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Normally I don’t rant but...

I tend to not get all crazy and rant about anything online but I need to this time. I have been tutoring this lovely international student all semester on Northern Renaissance ARH. I won’t disclose where she is from but it a very different culture than my own and she is doing a masters in a second language (which is awesome, I admire people who do that)

SO, my annoyance… Her professor has no regard for the fact that she may not understand all the complex vocabulary that haughty scholarship loves to use to sound more intelligent than the rest. 

Look, if an international student comes to you asking for help DO NOT EXPLAIN IT THE SAME WAY AS THE BOOK WITH EVEN MORE DIFFICULT VOCABULARY. If the student is struggling to understand, throwing in more flashy words isn’t going to help. Why can’t you explain it clearly and simply so someone without the vast vocabulary that you apparently think you possess can understand????

This student is bright and eager to learn and the only obstacle is coming from another country and studying in another language and yet the professor thinks using words that most native students don’t get will help…

Maybe I am being irrational but this really irks me. This is why I started this blog, to share interesting things in a fun and easy way… I am getting really fed up with snotty “scholars” locking themselves in ivory towers and looking down on the rest and then wondering why no one wants to help them save the arts.

Ok, done. Go about your business. 

anonymous asked:

Any mun's mun is crushing on?

Ehm, uhm, ehm…. You have odd questions, anon. But okay. Short disclaimer: In this context crush will mean admiration. Basically people I find really awesome, be it in their writing style, their personality and well, the fact that I hold them very close.

Now that I think about it, there is only person that totally fits that bill straight away.

And that’s Ace. (@mylittlecuriosityrp, @herfrigidmajesty, @thelastshadhavar, @trigger-happy-draculina)

Oh, god this is so awkward! Can I hide behind the freaking trash can or somewhere? Ace, please don’t take this the wrong way!

Yeah, that’s the one Mun I admire very much.

Other people include @mr-henry-lascelles, @themadandthebroken and to some extent @hermionebrightestwitchgranger.

Love Your Artist/Artist Appreciation Week

The list o’ amazingly talented people (in no particular order) who take time out of their lives to create. And in doing so, y’all spread happiness across the internet.
You folk are hella rad, hella cool and super awesome people that I admire! Thank you for doing what you do, y’all are huge inspirations!! 

artofnana burdge brokutokoutaru haizehat itoshiteru dualitydiscretion melancholyjoeyeyjoey kuradoodleskurawastaken kurpitie chill-chinchilla chippy-dippy pasteltophat pattissecretartblog sp-sketchblargh munadoodlesnonsense leslielumarie tempertampon pk-buttcheeks just-cuz-rivaldi erenyaayger snowhills dinizee ilovemytabletz muraples anna-cattish punziella hannisen funblade nabbanaba lauraknatt suits-neechan noodlerface glitter-hime plastictuna blue-wave-789 itscarororo improvinspi lllannah aer-dna / aer-dnaart cycloalkane emclainable doofyarts yakfrost budgebuttons chongthenomad yukihyo ehjaybones kasiaslupecka ammeja nillia luciand29 juliajm15 pokecasso walkingnorth-art fishupie joannevixxon batlesbo critter-of-habit ajscanvas sleepysenshi kkhoppang phietacat tiffanydraws solkorra dymx drakyx drinkyourfuckingmilk oeilvert owlerart lettherebedoodles diddlydothis zhemka hatepotion kanapy kaciart kaiayame xdorkusmaximusx iraseugin zu-art yvonnism mariannewiththesteadyhands maltair r0bosamurai copper-rose shadkatsart shanryart shubbabang little-miss-boxie pochihi taikova stupidoomdoodles denimcatfish kathuon thcrsthry istehlurvz temariart rinkhet jandavolta emegustart cakechoz havocmachine ddunwall labyrinthcas iahfy abbydraws johannathemad juluia shoomlah makanidotdot kyekunn everestcresent fooexe viria vvivaa daydream24-7 angiensca gameboy04 ya-ssui futagosa gretlusky geheichous scribbledit sherbies bluewindsummer jonn-lock arcanabreak artbymoga derpfire murrmernator meltesh28 oujjou cartoonsinthemorning falloutgirlongirl faun-songs shireferhire miyuli jemyart basedtaka foxville takitakos sodafizzyart / sodalimepop soratane cynoiz noswooping kevlarmasquerade mamakage samanthadoodles saint-tibbles ikimaru avataraandy avatarmikassa hicstreme0 jazzie560s-art izzydoodledump siriusdraws isaia-arts samapitongzabala doofusface rainiemallow felitomkinson raysketches yuubasdoodle kelpls atokniiro moni158 khajidont archispheres dragonsroarart sneakyb4lls fwips moofrog gabzilla-z mernolan brushbell vickah ruffnutthorston teapirate aiwa-sensei mrsgingles sen1227 foosh-art curryuku thedustyleaves riyancyy777 ceshira notsoflyinggraysons indiansummersunset beroberos hubedihubbe furious-teapot malin-j gecko1798 sarcatt junryou timmimae ooorangy randumbteahouse i-am-weis leemakdraws pinkuchama helipeach avenk hybryda yazzdonut captainjerkface crashingthatmode joyfulldreams 

I’m sure I missed some people, but know that you are still greatly appreciated! Have a kick ass week everyone!

mmmmmkay so my birthday is coming up! on the 18th of may! dun dun dun

another year older, another year i’ve spent on this godforsaken site.

so to celebrate the shit i’ve endured on here (come on it’s been a lot) i decided to make a follow forever! if you’re on here it means you stood by me and i feel safe following you.

this isn’t meant to be a total complete entire list!!!! lots of people aren’t on it but are still dear to my heart.

my wonderful squad;

@thatpolaroidofus - @wefoundwondreland - @blankspacebabys - @moveoutsomeday - @thisisgonnabealifetime - @fragilelittleflamee - @shedreamsimpossibledreams - @wasridingshotgun - @soocasuallycruel - @inscrreamingcolor

my other blogs / blogs that i help with;

@karlieklosses - @wonderfulwomendaily - @rareswifts - @hollandrodsen (my main blog!)

my awesome friends, people i admire from afar, and just super cool beans;

123abcdef; @1989lesbian - @alltaywell - @andialmostdo - @apolaroidofus - @ayhtdws - @bejusttrees - @blankspaec - @bllankspace - @callsmeupagains - @colorsinautumn - @fade-into-views - @feariess - @fearlessomg - @fearsandyourghosts - @fellaswiththehellagoodhair - @femmetay - @fetusswift - @finallyclean 

ghijkl; @gettinsweptaway - @girlinlonelytown - @gotyourdemons - @hellagoodhair - @howyougethegirl - @ialmostdonotcare - @iheartsquestionmark - @ikeepcrusin - @innocehnt - @klossied - @lexiesqrey - @lornamorello - @lovetheplayers 

mnopqrs; @michellefearless - @milkshakeitoff - @mywide-eyedgaze - @nightlock - @notalotgoingonathemoment - @officialtaylornation - @ohsoswiftly - @oursong - @plzleavemestranded - @skinnycarameltay - @stayslaystay - @sunshinekarliekloss 

tuv; @taiylorswift - @taylorsdreams - @taylorsmainbitch - @taylorswifds - @taylorswiffs - @taylorswiftedit - @taylorswifti - @thingsyoucantspeakof - @thislifeissweeter - @thisloveisglowing - @tisfearless - @tombreyder - @tothisickbeat - @tswiftdaily - @tylorswft - @venuswift - @vvlldestdreams

wxyz; @washolygroundd - @wefoundwonderllands - @wegotbillstopay - @wentdowninflames - @wildestdrean - @wintiersoldier - @youareeinlove


Finally my long overdue follow forever is here! I’ve been here probably four years but in 2014 I definitely settled in the right niche, and here are the lovely people that make it so. You’re all wonderful people so here’s a thanks for being awesome! 


allisonchinart alottodoaboutnothing avannak avatarsarny avataviking/graphrofberk avatarzuzu bigheroholiday bungobaggins butfili coovira cumberbitchy daciio dracherys dreamberks dreamney dwarrowdamned dyannehs elusivist endeavoir failingempire fankakm fantasynolife firewhiskiy frosty-viking frumpybutsupersmart fuckyeahthehawkseye


haddockofberk hellunseikkailut hermionies highgardin hobbitbilbo hobbitunderthemountain howtotrainyourdoofus howtotrainyourdragons jimikii kingfilis kingofthewilderwest kittepryde ladymaryjosephine levitating-fox littlewerewolfasses mlstletoe mollymatterrs multianime mustardelbow myrtlebroadbelt nefertsukia nnotcharlottee peachdoxie prongsandpadfoot


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I’m sure there are loads of people I missed and I’m sorry!