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Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show

*slips in through @crystalsoul16‘s door and leaves this before slipping back out*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI!!! Sorry this is a day late…but I hope you like it ^-^ Here’s to another year of fawning over our wonderful, smart and talented husbando <3

lol I’m not that impatient about V’s route, I mean I’ve waited longer than a year for this, I can wait another month if I have to. Just the fact that it was confirmed that we would be getting one is enough for me tbh. I’m determined to heal this man’s soul and if I have to wait a couple months to get the best possible experience and the best chance to do so I will wait however long it takes. 

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My friend and I were shopping, and when we saw some lace underwear we were both like "Zen would wear that". We talked about it and we both immediately thought of you. And honestly the thought of Zen in lace is beautiful?

This is so sweet and amazing! ❤️ I hope you had a good shopping session!
Zen might act all macho sometimes, but I think he would want to try on anything that looks beautiful and elegant at least once. lol
You know, I wasn’t a fan of lingerie in general and for the longest time I had never seen anything convincing for men, but then @guacameowle started killing me with some insanely hot photos. So yeah, I’m definitely broadening my horizons :P

I’m starting to make a Splatoon AU out of everything….. Did some sketches of Saeran as an inkling boy and liked them enough to color~