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This is Syd. I’m at Mayo clinic killing time between appointments, saw her awesome hair and adorable dog and had to say hello. She does her hair herself and just started doing it a few years ago after she lost someone close because she says life is too short not to have fun. I just noticed her leggings have birds on them. I truly hope I can be half as cool as she is when I’m her age.

Posted with her permission, of course.

TFW you realize that awesome blogs you follow (some almost since the beginning) and are super nice, cool, and amazing people follow you back… Thank you, you make my experience here special 😘💕🌷 *If you don’t follow these cuties, you are missing out* @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you@livebloggingmydescentintomadness @dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala @tenoko1 @strengthcas @cocklesistoblame @codestielckles @destielonfire @godshipsit @funnycas @destielette @fucktoydean @jimminovak @angvlicmish @novaks @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper @mycocklestiel @bubblemish @yourfavoritedirector @princesscas @winjennster

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Whhhiiiiiii! Kicked butt at the gym and I’m very proud of myself 😊😊 I couldn’t resist picking up some sushi on my way home😍😍😍

Btw, they clean so freaking often at my gym. Every time I’m there they mop around me and there is a Vero-shaped dry spot on the floor 😂 This time the lady cleaned while I was putting on my shoe so I was forced to put my dirty shoe on the clean floor 😯

Big big shout out and thank you to @cherylisready @emerlyslimmingdowwwn @teachermommyhealth @penguin-on-trails and @gonewiththewind91 for motivating me! I really didn’t feel like going but I’m so so glad that I did. Thank you guys! 😚😚😚😚😚

foxfitness  asked:

Do you know any other tumblr user that blogs similar to you? Who writes out their goals and workouts for the month and for the week? Its really inspiring and I would love to see other perspectives!

Sure! I’ll give a few shout-outs (hey, y’all), though as a general footnote, if I follow someone it’s because I really enjoy their content and reflects what I like to see here on my Tumblr. 


That’s just to name a few, otherwise, I really will tag my entire “follow” list! Just know that if I follow you, you’re kind of awesome. 

(Yep that’s me)

I want to introduce myself again because I feel like I didn’t introduce myself right last time.

About me:

♢You can call me Pandi
♢I am 19
♢I am a she

What will this studyblr be about?

☆It will be mostly filled with reblogs of a lot of posts (tips, advices, wow) I find helpful or I think might help me in my studies (from different awesome peeps!)

☆Sometimes post pictures of my own bujo and study notes (not picture perfect)

☆Hopefully post my own tips, advices or other stuff I might be able to share to you that might help you.

Some of the peeps I have found very helpful (and you should definitely check out and follow are):

@starmapstudies @improvinggrades @pyxel-spree @studyquill @lynnsstudycorner @educatier @mkaxoo @marias-studyblr @athenastudying @cam-studies-life @nightstudying @girl-studying @academeg @studyally @universi-tea @lizzylearns @studyquirk @ashlyn-studies @studyingcompeng @bionctes @erudited @schoollifeandstuff @kikkistudies @studyspoinspo @libraery @aescademic @studywitheva @strive-for-da-best @einstetic @determinationandcaffeine @study-studymore-studyhard @studyblr @studteacafe @studygraycee @plannerdy @chemistri @studeebean @librarystudies @lattescholar @hystorically @studying-and-organzing @sakura-studyblr @noteology @kay-law PS: I follow a lot of people already can’t tag them all, so these are just some people who have posted/reblogged meaningful content that might help our studies (survival in univ/school) Feel free to follow me here or on my other accounts (if you like) @iambabypandi is my main account @pandispirations-studyblr is the blog where I compile all my bujo inspirations and quotes.

365 of 365 For better or worse my final Drawing A Day for a Year Challenge is ending on a WIP (Work In Progress) which I’m okay with.

 I wanted to draw the faces/avatars of the people who really cheered me on. Granted, I couldn’t fit EVERYONE in this image, as I have decided I’ll use it as my Twitter Header Image once it’s fully done. But drawing that many headshots takes more time than I was expecting, so it’ll take me a day or two to finish this (I’ve got birthday girl things to do today so, alas).

I want to thank everyone who has walked this path with me. Family, friends, strangers who just kind of stumbled into my sphere. My art has improved tremendously, and I don’t intend to stop. I’m at the plate, ready to swing, and I’ve already called the homerun hit, so I can’t let people down.

Thank you <3

@faebelina @curlywench @kialesse @pixelatedexecutioner @nighte-goggles @fallingstardusk

I just wanna say-

I’ve really been enjoying getting to know some of you lately!! I spend quite a bit of time this damn site, so if you ever feel like I’m annoying you or tagging you too much in stuff, just say so! I get on here so much, it’s just a habit now that I don’t even notice, haha. But yeah, HAVIN’ A GREAT TIME GETTIN’ TO KNOW SOME OF YOU WONDERFUL PEEPS. ANYONE ELSE READING THIS AND WANTS TO GET TO KNOW ME OR WHATEVER JUST TAG ME IN YOUR SMOKE VIDEOS/GIFS, OR IN GENERAL!! CUZ I LOVE ALL MY FOLLOWERS, YA’LL ROCK! 

Blogs and the People Behind Them that Make My Tumblr Experience Awesome, Part 2

You can find Part 1 here!

@enberlight is an amazing, A+ Tea Kettle. ;) Always poking and prodding at my writing and making me want to explore more. I may have had a little influence in pulling her over to Tumblr so you’re welcome, universe. <3

@freedom-shamrock is the best?! I admire her a ridiculous amount and love chatting, especially about Nakedrien and all the other +driens we’ve been able to form. She also created the magnificent Love Square Hide and Seek. You can find her wonderful stories here! <3

@lunian is…holy cats, I can’t say enough good things about her?! Her art is amazing (I may be especially fond of her NSFW stuff) and she’s so much fun to talk to. Also another example of a lovely tagger. <3

@overworkedunderwhelmed is a dear friend who I love to swap theories with, talk over stories idea with, and vent frustrations about life, fandom, and toddler stories with. You can find her awesome stories here! <3

@talvin-muircastle is wonderful! I remember seeing a reblog Talvin had done on my akuma mug so I messaged him with the link on where it was available to buy. We ended up sending puns back and forth for a while and well, the rest is history, haha. He runs the art-defense blog which is so great with dealing with art theft in this fandom. You can find his puntastic stories here! <3

Part 3 coming soon with more awesome blogs! 

anonymous asked:

There's a 1 week waiting List for ao3 :''( i was looking forward to reading some of the members only johnlock fics from a post you reblogged ages ago :/ do you have some recs for public and kinda unknown fics? Absolutely love ofd btw! xx

Hello dear anon!

Sorry to hear about the waiting list! I hope you’re on it and that a week goes by in a flash ;)

In the meantime, as far as unknown johnlock recs, sadly I have not read a ton of new johnlock fic in the last few years (since I have mostly been busy writing instead of reading and I don’t always have time for both), but there’s a few I could suggest! Many of these you probably will already have heard of but I will suggest them just in case:

The Edinburgh Problem series by @snorklepie is pure delight from start to finish (and she’s not yet finished so there’s much to look forward to! ). This series is the main (maybe only?) johnlock WIP I’m currently following and it is soooooo so so excellent. 

I only just discovered Guilty Secrets by ellipsicalelle and it is EXCELLENT. 

I also just finally started reading build your wings by greywash which everyone has been telling me to read for like a million years and it is as incredible and lovely as everyone says. 

You should definitely read everything by caitlinfairchild because she is a genius, and also @fleurdelis221b because everything she writes is pure poetry and if you haven’t read Dawn Before the Rest of the World by @fuckyeahfightlock then do not walk but RUN to that link– it is one of my all time favorite johnlock series. Also, you must read The Bone Fiddle series by @vulgarweed because aksdjglasdgkjaslgkj words fail me. And also The Violet Hour by @havingbeenbreathedout - it is one of my favorite pieces of writing of all time, anywhere. 

None of these are especially ‘unknown’ but hopefully you will find something here that you have not heard of! Also, feel free to take a stroll through my bookmarks page– there’s probably a lot more lesser known things on there from over the years. 

Hope this helps! And happy reading!