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The daughter of Mormon fundamentalist Sister Wives stars just came out as gay and her family’s reaction was actually really heartwarming

As for Mariah? She’s a pretty badass 21-year-old who just came out on national television. Her Twitter bio reads: “ask me about my radical feminist agenda.” Wait, she seems awesome on multiple levels.

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I am bisexual! I’m going for drinks with this gay man, whom I have a crush on! 


Hey kids! Want a good shoot’n game fps where you can play as a giant robot?


Want to feel like youre playing as a mix of soldier 76, Gengi, Widowmaker, Dva and Lucio?


Want a charming single player campaign that dont overstay its wellcome, got extremely creative levels, awesome boss battles and charming bromance between a robot and a pilot?


Want a MODERN SHOOTER. From EA. That somehow. SOMEHOW.


GET. TITAN. FALL. 2!!!!!

Why all this?

Cause Titanfall ended releasing between the release of the two massive FPS franchises (BF and CoD). The chances it’ll be dead on arrival are even greater than the first one. Analists are already saying it’ll have disapointing sales due to that.

We gotta show with our wallets what we want: Paying for a full game!

Or don’t you dont have to buy it :v



Titanfall 2 is SICK and you guys gotta at least give it a try <3 

A special poster featuring much of the series’ central characters that I created a year and a half ago, in celebration of the final episode’s release! You can purchase it, along with plenty of other awesome TOME merchandise from Level Up Studios!

Also this week, we’ll be releasing a TOME-themed “Did You Know Voice Acting?” video, an ALL-NEW Animated Short that takes place after the end of the series…and on Saturday the 12th, we’ll be doing a very special marathon stream raising money for Child’s Play! All the details right here!

“Mehmet Doruk is an Industrial Designer with unique vision, he designed the BMW "Alpha"concept. My friend Mark Makr is a Bonneville salt flats racer and one incredible fabricator, he built the Alpha Concept. This bike is just awesome on so many levels. Radical indeed! Congrats guys..”
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waking up each day and seeing all these amazing clawen headcanons that are thoughtfully and wonderfully written out by some of the most amazing people that i follow, y'all are the real mvps thank you for taking the time to write about these two headstrong dorks in love

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okay but twilight is so underappreciated like all the cullen’s back stories about when/before they were vampires way before bella’s time are amazing and all the wolves legends are too like why can’t people see it’s more than just a romance and it’s also about bella figuring out her purpose in life because honestly that’s more what it is than anything else.. bella finding her own personal worth apart from taking care of her mom or even finding love