awesome motorcycles

Extra on Ice

(Note I’m not using Yuri on Stage for examples cause that’s cheating)

Yuuri “I did badly at a competition so I’m going to try death by alcohol with side of public pole dancing” Katsuki

Victor “I’m so in love I’m going to kiss my boyfriends skate on international television” Nikiforov

Yuri “My free skate wasn’t perfect so I’m going to craft an edgy skate and try to out gay my dads” Plisetsky

Chris “I cum in my pants at the end of my routines on international television” Giacometti

Phichit “I saw my bestie had matching rings with his boyfriend/coach so I started screaming congratulations on his marriage in public” Chulanont

JJ “I’m so impressed with myself that the music for my short program is literally a song about how great I am” Leroy

Otabek “I wanted to become friends with that guy I met five years ago so I kidnapped him on my awesome motorcycle” Altin

They are all insane and extra. Also it was very hard to pick just ONE extra thing for Victor, Yuuri and Yuri