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New Spideypool Clip

(PSA My Spideypool is always Andrew Garfield/Ryan Reynolds. I love Tom Holland but his Spidey is too young for my fics)


“Yo, Spidey, I was thinking–”

“You never call me baby boy anymore.” Peter interrupted, and Wade crammed the rest of his burrito in his mouth as he thought about how to respond to that. “I mean, its fine, because it actually annoys the shit out of me, but why not?” 

“Well.” Wade swallowed and wiped his mouth before pulling his mask back down, turning around to look at Spider-man, wishing that ridiculous mask showed more of the kids expressions. 

“Look. Its not that I still don’t love you and all that. You know you’re always gonna be special to me, Spidey. But I um, I’ve been seeing someone.” 

“Seeing someone.” Peter repeated, and tried not to smile. “Seeing someone with your mask off?” 

“No. Not yet.” Wade said defensively. “But Im getting there. Anyway, you know. I uh– I call him baby boy. And I know it doesnt mean anything to you when I say it, but I like to think it means something to Pete, so I thought I should only say it to him from now on.” 

“Seriously?” Peter coughed to hide how hard he was grinning. “You only want to call that kid baby boy now?” 

“His name’s Pete.” Wade tossed a wrapper at him. “And yeah. He might not care, but I do.”

“So does this mean I wont have to endure your insane flirting anymore? You are putting all that horrible charm out on someone else?” 

“I think Pete likes my charm.” Wade shot back. “So lay off. And yeah, no more flirting for you, Spidey. All this grade A charm and awesome pick up lines and nicknames belong to someone else.”

“Im sure he’s thrilled, Pool.” Peter knew he was blushing beneath his mask. “It sounds like you’re real into this guy.” 

“I think I might love him, Spidey.” Wade didnt care how dopey he sounded, or about the way his voice softened. “I think I might love him.” 

It took all of Peters self control to not rip off his mask and tell Wade that he loved him too. 

spent a lifetime looking for you

The first time Derek sees him, it’s only about a two-second interaction. Derek’s waiting for the bartender to make his rum and coke, idly scanning the crowd to see if Ransom and Holster have made it here yet. He can see someone approaching him out of the corner of his eye, and then there’s a cute redhead standing next to him. Nursey turns to smile at him.

“Hey,” the guy grins, smile wide and easy. Fuck, he’s cute. “Are you here with anyone?”

“Yeah, I’m waiting for them, now, actually - “ Derek blurts out, like a moron.

“Oh, shit, um, sorry,” the guy stammers, and then he’s hurriedly walking away and Derek wants to catch him to tell him he misunderstood, but the bartender is finally sliding his drink across the bar and Ransom and Holster are suddenly on either side of him and he has to fumble for his wallet while Ransom and Holster jostle and chirp him for his outfit choice.

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TWEWY2 Updates -November Remix-

Greetings, Players!

Your mission for today is to read me ramble even more about a game that surely does not exist, the New 7 Days Project!

As always, we’re here to talk about how it totally does exist, and today’s remix is pretty good.

You’ll remember in this hot track’s original release in March, Jose Alamo first heard that ideas for New 7 Days / TWEWY2 were being pulled back out of the dusty cancellation room, and how it was likely originally intended for the 7th Anniversary as pretty much everyone on earth could tell from the lack of subtlety about it. 

While there wasn’t a ton to say at the time, he simply said that “Square are looking into bringing TWEWY back” and really that’s all we needed. There was a lot of doubt and that’s completely fine. That’s normal for us.

Now for today.

This morning a rather detailed list of insider info spread across a few different sources from different companies was compiled and released by a different leaker. They are, as with the previous post I was willing to trust, rather decently confirmed to be legit (as a very specific example, they leaked the insanely out-of-nowhere Ninja Turtles reveal in Injustice 2, that happened just yesterday)

This list, of course, includes The World Ends with You 2 mentioned by sources in Square Enix.

There is an immediate note to make, just on doubt clearing. Even if you’re iffy on either one of these two people, we now have two different people completely independently being told about TWEWY2 being worked on.  More people being able to hear and talk about this is an exponential boost in likelihood that something is going on.

Now this time we actually get something more concrete too. It is specifically mentioned that TWEWY2 is being developed as an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. That’s awesome and lines up with both Nintendo’s push for bigger titles moving from 3DS to Switch and is supported by the fact that Square Enix are already committed to learning and using the Switch with Project Octopath Traveler.

“But when will we see it, Rabla!?” I hear you say, knowing full well you’ve been looping that recording for several years now and not actually opening your mouths.

I have two ideas, neither are concrete but are just kind of circumstance and would line up well with existing facts.

Option A is “Somewhere” in 2017 (yes, this year)
Why? - It’s the 10th Anniversary, and as I’ve talked about before this is the time to do it. If they’re completely locked down into developing this then it’s possible we could get a short teaser and official reveal before the year ends, even if its not gameplay footage. Where would it be? Jump Festa springs to mind, Square like that event. This year’s Jump Festa runs on the 16th and 17th of December.

Option B is the supposed Nintendo Direct in January 2018.
Why? - As it turns out, a lot of different leaks include mention of this being a thing. It seems to be lined up with a lot of the big Switch reveals, so it’s possible TWEWY2 could make it into that timeslot.

Again, both of these options assume they are at a point where they could show something, so don’t be shocked if TWEWY2 misses both events. We might not see it until TGS next year for all I know.

And that, everyone, is all for today. Please keep believing as the TWEWY2 Hype Train keeps rolling along with no actual stops in sight. Thanks for tuning into today’s mix.

Keep the Dream Alive, Players.

Every so often that tidbit about Padme originally going to Mustafar to kill Anakin resurfaces and then I’m very glad they decided not to do that. 

anonymous asked:

Ehich ships in svt do you think might be real?

all of them :) i love svt’s family bond more than anything!!

but if by ‘real’ you meant ‘romantic’ then in that case, i dont know nor do i necessarily care. thats their private life information. if there are members who are dating then that’s up to them and if they were ever to reveal it to the public then of course I’d support them, but i stay away from making assumptions and speculating when it comes to matters of the private life. 

anonymous asked:

Can I have headcannons for Aoba Josai and their s/o trying to lighten the mood or be romantic by saying some cheesy pick up line and (possibly) failing?

Anonymous said to sfw-haikyuu-nsfw:
(pick up lines ask) Oops, I didn’t realize your limit is five characters. My bad. Could you do… Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, and Hanamaki for the ask?

It’s okay, Anon, I’m just glad that you got back to me with the characters you wanted! And I hope you enjoy!

Oikawa Tooru

  • “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together”
    • Like, dude, Oikawa is a selfie queen, he would legit already have his phone out with the camera app on. Hell, he’d probably already be leaning in to take the photo, smile wide and resting his head on their shoulder and everything!
  • omg, and they’d also pose, because, ya know, if he’s gonna be taking a picture might as well give him a good one, no? So he’d be all stoked when they smile and tilt their head towards his own.
  • But as soon as that flash goes on and he moves to take a look at it before turning to them to look at it, they’re just walking away as though they were never stopped by him.
    • He’d run after them so fast! Because he can’t have a beautiful picture of them without having their number as well! Meanwhile, Mattsun and Makki are already starting on their own string of jokes on his failed attempt at picking someone up.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Okay, like I really want Iwa to be all smooth and pick up someone random with an awesome pick up line, but I just can’t see it! This boy doesn’t get a date that way, he’d be more likely to use a line on someone that he’s already dating and that he’s comfortable with being such a dork in front of.
  • But, holy shit, when he does drop it, it’s the fucking smoothest thing they’ve ever heard. Like, they all went to the beach for the day or something, right and as they’re leaving, he moves to look at their back all concerned like saying, “Are you sunburn?” and as this sinks in and they’re asking where and how bad, he just drops the other half with a smirk like, “Or have you always been this hot?”
    • Holy MF! All would be dead silent as they pray to the gods a thanks for bringing this smooth MR-er into their life! LOL!
  • Ah, and the other third years would just LOSE IT. Oikawa would be asking where his Iwa-chan when while Makki and Mattsun are already working on setting up lessons.

Matsukawa Issei

  • So, I feel like Mattsun has the most potential of pulling off a shitty pick up line, but he messes it up for himself by pushing it all too far. Like, you just need one good line to break the ice but he just keeps coming at them with line after line!
    • He’d tap them on the shoulder and as soon as their gazes meet he’d just drop “Hi, I’m writing a term paper on the finer things in life and was wondering if I could interview you?” Dude, he’d have them hooked, all giggly and smiles, but the dork just WON’T STOP and he’d do it again saying something like, “You look familiar, do we have a class together? Cause I swear we have chemistry.”
    • Literally, he ruins it for himself. And he’s left returning to the booth with his friends with the start of a good pick up story that just ends in a car wreck!
  • Seriously, boy needs to learn to say when enough is enough and know what he’s caught the fish. Someone teach this boy the proper way to flirt!

Takahiro Hanamaki

  • Omg, I just feel that this boy would put on a whole freaking show to go along with his pick up line (almost like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, but not quite that extreme).
    • But he’d spot them across the way and he’d walk over before pretending to trip over himself and run right into them. He’d apologize, hand on their elbow and then just be like, “I promise, I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.” Like, he’ll try REALLY hard to make it all look coincidental, but his friends know the truth!
  • I can actually see that one working, where they smile and touch his arm in return as a flirting gesture and next thing you know they’re flirting each other up.
    • Dude, but I just have this hella headcanon where Makki and Mattsun have this thing where they’re interested in the same girls and “what? you mean my friend is the weird guy that hit on you earlier tonight and you think we’re playing an elaborate joke on you?” Yeah, that’s a bust, lol!


Hi, I’m so sorry for this, but I saw this post and I couldn’t help but write a not-so-little fic for it!

I love this AU so much please keep it up!

(also apologies I don’t know how to put a readmore on a submission).


One of the first warnings Ms. Jackson got when she started teaching was “Watch out for show-and-tell day.” She had nervously laughed as she stirred her tea and asked why.

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Shirayuki’s Wish


series masterpost: The Beast with the Beautiful Face

The shadow was tall as the archway, ringed in fire, with hands that gleamed like iron. It started towards her.

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Dreams can come true ... New Author’s Month.

Hey you ..

Yes, you, hiding behind the screen … We’re talking about you, who’ve read all the fanfiction you could put your hands, your eyse on..

You, who wupported the authors, by leaving kudos, likes, notes, or even dropping a comment or review.

You, who in the privacy of your house, your office, have created worlds in your mind, stories in your heart.

You, who never dared taking a pen, or typing your ideas onto a screen or on paper.

You, who always thought “this is not for me, I will not bring anything new to the fandom.”

Well, we want YOU.

We want your words. Your stories. A peek into your world, into your imagination.

And because we know how difficult it is to get started, we have a list of awesome mentors lined up, ready to help you take the first steps.

Ready to help you in the process of writing.

So you can make your dream come true… 

and if you want to be a mentor, please come forward :) the more, the merrier, they say :) because we need help and we hope you want to share your passion of writing :)

The pairings will be made next week so … last call !

Don’t hesitate anymore. Let us know :)

Alright everypony SSO is gonna give some sort of community reward for giving them a bunch of free advertising using their hashtag, so all Jorvik wild horses please line up!

Awesome! Now can you all look at the camera?

Opal, Jewel, Obsidian, please stop eating. 

Sapphire no don’t start eating! Obsidian food after photos!

Sapphire plz.



Awesome Pick-Up Line 😉 (SC: Thomas_Sanders)

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FFXV Fandom Friday; Week Three!

Welcome back to FFXV Fandom Friday! Yep, I know this one’s a bit late, but that’s because I’ve had some IRL work to do in the meantime. (There might not be one next week because I’m moving house!) I’ve got some awesome picks lined up for you this week, so take a look!

When I first joined tumblr, @barcodechocobo was actually the first artist I came across and I immediately fell in love with their quirky comic style. I really, really love how Prompto looks and honestly I wish I could make ten posts with this artwork on aha! If you’re looking for some amazing content, definetly drop them a follow; or even better! Go buy ‘em a coffee ;)

FFXV Fandom Friday’s first fanfiction author! If you’re up for some Dad!Cor shenanegans, then I totally reccommend Crownsguarded by @rogueheartedfiction. The style of writing is so intricate that you can literally close your eyes and picture the polaces, expressions, and characters. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some awesome FFXV bedtime reading!

And finally, some absolutely beautiful art by @cherryvaneart of Noctis! I absolutely love the lighting on these pieces, especially how the ground on the left image has little blue floaty lights. I’m a sucker for floaty lights. But I digress; CherryVane’s art is so wonderfully heartwarming that you should totally go drop some follows and check out the rest of their stuff!

And that’s it for this weeks FFXV Fandom Friday! If any of the images are slightly blurry, just give ‘em a click to see the full resolution! I’m still working out the nooks and crannies of tumblr picture posting.

You know what would be an interesting fic to see? Bruce Banner getting kidnapped by some scientists who figure out a way to temporarily disable the Hulk. And they think they’re safe and they’ve got him contained. But the thing is even without the Hulk, Bruce Banner is a genius pretty much on par with Tony Stark and Reed Richards; a genius who survived on the run for years at a time. So no he can’t smash his way out, but he’s still a genius and w/o Hulk there are no distractions. Cue a lot of trouble for those mistaken scientists.

anonymous asked:

About a year ago I was in the psych ward of the hospital because I tried to kill myself and I was failing most of my classes. Now, I've got a 4.3 GPA and I've made amends with the people in my family. AND I've got some awesome international internships lined up for this summer. It seriously gets better.

I am so so so incredibly proud of you.