awesome lightning

“One last chance. One more dream”

And as a tribute for the beautiful Cars franchise, may I introduce my digital art of the brave and powerful Lightning McQueen.

Two days of hard work but it was worth it at the end and the results as you can see are unbelievable, I’m very happy I made this amazing piece of art that filled my expectations and I hope it fills yours and don’t miss Cars 3 now playing on theaters, and don’t forget…

…Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.


Some of the Hipster icons I’ve made for while now. Should make more hipster icons. *nudge nudge*

All of these icons belong to other people (besides Prompto), so please don’t use them unless you ask the person they’re made for first! Feel free to reblog and share though, because I’m more than happy to make you your own icon set. c: