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Family Friend (Ashton) Requested

Requested by anon - please do one where one of them is a family friend and when they come over your mom wants you to take him to your room and show him around but you don’t want to because you have posters of him and you’re like really shy and stuff. not 4/4 but whichever boy you wanted to do this about

I heard a knock on the door and jogged down the stairs to see who it was. As my hand was on the knob I heard my mom come up behind me.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that the Irwin’s were coming over for dinner” she says and I stop.

“All of them?” I ask. She shakes her head yes. I take my hand off the handle and step back looking at her.

“Don’t be rude, Y/N” she says when she goes for it. I shoot up the stairs before the door is fully open and look in the mirror. How could she just forget to tell me that they were coming over? When you moved house 2 months ago she had told you that eventually they would come over but you just assumed that it would be Anne, Lauren and Harry. I take a few deep breaths, fix my hair and double check my makeup before I open my door and go downstairs.

“Y/N!” I hear Harry shout and I bend down to get a quick hug from him.

“Hey dude, how you been?” I ask him. I used to babysit him and Lauren while Anne went wherever she needed to with Ashton.

“I missed you, the new babysitter has a serious case of nag fever” he giggles and I laugh with him. 

“Harry” his mother warns. When she turns back around I feel someone hug me from behind.

“It’s true” Lauren whispers. I twist in her arms and give her a solid hug. That’s when I see him. He is leaning against the wall, taking his shoes off.

“Hey, Y/N” he says as he wraps me up in his taller frame and I blush.

“Hey, Ash. How is touring?” I ask him. He smiles and I know he is happy with the topic of choice.

“It’s so awesome. I miss these little buggers though” he says while pulling the younger two to him. I notice my mom and Anne watching us.

“Come on now, let’s do the house tour” my mom pipes up. She begins showing the Irwin’s around the house.“This is the main reason we chose this house” she tells Anne as she sets up the television in our make shift movie room. “Why don’t you pick out a movie guys” she tells Lauren and Harry. “I’m sure you don’t really care about the rest of the house” she laughs a little. I help them set it up as Ashton and Anne follow my mom into the kitchen.

“We changed it up a bit, I wanted something that wasn’t made in the 70’s my mom laughs” she continues to lead them though the house when I rejoin after setting the youngest up with the Lego movie.  When we get towards my room my heart races but I sigh in relief when my mom opens the sliding door across from mine to bring them into the back yard. “It’s not much but it’s enough for Cali to have a place to run around and be a dog” she laughs.

“I think it’s beautiful” Anne says and looks out towards the horizon. I look up when I hear Ashton agree. The only difference is that he is looking at me and not at the sky. I blush a little and head back into the house.

“Where is Cali?” Ashton asks. 

“Oh, she is still in my room” I say, not looking up. “I’ll go get her, excuse me.”

“Why don’t you show Ashton your room” she says with a sly smile on her face. I glare at her because she knows I have had a crush on him for a long time but I haven’t said anything. 

“No, I don’t think he wants to see it” I say. My heart is pounding. I can’t have Ashton Irwin in my room, it really just can’t happen. What would he do if he saw a poster of himself hanging right next to my bed? That would freak him out and he wouldn’t talk to me, not that he wants to now. 

“I WANNA SEE IT” Lauren shouts as she comes barreling into the hallway. When she makes it past me and inside she giggles. I take a deep breath and blush. She makes her way back out through a crack just big enough for her and shuts the door again. “Oh” she says, seeming to understand.

“Oh?” Ashton asks.

“Hey Ash, I think I hear Harry calling you” she tells him and I look at her gratefully. Our mom’s walk away talking excitedly about the garden my mom has planned for the side yard.

“So” Lauren starts as she pushes the door open again. “My brother’s face next to your bed huh?” she teases me. “I’m pretty sure that is supposed to weird me out” she laughs. 

“I didn’t think he would ever be at our house” I say giggling a little. We walk in the room and she looks at the other posters. 

“I mean you can get away with these but if you don’t want him knowing, then that one should probably come down for now” she says pointing to it.

“I think she should leave it up” I hear Ashton say as I jump a little. I don’t want to turn around. I can’t bare to see his face right now but I guess either direction I look, Ashton Irwin will be looking at me. “Hey Lauren, I think Harry is calling you” he says with humor in his voice. Lauren looks at me with sorry eyes and exits the room. I look down at my feet and bite my lip. I am happy that Cali chooses this time to wake up and make her presents known to Ashton so that I can cover the picture of the two of us I have in a frame on the end table. 

“Okay, you’ve seen it, you should probably not be in here anymore” I say shyly.

“Kicking Ashton Irwin out of your bedroom? That is a sin to some girls” he jokes. I want to reply with something sassy but I can’t seem to get it out. “Just say it” he tells me. “It’s just me, Ash. We have known each other forever." 

"That was a bit cocky don’t you think” I say quietly with a smile playing at my lips. 

“Maybe, but it got you to talk” he smiles taking a step forward while reaching in his back pocket. He pulls out his phone and shows it to me. “You aren’t the only one with a picture of us you know” he says. He hands me his unlocked phone and I look at it as he the frame I tried to hide into his hands. My jaw drops and it’s the same picture that I have except that it’s the background on his phone. 

“Ash” I start but he shushes me.

“I don’t know when you became so shy but I want it to stop. I got to admit that seeing my poster ALL over your room is a bit weird” he chuckles and I look down. “It’s also kind of hot.” I snap my head up to look at him. “I got you something while we were on tour” he tells me as he hands me a clear phone case with todays date on it inside of a heart. When I look at him with furrowed brows he giggles. He holds up his phone and takes a picture of the two of us smiling before he walks us both out by the door. I continue to watch him confused as he picks up his backpack and pulls out his computer and a small printer. 

“This only works if you say yes though” he tells me.

“Say yes to what?” I ask.

“To being my girlfriend” he says and it’s his turn to blush. I in no way trust my voice so I just shake my head yes excitedly. He pulls me down into his lap as he connects his phone to the computer and crops the picture we just took. He hits print and in a minute there is a picture of the two of us that is the perfect size for the phone case. He places the picture inside the case and then onto my phone. I turn my phone over and smile at it. 

“Did she say yes?” Harry asks as he rubs his eyes sleepily. 

“Yeah dude, she said yes” Ashton smiles. Harry comes over and hugs me before high fiveing Ashton and heading back in the room where we hear small cheers from the other three.

“Did they all know about this?” I asked, still sitting in his lap.

“Yeah” he smiles.

“Sneaky sneaky Mr. Iriwn” I joke.

“I guess the shell you were hiding under broke?” He joked back.

“Yeah, my doofas of a boyfriend cracked it” I laugh.

“Smart man” he smiles as he leans in for a kiss, which I gladly grant him.


“Some said that we moved to fast but we thought it was right at the time” I tell my daughter as she holds the old phone case.

“I hope I’ll find someone who loves me like daddy loves you” she tells me. Before I could say anything Calum’s son Aiden walks into the room.

“Can I talk to you for a minute Isabelle?” He asks. I smile and put my hand on his shoulder before looking at my daughter.

“I don’t think you will have to wait long, princess” I say with a smile as I walk out. “Not long at all.”