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Ember Gleams - Christmas Chorale (Church Organ) {Dec. 24, 2016}

Merry Christmas everyone! <3 

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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

NT Moments - Chaotic existence
  • INTP: I used to be really messy.
  • The ENTJ: You are messy.
  • INTP: Are?? My place is always clean now.
  • The ENTJ: You have a chaotic existence.
  • INTP: HAHAHA! What does that even mean?
  • The ENTJ: You always have random stuff lying around at random places.
  • INTP: So what kind of existence do you have?
  • The ENTJ: Organized. Awesome.
  • INTP: Uhhh...
Mr. Jackson (pjohoo Big Bang)

So here it is!!! I’m so excited to finally post this fic! This has been an awesome experience and before anything I want to thank and applaud @percyyoulittleshit for her awesome job organizing this @pjohoobigbang ! I met some really awesome people this time around. @scriptorsapiens was my amazing artist for this and was always around to discuss deep meanings and cool scenes so thank you for keeping up with me. @cherrycolagirl was my beta (thanks for swooping in last minute). Here’s my two cents for the bang, I hope you enjoy it!

It all started when Grover’s head popped out of Percy’s locker. “Percy!” The satyr gasped. “Thank the gods, I’ve been trying to reach you for almost an hour.” Percy, who had tripped over a bench and almost lost the towel around his hip, was about to ask what he was doing inside his locker but Grover seemed to be in a bit of a rush. “I’ve got a small favor to ask, well it’s not just me it’s a camp assignment but-”

“I told Chiron I wasn’t getting involved at camp till after school ended-”

“Yes, but this is important-”

“So is graduating high school, Grover-”

“Could you let me finish?” Grover finally asked clearly exasperated. “We sent Clarisse and one of my satyrs to a school not far from camp. It was a strong scent, Percy, last time I caught something like that we sent Hedge and he came back with Piper, Leo and Jason.” That certainly got Percy’s attention.

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This is the only one of my posts anyone ever looks at.

Here is my favorite creature.  It’s a thylacine, or tasmanian tiger (not to be confused with the tasmanian devil) and it has one unusual characteristic: it’s extinct.  Actually, it’s not that unusual to be extinct - between one and one hundred species are currently going extinct each day.  But nonetheless, this one is worth noting.  

Thylacines were found in Tasmania and before then also in Australia.  They were marsupials, had tails like kangaroos, and had these gorgeous stripes on their haunches.  Otherwise there’s not a lot known about them because they were nocturnal and generally hated by European settlers, so they were more often shot than observed.  They were, however, familiar to indigenous peoples and had been for thousand of years, as demonstrated by their appearances in rock art.

External image

What I love about them though is their mouths.  If you skip to 2:02 in the video (which is some of the only footage in existence of thylacines, and as you can see they are hardly in their natural habitat), you’ll see what I mean.  They could open their jaws up to 120 degrees!  It looks completely unreal!  The jaws actually weren’t particularly strong, but they looked fascinating regardless.

It was a beautiful animal.  Sadly, what is perhaps most interesting about them is that they were one of the first, if not the first, animals to be driven to extinction by man essentially on purpose.  European settlers in Tasmania believed (wrongly) that thylacines were killing their sheep, so the government put out a bounty on them at around the turn of the 20th century.  Needless to say, many were killed as a result.  It wasn’t the sole reason for their demise, however the other reasons, too, were man-made (habitat destruction, competition from invasive species, etc.).  By the time the bounty was removed, thylacines had already become incredibly rare.  In fact, part of the reason it was removed was specifically because their was no need for one anymore - they were practically all gone.  The last sighting of a thylacine in the wild was in 1930, and even then it wasn’t until 1936 that they were placed under the protection of the law, not two months before the last thlyacine in captivity died.  Not a single one has been seen since, or at least not credibly.  The last 62 seconds of the video is actually footage of that very last thylacine, captured in 1933 (the thylacine and the footage).  Sadly, when she died it was from neglect and exposure to extreme weather conditions.  The kicker is they didn’t even bother to figure out at the time that she was most likely a female.  Rest in peace, poor, sweet Benjamin…

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aaaaaaand we’ve arrived at Day 8 of #victuuriweek!! I can’t believe I managed to create something for all 8 days!!!

I want to say thank you so much to @victuuri-week for organizing this awesome event. I had so much fun participating, and I loved having so many choices with the prompts. Thanks also to everyone who liked or reblogged my work, you’re wonderful :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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No Hyphens Needed

Title: No Hyphens Needed
Rating: G
Words: 1914
Recipient: @stuckwith-harry
A/N: Happy Holidays, Jessie! Thanks for giving me the freedom to write pretty much anything I wanted to :) Know that I really really really wanted to write something you would enjoy, so I really really really hope you do! This was inspired by your Hogwarts-era preference, plus an extra something at the end. I feel so ~honoured~ I got you as my recipient! It was wonderful to write for you.

PS: I’d thank the three people that helped me with this story, but I’m afraid it would give my identity away lol. I’ll thank them properly once my identity has been revealed :) Also, THANKS TO KAT OMG you’re awesome for organizing this!


Christmas fell on a Monday that year. Hermione woke up slowly, lazily, relishing in the knowledge that she didn’t have to hurry anywhere.

Ah, Christmas. She carefully moved her feet, checking to see if there were any gift boxes there… and sensing a few at the end of her bed. She smiled, gleeful, and sat up to start her day by discovering what she had been given.

She looked around the room as she reached for the gift closest to her, making sure Ginny was not in the room. She loved her, of course, but she relished her privacy whenever she got it; it was far too rare of a situation in recent years, what with having to share her bedroom with other two (very loud) girls at school. She always slept with Ginny when she was with the Weasleys, which was great; really, it was. But Hermione also valued her solitude, and was grateful that the one day Ginny would actually get up and get ready early was this holiday.

She sat cross-legged and began opening presents, enjoying this time by herself. Soon she was opening her fourth gift, quickly discarding the wrapping paper, ready to open the box inside. It was deep yellow, decorated with swirling, golden ivy, and hints of pastel pink illuminating the edge of the box. The leaves gently moved as if a soft breeze were playing with them.

“What…?” she mumbled as she looked inside, taking a heavy bottle from within. It was the same color as the box, with the same decorative ivy. Curious, she took off the glass stopper, noticing its elongated tip that, having been submerged in liquid, was now dripping a few drops of it.

“But this looks like…” again she whispered to herself, finishing the thought in her mind: like perfume.


She carefully sniffed the contents, her mind racing to try to provide answers to half-formed questions. Who would give her perfume? Why? Not her parents, of course, but then who? And it smelled so strange, like… dew, perhaps? It would make sense with the ivy decoration, but who would think that dew was a good characteristic in perfume? It was unique, of course, but… dew?

She picked up the box again, looking for a note within; she begged that the gifter had thought to add some sort of explanation. She did find one inside, a folded piece of parchment with her name on it on… in Ron’s script?!

Happy Christmas, Hermione!

I hope you enjoy this gift. It may not be as practical as what I usually get for you, but I thought you’d like to see that I can, in fact, be a bit thoughtful.


Short, slightly vague, and lacking in any sort of concise answer. What was she supposed to do with that?


Unusual? What does that even mean?

Ron had found himself thinking that question multiple times during the day, often at odd times. The thing was, the thought of it was nagging him to no end. Unusual?!

He walked purposely in no direction in particular, his hands on his back, a slight huff to his breathing. He was irritated by the uncertainty of it all. He hadn’t agonized for days trying to think of an appropriate gift for Hermione for her to call it unusual. He had tried to think of something that would show her he knew she was a girl; his girl-friend, which of course didn’t mean he thought of her as his de-hyphenized girlfriend, only as a hyphenized girl-friend, if you needed to know…

He cleared his throat, as if he had to stop himself from getting worked up even more. If that happened, he could potentially continue his tirade out loud without realising, and that would be disastrous!

Anyway, what had she meant by that? Really, if he found her alone, if he only did, he would find a way to ask her, full subtlety of course, what she had meant by—

He hadn’t really wanted to find her alone, but he had. He had found his way to the kitchen, empty now that it was late in the evening… empty except for Hermione, who appeared to be making tea. Now the question was, would he really try to figure out if she had liked his gift? Seeing her there somehow took ninety percent of his determination away from him.

“Hey, Ron!” she greeted him as she turned to leave her mug on the table. “Would you like some tea? I just made it fresh.”

“Sure, thanks,” he agreed, motioning her to sit down as he went to get some tea for himself.

Holding his cup carefully so as not to burn himself, he sat down next to Hermione as casually as he could. He then looked at her; she was bending down to breathe in the tea’s steam. She sighed.

“You like the smell of tea?” he asked her as way of making conversation, trying to find a way to lead it to the topic that had had him wandering around aimlessly just a few minutes prior.

“Oh, yes. It’s so comforting, don’t you think?”

“Yeah…” he conceded, his mind blank. He didn’t know what to do, or how to broach the subject, or if he should at all. Why did it matter so much to him, anyway?

“Soooo,” he continued, elongating the word. “Thanks for your gift, again.”

“No problem. Thanks—thanks for yours, as well.”

“Did you like it?” he said, doing his best to sound as nonchalant as possible, taking the opportunity presented to get some answers..

“Yes! Yes. I told you, it definitely was— it sure was— unique, and…”

“But is that good or bad?” he asked, forgetting to sound unaffected this time.

“Oh! Well, of course it's… it’s good… I just… it’s so different? And, really, well… what made you pick that one?” she quickly asked, as if she were running out of air, or as if she had been trying to hold her breath back for some reason.

“What made me pick that one?!” he repeated, slightly panicked, feeling the colors on his skin change a few times until it settled on red around his ears. He knew, he had been told that’s what happened to him when he was embarrassed, multiple times.

“It's… well…” he shrugged, giving up any pretense. “To be honest, I don’t know. I was looking for something that… for something, and I really liked the design of the box. The lady at the shop explained that a perfume like this one would turn the scent into a happy one. She said that because it made people happy, it was one of the best-sold ones; nobody ever dislikes a happy smell. And… you know, I wanted to— to make you happy, I suppose.”

“That is… so lovely, Ron,” she said, her voice low. He shrugged again, his eyes fixed on his tea.

“One thing though… you said that the perfume turns the scent into a happy one? What do you mean by that?”

“You know, that it makes up a smell that makes you happy when you wear it.”

He looked up at her in silence, seeing her shocked face, her eyes open wide as she realised what his answer meant. It was easy for him to figure out what was happening, as well; he could almost sense the wheels turning in her head.

“Hermione! You’d never used wizard perfume before? The final scent can only be revealed on someone’s skin, and it’s different for everyone! Depending on the scent and how it reacts on your skin, it can give you a short, soft rush of emotions!”

She gasped at that, almost as if in spite of herself. “I’ll be right back!” she excitedly said, jumping up off her chair and running away from the kitchen and leaving her tea behind. Not three minutes had passed when she returned, slightly winded, with the bottle of perfume in her hands. She sat back on her chair, opening the box and setting it on the table, before taking the bottle out and opening it.  

Ron saw her take the stopper and hold it above her wrist, letting a couple of drops fall onto her skin. Then she put the stopper back in place, and rubbed her wrists together. She brought her wrists up close to her face, and…

And her face became alight, and she seemed to breath it in for so long, like she couldn’t get enough of it, and she shone with it somehow, smiling wide at him in appreciation…

And, suddenly, he knew why it had mattered so much to know what Hermione really thought of the perfume. Because girlfriend, with no hyphens, seemed so much more alluring than girl-friend with one.


“It’s done! There’s no more left!”

“What’s that?” Ron asked her from the bedroom. He was there dressing up in his formal robes; they were getting ready for a Ministry function. She was in the bathroom, putting on the final touches to her make-up and hair.

“The perfume you gave me is done!”

“The one I gave you when we were at Grimmauld Place in fifth year? You still had it?”

“Yes, don’t you notice when I wear it?” she slumped her shoulders, leaning against the counter as she held the old bottle in her hand.

“Oh, I did,” Ron said, popping into the bathroom to look at her. “I just never thought it’d last you this long. It always caught me by surprise. You didn’t wear it very often, did you?”

“No. I was careful; I wanted it to last. And I knew I didn’t have much left, but I thought I still had enough. I don’t really fancy going to the party, so I thought I’d use it so I’d cheer up… but there was nothing left! The little bit left must have evaporated since I last used it.”

“Oh, love, I’m sorry,” he said, getting closer to her. He then put his hands on her arms, comfortingly rubbing them up and down.

She sighed, his gesture a successful one. “Thanks for understanding. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s just that I’ve been very sensitive to smells lately, right? I thought I could use something that was comforting to me. Maybe I should say I’m very sensitive of late, and leave it at that.”

She looked up at him, shrugging in self-consciousness.

“Is the nausea too bad? Do you want me to send an owl to say we’re not going?”

“No, it’s all right. We should go. I think I just need to get used to the idea that my perfume is done.”

“I’ll get you another one.”

“It won’t be the same! This is the first gift you ever gave me that wasn’t, you know, typical.”

“I know. And maybe it’s weird that I had never told you before, but it was one of the scents in my Amortentia. I realised I liked you when you first smelled it on your wrists. Remember? I was so scared of what it meant to feel like that, but so proud, too, that I had gotten you the right gift for once.”

She smiled, happiness filling her up naturally, no perfume needed.

“I do remember, of course, though I didn’t know that was the precise moment… or that you knew with such clarity.”

“We’ll have more perfume. And we’ll have more memories.”

“I think this will be one of them.”


I started out as an art major with no real plan. I had my heart broken when I came to college. I don’t have the GPA to get into medical school. I lost the friends I used to consider family. I switched majors and I spent hours crying because I didn’t understand physics or chemistry. I got fired from the job that paid all of my bills. I spent weeks stressed out because I didn’t understand organic chemistry, then failed my calculus 2 final, and then went through another breakup.

That’s okay because I’m a biochemistry major now. Oh yeah, and a physics minor, too. They’re my best subjects! The person who broke my heart doesn’t matter to me anymore. I always find a way to pay my bills - I even tutor sometimes! I may have always wanted to be a medical doctor, but instead I can work towards my doctorate. I have an awesome organic professor and I made an A on my first test this semester. I’m in calc 3 now and it’s easier than ever. And a breakup? I have my sisters and myself and that’s more than enough for me. I may have lost my boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I have to lose a friend.

Life gets better. Keep going. You’d be surprised at what happens when you’re least expecting it. 💙


Bohemian Rhapsody cover on a 100 year old fairground organ?
The awesome is exploding out of this one :)

Hello everyone! (FAQ)

Inspired by other fandom positivity blogs, I decided to make one for the FFXIV fandom on tumblr. 

How does it work? It works by people submitting (or sending in an ask) positive things about the community members. I put the words on a nice background and post it as a pic. You can submit your own image or just text. 

Submission guidelines:

1. BE AS SPECIFIC AS YOU CAN! Please don’t say something like: “This player “X” is awesome.” Instead, explain why they’re awesome. Did they help organize a run for a tricky story dungeon for you and a friend? Did they diffuse a tense linkshell discussion with impressive diplomacy?

2. You can shout out names of characters, free companies, linkshells, servers, etc.. However, any submissions containing personal information of players will be promptly deleted. 

3. By default, I will not say who submitted the positive messages. However! If you want it known, let me know and I’ll sign it with your tumblr or character name. This option is only available for non-anonymous submissions. 

4. Positive things only! For example: “Although some people don’t like Player “Y”, they bought me a minion for my birthday and are always kind to me.” will be rejected unless changed to something like: “Player ‘Y’ bought me a minion for my birthday and is always kind to me.” 

5. If you have a preference for what image/theme is used with your submission, let me know when you submit it.

If more guidelines need to come into play, I’ll keep this post updated. If anyone wants to help with image making and/or the blog theme, let me know in an ask. Finally, a big thank you for the entire community for making this game a place where people can come to enjoy themselves in Eorzea!