at least not classified as belonging to him.
The friend was barely half his size, pastel pink hair, polkadot dress, and the most innocent face I have ever seen on a human being older than five.
However, when we left, some douche shoved the smol pastel person aside pretty harshly and was like “hey look where you’re walking” and I kid you not, she chewed him out so fast that he removed his ass from the cinema in three seconds. Metal dude meanwhile tried to soothe them a bit and looked overall really uncomfortable. Last thing I heard was that he offered his friend to walk them home because it was pretty late and dark out.

I’m not entirely sure where I was going with this. You never know what people are like.

A Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day rec-list

So, I heard people are celebrating fanfic authors today, and I wanted to take the time to share some of my all-time favorites! (all are Gravity Falls)

Behold, the fic that firmly dragged me into the Gravity Falls fandom! I remember scrolling through GF fics on Ao3 for the first time, and this was one of the very first I read. It’s dark, has heaps of glorious Stan twin angst, and still lingers in my mind to this day.

Out of every single fic I’ve ever read, this one succeeds the most in getting inside the character’s heads. A bit of a canon divergence where, to save Stanley, Ford must confront his brother’s darker side within the mindscape. (Admission: I cried on multiple occasions while reading this.)

I once told myself I’d never feel pity for a triangle. I was bitterly wrong. An amazing imagining of Bill’s childhood, early life, and rise to power… with lots of inspiration from Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland. 

A set of small scenes and vignettes of Stan’s life, from childhood to present. All of them are focused on the theme of family, and how Stanley relates to the idea over time. They’re very feels-y and sweet, and characterize Stan so well! 

Ah, where do I start with this? Probably the most pure examples of Fiddauthor and Mabifica I can think of. I adore the heaps and heaps of Pines family bonding in this and the slice-of-life feel it has… and yet there’s this feeling of something serious building in the horizon, and wow, I can’t wait to see what happens next with that!

The most fascinating take I’ve seen on Ford’s multiverse years. It features a very well developed OC, (honestly one of the best I’ve seen in this fandom), who becomes Ford’s traveling partner. Their interplay is equal parts hilarious and emotional at times, and is very deep without seeming forced. I really recommend this- it could use SO much more love! (It only has about 100 hits… and that needs to be changed ASAP! :D)

An amazing what-if centering around the idea of Stan and Ford accidentally swapping bodies on the electron carpet, way back in ‘82…


@mixtrapsworld The art is nice, the mun is the kindest human being on the planet, the AU’s idea is excellent…need I say more?

@wind-the-music-box KINDNESS.



@therapist-anon A great idea executed amazingly. This is blog worth following, reading and RPing with. Please do. 

@ask-toyfoxy If you know this blog (which would not be surprising) then I cannot express how good the art, mun, muse, blog theme etc. is. As well as this blog being the most precious thing that I’ve even seen in my life. Come on…you know you want to follow.

@flying-star-art An extremely nice person with an extremely good personality. Check her out, she deserves only the best.

@galaxyofdemons This blog makes me want to watch anime (seems good), and the mun is a great, excellent person. Check her out!

@electric80sraider Great person running the blog, and 80s music. Yes. 1980s  music. The very best music. THIS BLOG MUST BE CHERISHED. GO CHECK IT OUT.

@ask-fucking-bendy You know very well why this blog deserves the best, don’t you? If you don’t, then check it out NOW. Excellent AU, best characters with the best personalities, a very good person running it, everything you need in a blog like this! 

@anonymousinner THE VERY NICE FUN BLOG. Oh boy, they’re fun for all the right reasons. Check ‘em out!

@jflare205 @supergrumpybear @crossedbladespaths Truly grand muns, grand art and grand AUs. Or AU. They share one in CBP, but the seperate ones are as good as the collaboration AU. Please see them. Please.

anonymous asked:

Dear Phyn, do you watch MCU movies? Do you know a lot about MCU ver. Tony Stark? Recently I’ve been thinking and I can’t help but realize that both Tony Stark and Mick Rory have a lot of similarities in common. They’re both my underappreciated babies. Mick was treated poorly by the legends teammates, and I didn’t see any better on Tony’s condition. Hey he literally changed the Stark Tower (personal) to Avengers Tower (team) for the avengers. [CONT]

(2) And I would like to think Tony also contributed a lot in their suits and weapons etc., but no appreciation was shown towards Tony (at least not in the movies). When anything shit happens, both Tony and Mick are the one quickly to be blamed, regardless of their previous contribution and the truth. I’m so disappointed with both the avengers and legends team where they can just simply pointing their fingers at the others and think that they themselves are free from any responsibility.

(3) In Age of Ultron, although the one who created Ultron was Tony (and don’t forget Bruce Banner helped him too, I know it’s because Tony asked him, but did he put a gun at Bruce’s head and forced him to do it? No. Bruce was an adult, he can made his own decision), but who actually pushed Tony into taking that final desperate step? Wanda. Without Wanda toying with Tony’s mind, he won’t even come up with this crazy idea, and yet I never saw Wanda apologized to Tony and the others *shrugs*

4) I also notice that both Mick and Tony have psychological issues. I think the symptoms were clear enough in the movies and TV shows. PTSD (both have been abducted and tortured), self-destructive behavior/suicide attempts (“I shouldn’t be alive, unless there’s a reason”) etc. (that’s all I can think for now, this is your forte after all, I love reading your analysis post) BTW both of them also have alcoholism issue (not sure Tony counted as alcoholic, but he does drink a lot in Iron Man movies)

(5) Oops didn’t thought I’d write so much, but this is just my personal opinion, actually I want to hear your opinions (even a whole new meta post, if I’m lucky enough?) regarding the common similarities between Tony and Mick. Of course you can reject my request if you haven’t watched any MCU movies, or you’re a Tony Stark hater. (You aren’t, are you?) Lastly, thanks for reading my (too long) ask. I hope my grammatical error didn’t confuse you, since English is not my first language. :)

Leaving this here in case anyone else wants to chime in or take off with this discussion, though sorry I don’t have anything personal to add ^^;

To People Who Post / Reblog Depressing Content Irregularly

I get that you’re feeling down and identifying with the posts, I do, I’ve been there, but could you please give a warning beforehand, please?

It’d be nice to be notified before my dash fills up (and others who follow you) with posts that could prompt a depression episode. 

Not to mention looking at sad posts while you’re sad won’t do anything to improve your mood, it’ll just instigate the negativity. 

Just give a quick warning, ‘kay? 

Originally posted by hairsandfashion

I’ve been wanting to write something about the different styles of fighting we’ve seen in the main cluster through Wolfgang, Sun and Will, so I thought that #9daysofSense8 would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Except I hadn’t taken under account my laptop deciding to stop working and finals, so I wasn’t able to write anything about Sun or Wolfgang’s fighting styles - I’ll do it later or on the last day, maybe.

Since today’s Will Appreciation Day, I’ll be talking about his. Unlike Sun’s - who’s more technically trained - or Wolfgang’s - who doesn’t show restrain and basically had to learn to fight to survive - I think that Will is more analytical and observant. He’s always looking for his opponent’s weak spot and is more of a defensive fighter that an offensive. He’s always about his surroundings and, most of the time, anticipates a move before it happens. I always think of Will’s fighting style as a strategic fighting style and I attribute to the fact that he’s a cop - a pretty great one - and grew up with a cop for a father.