awesome people at my school!

Here is your random reminder to reach out to people in your life you don’t talk to often, but who always make you feel better when you do. I just reached out to 2 of my friends like that about some stuff that was on my mind and I literally feel 100x better… Do it!


Harry and Ron (who bumped into a very adorable Hermione) made a bit of a mistake when trying to Time-Turn to make it to their History class on time.

Hello everyone! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*  

Since the year is comming to an end, i thought i´d make a follow forever to thank the people who make my dashboard so beautiful every day & give me such a great tumblr experience ! ♥

I also hit my follower goal for 2016 a few days ago + I hit so many milestones over this year it´s amazing and i cant even explain how thankful I am. ♥

I truly appreciate all of you and i hope you have the most amazing holidays! ♥

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Erica, how did you get your start? And how did you end up working with Justin and Dan? If you don't mind me asking

I can’t remember if I’ve ever told this story or not, so HERE WE GO (this is long).

So, in 2011, during my Junior year of college (SCAD), I obtained an internship at Nickelodeon. I flew out to LA for 4 months, met a bunch of awesome people, and flew back to continue my schooling. I kept in touch with a lot of my fellow “Nickterns,” and after graduating, reached out to them to see if anybody was living in LA and had a couch I could crash on while looking for a job. My friend Alexis graciously opened her doors to me, so I flew out and moved in with her.

I got a job at the local Starbucks to pay the bills and I spent pretty much every day online emailing and applying for boarding jobs. For a little while, I was able to do some freelance storyboarding for an advertising agent. Random commercials here and there. It wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, but it was experience, and stuff to put in my portfolio. I continued applying, and after about 5 months of being in LA, Alexis told me about an alumni email she received from UCLA telling her that a place called Starburns Industries was hiring for a new show called “Rick and Morty.” No one had ever heard of either, but I didn’t care, as I was in no place to be picky, and once I saw Dan Harmon’s name attached, as well as the “guy who voices Lemongrab,” I knew it was probably legit. I sent my resume and portfolio.

About a week later, I got an email reply saying that they liked my work and wanted to give me a storyboard test. I was pumped! They sent over the pilot for me to watch, designs, and script for the test. I had a week to complete it. I sent it back to them, and soon after, got an email saying that they loved my test, and asked me to come in for an interview. I went in and met with the supervising director, Pete Michels. Everyone there was so nice, but I was so, so nervous. When I left, I knew that I wanted it more than anything. 

The wait was awful. I’m sure it was only a few weeks, but it felt like years. Then one day, I got a call from the producer, Mike Mendel. He said they were all onboard and deadpan asked me why no one had hired me yet. I said I didn’t know. Haha. He then said that he was nervous to give me a storyboarding position outright, since it was my first job, but asked if I’d be interested in taking a storyboard revisionist position. I said yes, of course!! I couldn’t believe it. He then said that I’d have to meet and talk to Justin Roiland before it was finalized. I went, met Justin, we got along great, and that was that! A couple weeks later, I had my first real animation job: Rick and Morty season 1. 

  • Me looking at band members/youtubers: people are awesome!!! I love humanity!!!!
  • Me looking at people in my high school: honestly what is this shit, aliens pls abduct me
Hinamori's advice for new soul reapers

Hinamori feature requested by anon. :)

If Hinamori gave some advice to new soul reapers, based on things she knew or wishes she knew back when she was a student, this might be the result!

1. The friends you make in school will be lifelong.

“It is important to remember that the Seireitei is a closed system: the people who are your classmates will also be your coworkers. That’s bad if you hate your classmates, I guess, but it’s good insofar as the friends you make in school will stay your friends forever! I got to know some really awesome people in school - Kira, Renji, Hisagi. And they are all still my friends. It’s really nice to have that continuity.”

2. Captains are only human, so you shouldn’t idolize them too much.

“I really wish I had known this one myself, back in the day. I know that the captains seem really cool and powerful and, well, perfect maybe, but they’re really not. They’re messed up, just like you, and they get defeated, just like you, and also sometimes they are soulless monsters who will take your heart and then crush it in their hands. But mostly they’re just bigger dorks than you think at first.”

3. Breaking the rules to help someone is good.

“The Gotei-13 has lots and lots of rules, and Central-46 is not a forgiving group of people. They have been known to exile people for minor and/or nonexistent offenses, and they’re not very good at admitting their mistakes. But that doesn’t mean that you should be terrified of breaking the rules! Breaking the rules can be a very good thing, especially if it’s to help someone. I once stayed behind to help fight off some hollows, even though I had been ordered to evacuate. That was definitely the right decision!”

4. Even breaking the rules to kill someone is not the end of the world.

“Another time I broke out of prison and tried to murder a captain. That was not the right decision. But you know what? They didn’t exile me or anything - I didn’t even lose my position! So breaking the rules is not always as big a deal as they want you to believe. Remember that!”

5. Anyone can develop bankai, actually.

“Oh, and some older officers may tell you that only a select few develop bankai, and this maybe will make you not want to try. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not really that exclusive of a club! Lots of people have bankai! Captains, lieutenants, ex-captains, random human teenagers….so don’t give up! You should try to get bankai, and keep trying until you do!”

6. Be careful who you trust.

“I don’t want to scare you, but not everyone who is in the Gotei-13 is a good person. I learned that in a big way when my captain tried to straight-up murder me. Your experiences probably won’t be that extreme (I would hope!). But still! People who become soul reapers are often sadistic or mean-spirited or just kind of shady. So use your common sense. And, um, try to avoid Squad 12.”

7. Trust those who care about you.

“But you should trust your friends. I say that because there was this one time when I trusted a bad guy over a childhood friend, and that turned out to be a mistake. I really wish I had trusted my oldest and truest friend more. So, yeah. Be careful of that.”

8. Kido matters.

“It does! It’s cool and useful in fights! Don’t let the kido-bashers tell you otherwise!”

9. Give yourself time to heal.

“As an officer of the Gotei-13, you will be hurt. Both physically and emotionally, probably. And when that happens, just remember that it takes time to heal. I think we forget that, sometimes, what with all of the magic kido healing.”

10. You can recover from more than you think.

“It is also worth remembering that you can recover from more than you think. I’ve seen people have all of their bones broken or most of their internal organs ripped out or their entire body sawed in half, and they end up being fine! Similarly, I saw myself recover from some hardcore emotional abuse. Well, I’m recovering. So it’s worth remembering that even when things get really bad, they can still get better!”

11. Don’t let other people’s expectations shape who you are.

“I once tried to conform to my captain’s every whim. That was a mistake. Later, everybody tried to tell me that I was fragile and not ready to come back, but I didn’t listen to them. I came back anyway. Because I realized, finally, that I needed to decide for myself what I wanted, and let what other people wanted or expected control me.”

12. If people think you are weak, prove them wrong!

“Sometimes the Gotei-13 is one big pissing contest. Sometimes people treat you as if you are weak. Sometimes people continue to think you are weak even after you’ve proven your strength again and again. But you know what you should do with those doubters? You should prove them wrong over and over again by being the strong person you know you are! That is what I have done.”


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Wow, I only made this blog about a few days ago and already I’ve began interacting with such awesome people and gaining a few good followers. I’ve only just begun here but man, the BH6 fandom is so nice and open to all…probably one of the most welcoming fandoms I’ve seen in a while. You guys are all fabulous and thank you so much for giving my Tadashi a chance. I just wanted to make a quick list of all the people who have helped make my stay on this blog super awesome so far!

NERD SCHOOL | ( aka people I’ve interacted with and my main buddies who are fantastic )

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This is only one of many bias lists, so don’t be offended if you’re name isn’t on here. Again, thank you so much for the warm welcome! -Kim

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