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(Do you mind me asking something random? If not feel free to ignore.) What kind of music do you like to write to? I'm in need of some new background to my writing...hopefully to get out of a bit of a funk. Thanks!


I would love to answer this question! And I feel your pain. I often find myself creating new playlists when my used ones are feeling too monotonous. But I do have some tried-and-true bands that really get my creative juices flowing. And they vary depending on the mood or genre of what I’m writing. So, I hope these help you as they’ve helped me. Or, at the very least, maybe you’ll discover a new awesome band. ;D My taste might be weird, but these are what spark my creative mind. 


  • Cheesy/Adventurous/Hopeful
    • Dragonforce (old lead singer, generally)
    • Avantasia (Metal Opera Part II, specifically)
    • Uncharted Soundtrack (video game)
    • Skyrim/Oblivion Soundtracks
    • Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack
    • Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack (Harry Gregson-Williams)
  • Kicking Ass
    • Dragonforce (new lead singer, generally)
    • Amaranthe
    • Edguy
    • Hammerfall
    • Sabaton
  • Dark/Steampunk/Post-Apoc
    • Abney Park
    • Steampowered Giraffe
    • Nox Arcana
  • Other (Scattered among the previous moods, but harder to pin down)
    • Nightwish (newer lead singer)
    • Within Temptation
    • Apocalyptica
    • Epica
    • All of Avantasia’s other stuff

Science Fiction

  • Daft Punk
  • Lazerhawk
  • Mass Effect Soundtracks
  • The Crystal Method
  • Bassnectar (their instrumental stuff)
  • Dance With the Dead
  • Carpenter Brut
  • Perturbator
  • Infinity Shred
  • Lost Years


  • Avantasia (Scarecrow and Wicked Symphony)
  • Halestorm
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Rush
  • Straight Piano (or piano-heavy)
    • John Tesh
    • Pride and Prejudice (2005) Soundtrack
    • Classical (especially Mozart and Tchaichovsky)
    • Piano Guys
  • Cheesy 70s soft rock (you heard me. I can’t help myself.)
    • Chicago
    • Air Supply
    • Foreigner
    • Barry Manilow
    • ABBA
    • etc.

May you find inspiration within the music!


Rusted - Hittin’ The Road

Watch out for fuckin tie guy in their other videos he wild af. Their videos are all pretty wild tbh. And these dudes also did a great cover of Imagine yo.

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☯️ likes/dislikes Otayuri<3

Yuri likes: cats, OTABEK, FOOD, winning, looking like a punk in awesome fashion, discovering new bands through his boyfriend, traveling, lazy mornings off from practice, buying bath bombs at Lush, dancing, his phone, creamy liqueurs, the colour purple. 

Yuri dislikes: being told what to do (outside of the bedroom), people stealing his spotlight, losing, people hitting on his boyfriend, gross PDA (that does not involve him and his boyfriend), fan girls screaming at him.

Otabek likes: riding his motorcycle, preferably to somewhere with a nice view, YURI, the colour green, reading novels, traveling, coffee, spinning records and just getting lost in the music, music in general, autumn, watching movies, being a little bit mysterious. 

Otabek dislikes: press conferences, feeling he isn’t enough, feeling stuck in one place yet being homesick, drunk frat boys, Passoa liqueur, disappointing remakes to perfectly fine classics, when people don’t offer their seats to the elderly on public transport.  


My Epic 2016 Rewind

The whole story of my 2016, with loads of extra unseen footage :D 

Btw this video took eye-melting levels of effort to get up, so please watch and enjoy! ^___^