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You have to hear (read) this!

So my mom and I were at the police station today.. and I saw a girl dressed as Asuna and her mom. They were busy fighting and this is what I heard:
“You had to assault him?!” The mom yelled.
“Yeah, he said Yurio is stupid” (Soo… much sass.)
“But you had to hit him?!”
“Well, I couldn’t just wait for Sebastian to do it!”
“Sebastian can’t help you!”
“Because YOU don’t want me to summon him!!”
“I will not have my daughter hanging out with demon butlers!”
There was a moment of silence. Where the had like a staring contest.
Then the mother sighed and asked
“But why did you have to hit him?”
“That’s what Eren would’ve done.”
The mom just sighs and opens her bag. And she takes out a piece of paper and starts to unfold it.
The girl looks at her mom in horror.
“Don’t you dare!”
“Oh, I dare. He’s the only one you’ll listen to!”
The mom holds up a picture of Levi and says in the most perfect Levi-voice
“Go to the car you little shit! And let this happen again, brat! I swear!”
And she just threw her hands in the air and strormed out. We made eye contact for a brief moment and I Attack on Titan saluted her and she saluted back. Her mother yelled at me to not encourage her and my own mother hit me for ‘throwing oil on flames’. (WTF mom?) BUT IT WAS AWESOME!!


My boyfriend is doing something awesome.

He’s making an online spell maker/ witch encyclopedia

Basically you can type in an intent or keywords and get ideas for spells

Or you can type out everything you want and it is also color coded (key words like love are red, courage is orange, etc.) and do cyber spells

It’s not done yet but once it is I’ll for sure be sharing on here!


Bullying people with depression online isn’t awesome, cool, trendy or all the rage. You might actually have that much power over someone and get them to do it.

Bullying online or in real life isn’t ok.

It’s not ok to bully people based on appearance, age, ability, sexual orientation, hobbies, mental conditions, skin color, heritage, race, or anything else I didn’t mention.

Be kind, acknowledge people are different, help others when they are feeling sad, be tolerant of others, (you don’t ever have to agree or accept the way they live, just don’t be mean or hurtful.) and most of all, you never have to interact with those you don’t feel like talking to.

It’s ok to smile and then keep on doing whatever. No one can force you to be friends with someone. JUST BE RESPECTFUL!

Overdue dragon bust update! Still detailing and prepping for moldmaking. Going to come right down to the wire, but I hope to have a few of these guys cast in resin for Monsterpalooza. Gotta give a big shout out to fellow sculptor and friend @emilysculpts for her awesome online moldmaking and casting class; I learned so much from her videos, and was able to apply what I learned to prepping this beast of a bust for silicone molds. It’s a phenomenal course, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any sculptors out there who want to learn how to make silicone rubber molds for resin casting. Emily is a great teacher, and the class will inspire you to create!

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If it's not too personal, what series of events led up to you moving to Finland?

1. Meet awesome and weird person online in RP group.
2. Roleplay with that person a bunch.
3. Start to get to know them beyond their characters.
4. Realize suddenly that you’ve developed feelings for them.
5. Have a series of decreasingly awkward skype calls in which these feelings are confirmed on both ends.
6. Travel across the fucking ocean to meet this person in meatspace.
7. Confirm feelings in meatspace and make a plan to be together.
8. Have them fly across a fucking ocean so that you can get married.
9. Get married.
10. Realize that you immigrating to Finland will be infinitely easier than them immigrating to Canada.
11. Sit on your butt for 5 months before actually doing anything about the immigration process.
12. Finally go to Ottawa and file immigration paperwork at the Finnish Embassy. (And be glad you live a 3 hour bus ride away rather than a 4 hour flight.)
13. Receive confirmation 3 months later that your application has been accepted.
14. PANIC!
15. Remember that this is what you wanted. Give notice to work, landlord, etc. Start purging possessions and decluttering.
16. Move to Finland 11 weeks after your application was accepted.


Since the start of this game, I had undoubtedly spent more time with her than anyone else, yet she remained an enigma to me. I wasn’t honestly sure why she kept working with me. There were so few times I felt I truly understood exactly what she was thinking, I could count them on my fingers.

But for whatever reason, I had never felt that sensation—that suspicious “Who are you really? ” question—about her, not even once. She always existed in a neutral state at my side, angry, sulking, laughing.

She wasn’t acting out a temporary disguise of herself here. Whether her body was a digital avatar or not, she was herself. Asuna could be more natural with herself than anyone, not because she was a newcomer to MMOs, but because she possessed a firm sense of self.

When I first found her in the labyrinth tower, she was empty eyed and nearly suicidal in her abandon. Now she had found a reason to fight, gained knowledge and skill, and had worked her way to being one of the very best players in the game.

Could I change like that, too?


Kirito; Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 4: Scherzo of Deep Night; Reki Kawahara

(in which Kirito admitted how much he admires Asuna even in their early times in SAO)

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do you know any other fics where they meet online or accidentally message the wrong person like text talk or the one you posted today?

I sure do! I’m going to include links to the two you mentioned as well in case some people haven’t seen them. 

Some of these have Remus and Sirius meeting online while others have them meeting by texting in some fashion— check the descriptions for each. Some are repeats from my youtuber AU post, too. I’ve starred my favorites (*).

**Updates from 7/12/15 in bold.



  • *Text Talk by merlywhirls— WIP, so far 114k, NR. High school AU in which Sirius texts the wrong number, and ends up getting to know Remus. Super awesome fic, a must-read.
  • Stranger Things Have Happened by KittyCarlise, KittyGrantaire, MoroselyJacose— WIP, so far 31k ,T. Fem!Marauders, high school AU in which Remi texts the wrong number and ends up chatting with Sirius. Contains mentions of abuse, anorexia. 
  • * by bend_me_baby— 35k, M. Remus and Sirius meet through an online dating site. Very good fic. 
  • Messages by Stella Lupa— WIP, so far 16k, NR. Remus finds Regulus’s phone in the street and texts the contact listed as “bro.”
  • Night Blogging by The_Marauder_Named_Prongs— 4k, M. “Sirius and Remus meet while RPing Johnlock on Omegle.
  • forty two by sleepstarved— WIP, so far 2.5k, NR. “Sirius and Remus meet in an internet chatroom, and get talking…and talking…and talking.
  • But we don’t even live on the same continent! by Sharmansbabe— WIP, so far 7k, NR. Sirius drunk-texts not only a wrong number, but a very long-distance wrong number. 
  • The Dangers of Internet Dating by poppy4l— WIP, so far 3k, T. Magic AU. Remus and Sirius meet on Grindr.
  • these little words (somehow they’re changing us) by ghostofgolgothas & newtie— WIP, so far 2.5k, G. “Sirius reviews films on YouTube. Remus does the same, but with books. They start talking, thanks to James, and things happen.
  • Because by NotAHipster– WIP, unknown length. “Texting AU inspired by Text Talk.” Remus and Sirius both write on Wattpad, but they don’t know each other. However, once they reach 5,000 followers, their fans beg them to write a gay erotic novel– starring themselves.
  • *Aesthetic: Trash Boys by Emaly & merlywhirls– WIP, so far 48k, T. “A story that starts with dick pics but is really about friendship, falling in love, and summer hols fun.” Formerly the kik!RS AU on tumblr.
  • *Strength by MiLingChi– WIP, so far 4k, M. “It was probably a stupid idea to text a random number and expect them to listen to his woes, but that was what Sirius Black did and he was glad he did so. He got to meet Remus Lupin, after all.” Features trans!Sirius who goes to boarding school.
  • Written in the Stars by MiLingChi– WIP, so far 5k, M. “Sirius finds a phone number during his wanderings of the London streets and texts it. On the other end is the sarcastic, possibly-a-gigolo, Remus.” Has asexual!Remus and trans!Sirius.
  • Dude, are you kidding me? by nilla99– unfinished, 1k, T. “Remus finds a phone in the bathroom at a music festival and ends up talking to a very drunk Sirius Black.
  • Stardust by moonylovespancakes– WIP (updates every day), so far 4k, T. “Remus finds a bookmark that has a number written on it and incidents ensue. Who knew bookmarks could be punk rock?
  • Texts from a Drunken STD Inquirer by pathtoascension–WIP, so far 7k, NR. “Remus and Sirius make contact through a ‘prank’ and decide to see where it will lead, with a few twists and turns along the way.” Texting fic with a very Text Talk sort of feel. Very new with promises for more soon.
  • Sarcasm and Sweetness by Thepatient– WIP, so far 300 words, T. “Remus moves to a new school. Sirius falls in love with him and gets his number of Alice Longbottom.
  • Can’t Nobody Hold Us Down by BlueSkyeEyes– WIP, so far 4k, T. “In which Remus and Lily are moderately tumblr-famous, Sirius is looking for a way out of his life of hell by chatting up random guys on the internet, and Peter just wants them all to stop pining already.
  • *The Holiday by AngelElleth, jarofhearts– WIP, so far 31k, T. “When Remus gets his heart broken shortly before Christmas, the best thing that happens to him is a stranger asking for a house exchange.” Remus and Sirius meet through a house exchange website when they’re both in need of a holiday.

P.S. I’m working on the other requests I’ve received— thank you for sending them in! I’m sorry for the delay! You’re welcome to keep sending requests— I will eventually get around to answering them.

RIP Club Penguin

Okay, so since it is the day Club Penguin is shutting down, I figured I would share a few stories from there that I remember the most. We all remember the arrival of the dojo and cardjitsu, the blowing up of the original hq, the arrival of Herbert, the changes in art style, the new puffles and everything. But these stories came from my youth and mostly real life, so they are very close to my heart.

So, I first joined when I was 6 or so under the user name of Pinkiannah(I think that is how I spelled it) and I was obsessed. My bro and I would play it everyday after school or on the weekend. We actually fought over whose turn it was to play.
I remember keeping my penguin pink constantly to fit my username and I remember my favorite puffle being a pink one that I creatively named “Pufflannah” I adored her and had her walk with me everywhere. But, one day, Pufflannah ran away. I was devastated to say the least, I screamed and cried about how she was gone. So, to make me feel better, my brother helped me collect enough coins to adopt a new one who I named in honor of her. I then went on to get fricken 10 puffles over the next few years as more and more came out. I remember getting another pink one named icing to go with sprinkles (a blue one), an orange one I named Jake (when I was obsessed with AT), a brown one I named Brownie Brain(I still love that little guy, the brown ones are my favorites next to the yellow ones), and a rainbow one named Skittles.

Another story involves my older brother( @all-stargamer99 ) who also had his own account (I have another story involving him after this), he bought the Club Penguin merchandise like the original puffle plushes and even a cardjitsu deck, but his favorites by far were the plushes. He named them after his original puffles on his account and made little scrapbooks out of pictures he took (I may scan them just because they are actually super adorable).
But one day, being the silly 8 year old he was at the time, decided that his blue puffle was in need of a hair cut. So he cut the puffles hair and started crying once he realized his mistake. To make him feel better, I gave my pink puffle plush a hair cut too, so that his wouldn’t feel alone. Tbh, I think we still have those plushes, I will have to find them when I wake up.

My second to last story once again surrounds my brother and his obsession with Club Penguin. At this time I was slowly out of it and went on to Pixie Hollow(which is now closed and that sucks, the games on there were awesome!) and other online games. But, my brother also was obsessed with this Playstation 1 Spiderman game. So, at the age of 10 (likely a little older, I vaguely remember) he decided to make a Club Penguin super hero named “Puffle Man” who basically could shapeshift into any kind of puffle and use their abilities to stop these super villains he based off of marvel bad guys! He made a fun little comic series about the guy based around the plot of that Spiderman game I was talking about! The character was actually… really well made for a kid his age! I loved reading the comic since he involved these symbiote/bear things into his story to make a black suit arc as well! I think at one point we tried to make a spin-off into the future to follow the guy’s kid? But we only made one and a half issues.

Tying that last story into my final one, I was inspired to make a comic of my own! It was called Bat-puffle(a puffle that was basically Batman but he could turn into a bat) fighting this evil Penguin villain I creatively called “The Penguin” it was only a page or two long and it was crappy. However, my brother loved it! Around this time, we had been shown the wacky adventures of Baman Piderman and decided to make our own version with Puffleman and Bat-puffle! We made a thick book of comics based out the cartoons that were out at the time, and we planned to follow through with the rest, but after a while we just stopped due to interest in other things.

I have so many fun memories with my older brother because of this game, and I honestly hope that the Club Penguin Island app that Disney is making fares well and is a good way to continue from where its predecessor had ended its run. RIP Club Penguin, thanks for so many years of fun and amazement.

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wanna get my gay credibility up but a) i live w a homophobe b) i can't sportsball for shit and c) due to The Autism there's not much i can do abt clothing besides a denim jacket... i want to be able to send out the gay signal when i go to college pls help

1) denim jacket is Good dont worry

2) maybe some sick pins for ur backpack and ur denim jacket? they would be easy to hide when ur at ur house so that nobody has to see them, theyre totally in, and you can get some awesome pride pins online. if ur feeling Bold you can go with a rainbow one, or some other sort of sapphic symbols

3) never underestimate the Gay Swagger. u can walk and talk gay and not look gay. this one is hard bc a lot of it is Fake It Til U Make It, but like, walking with a lot more confidence and power looks gayer (straight women usually try to look Dainty and Graceful and Small when they walk bc of heterosexuality), sitting Gayly (legs spread, sit comfy, worry abt how u feel and not how u look), etc

4) u mentioned clothing if u can hats are gay but if those dont work for u thats fine too its nbd

5) if u feel comfortable talk about How Much You Support The LGBT+ Community. other gays can sometimes spot an Ally from an “ally” by the way you talk, or at least pick up on the gay-friendly vibes. jokes about macklemore dying for gay rights, a gal pal reference or two, and people will Get It

good luck! if anyone has any other tips feel free to reply :)

ClexaCon Recap

* I’ve never seen so few Y chromosomes in a room in my life. I counted 4 total the whole weekend.
* Celebs everywhere! You could hardly walk without tripping over someone that you or someone you knew was in love with.
* Mini Celebs were made here! Including Dylan from @paperheda and mini Lexa.
* We all would have bowed down and done literally whatever mini Lexa said.
* At the Clexa meetup on Day 1, all the Clarke and Lexa cosplayers say down to take a picture together, and then suddenly became a backdrop for all the selfies.
* Zoie is hilarious and knows how to please #AllTheGays
* Zoie: If Bo had ended up with Dyson it would have been okay
Crowd: Boooooo!!!
Zoie: Sorry. I mean gaygaygaygaygaygaygaygaygay…
* Rachel Skarsten is the sweetest person ever and does not give 2 shots about Con rules and was the only Celeb guest to walk around without a handler
* I got to hug Rachel twice, and she asked me to come talk to her at Cocktails for Change, but I couldn’t afford it :(
* Jasika Nicole is a total sweetheart and is totally super sneaky ;)
* The vendors were super freaking cool and I bought all the stuffs
* The panelists were all super willing to talk and spend time with the attendees. It was awesome.
* I scored an online mentorship with Bridget McManus!
* I randomly met a few people on Day 1 and we all hit it off and spent the rest of the Con as a Kru.
* My Kru is bomb!
* Everyone at ClexaCon was bomb (except for some of the Celeb’s handlers. They were dicks)
* Everyone loved everybody.
* Everyone accepted everybody.
* Life will never be the same.
#ClexaCon for life!