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You seem like a very positive and happy person and your tags are very neatly organized. I love your blog and hope you have a good day!

Hi Anon. I hope you are doing well.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words. :-) I try my best to be consistent with tags and such. Also, I’m so happy you love my blog (it’s multi-fandom with emphasis on Katie/SuperCorp, so I appreciate you saying this). <3 

I hope you have a lovely day/night. :-) 

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Women’s Appreciation Week | Day Two ♀ favourite female driven show


Do you have that one thing you just need me to draw? Want some soft, cute art of your OTP? A portrait of your OC? Now is the time! 

Payment upfront via paypal is preferred (eller swish för den som har), I will send you an invoice! Contact me via email at or through the tumblr messaging system. You are welcome to specify how canon you want a characters design to be, if you want the line-art digital or traditional, or an old picture you want it to have a similar style to!

I will draw you just about anything you have a ref for, including portraits of real people, or of course things I am already familiar with. Complex subjects or poses, such as non-humanoid characters, armor, vehicles or intricate backgrounds, may cost more than the specified prices! I will NOT draw sexualized minors, incestuous ships or art that suggests rape/dubcon. But nsfw is fine!

The pictures will generally be around A4 print size, if you would like to print them, but of course size and shape will depend on the type of commission. Portrait/bust/full body are the same price, since characters drawn up close have more detailed faces and generally take me the same amount of time for me to draw. 

I will only take a few commissions to start with, so get them while they’re hot!