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Mark Mothersbaugh - The LEGO Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack | Music On Vinyl | 2015 | Yellow Solid | /500

Kept forgetting to upload this for literally years because I had forgotten it was in my Google Drive.

Sometime in 2014 some dude was kind enough to color this Delilah pic I’d done and I still love it to this day. On that rare chance you have a Tumblr or still into LPS or even stumble upon this hit me up so I can give the credit you deserve. 

“The Little Pirates” - by itrustyoutokillme / @artistic-writer

Fanart to accompany the FANTASTIC fic series of the same name by the fabulously talented @distant-rose  which you can read on her blog or AO3

Absolutely check out her blog/fic because it is one of the best domestic cs fics you will ever find!  I wanted to create a piece of fanart to go with the series, and a i was humbled when i was given permission - and also BIG thanks to Rose for actually putting up with my constant questions about eye colours, face shapes, freckles and being there to hear me vent when we had to redo Wes (who is henceforth known to me as ‘The Glorious Bastard’ because of it lol)

So, if you DO know the LP verse, then i present to you, Harrison, Wes, Beth and Ned…and Black Spot the dog :D

The four Jones siblings couldn’t be more different: Harrison was honest and honorable, Wes was cunning and witty, Beth was brazen and flirtatious while Neddy was quiet and focused. Despite their differences, they would fight for one another without question.’

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Mark Mothersbaugh - The LEGO Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack | Spacelab9 | 2015 | Clear with “Wyldstyle” Splatter | /200