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Favourite ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ episodes [3/10]: Lord Edgware Dies

Lady Edgware asks Poirot for help getting a divorce from her husband. That evening thirteen guests are seated at a dinner table, which is supposed to bring bad luck for the first guest to rise. Next morning Lord Edgware is dead.

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #15 Jeyne Poole

This is another kinda-sorta not in Game of Thrones character. The above image is of Jeyne Poole on the show, but I don’t really remember her at all. I won’t argue with photographic proof.

Jeyne Poole (whose name is, sadly, pronounced “Jane Pool” not “Jean Pool”) was Sansa Stark’s closest friend at Winterfell. She’s young and innocent like Sansa. There is one scene where Gregor Clegane murders Hugh of the Vale during the Hand’s Tourney and Jeyne becomes hysterical. She is not used to such violence.

That makes what happens to her all the more horrifying. Since Arya Stark goes missing, it is Littlefinger’s idea to dress one brown-haired northern girl as another. Jeyne becomes “Arya Stark” and is married to Ramsay Bolton. You all probably know that on the show, this storyline was given to Sansa herself and it caused quite a stir.

Obviously, being married to Ramsay is no picnic. (His first wife, Lady Hornwood, ate off her own fingers because he starved her. This was another storyline cut from the show, perhaps mercifully.) Jeyne has it bad because, from the get-go, Ramsay knows she is not really Arya Stark. Ramsay keeps her confined to a tower where her cries can be heard night and day. She has scars on her back from whipping and bruises all over her body. Though, unlike the show, Ramsay is never actually seen raping her. 

At Castle Black, Jon Snow & Melisandra mount a plan to rescue his “sister” (he does not know the truth) that involves Mance Rayder (who was not really burned alive by Melisandre, that is a complicated plotline that also got cut) and a handful of wildling women infiltrate Winterfell and attempt to rescue her. At first, Jeyne thinks it’s a trick and resists, saying Ramsay will cut off her feet if she runs.

But eventually she and Theon make a daring jump from the battlements of Winterfell. Somehow the two survive. We next seem them through Asha Greyjoy’s eyes (Asha is called “Yara” on the show–she is Theon’s sister). She no longer recognizes Theon. 

Jeyne Poole might not be the best fighter or a savvy political operator, but she managed to survive in the most horrific situation. I think that makes her awesome.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image of Jeyne Poole is screencap from Game of Thrones

You know this girl? 

Yes, this one. 

She’s awesome. She climbs trees like a monkey with an ax, treats twelve-year-olds like equals in her otherwise all-teenage gang of friends, casually survives the apocalypse best out of nearly everyone, and openly expresses that women should take what they want rather than putter around with outdated ideals of purity. And she does it all without the narrative sexualizing her, turning her into a prize to be won, or treating her friendship as a cheap conciliation prize for the protagonist. 

Wendy is awesome. We as a fandom should appreciate Wendy more. 

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“The struggles I’ve gone through being a "dark” skinned female is something I’ve always wanted to share from the day I started my channel and today I decided to go for it. Just posted a video on this topic which has been effecting me since the day I can remember. Literally. Link in bio, I hope atleast some of you are able to take something away from it.“ - @limitlessbwl

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Why You Should All Watch Darker than Black

Okay so I’ve been thinking a lot about anime lately. And my mission in life is to make everyone I know watch DARKER THAN BLACK because it’s my actual favourite. Also I feel like most of my mutuals would love it because it’s off kilter and dark and fucks with a lot of notions of morality. Basically, Everyone’s a Villain.

So here as some reasons why you should watch Darker than Black:

  • the protagonist, Hei, is a contract killer (like, seriously, that should be enough)
  • he goes on all his missions in an awesome trench coat and THIS AWESOME MASK (he also fights with electricity, a Cool Knife, and lots of wires I can’t stress how cool Hei is and how much I love him)
  • CONSEQUENCES FOR POWERS like the premise is that the world changed when seemingly random people developed powers, but the catch is that every time someone uses their power, they have to do something as payment.
  • a talking cat who snarks a lot
  • In his civilian ID, Hei is the cutest ever and you forget that he’s a contract killer tbh
  • an awesome lady cop character (Misaki!!) who sometimes works alongside Hei and sometimes hunts him down and there is a lot of villain romance secret identity tension here guys seriously y’all would love it
  • S P I E S 
  • STUNNING FIGHT SCENES—the fight choreography and creative use of powers is really something else
  • There’s a Storm from X-Men reference character in there somewhere
  • My favourite thing about this show is this creeping atmosphere that something is wrong in the entire city, that there’s something fundamentally rotten about the world, but also that everyone in the show is living their regular lives despite that and idk I think it’s really beautiful

Also it’s not a very long show! (26 episodes) So it’s very easy to watch, really.

Basically, I love this show a lot and if any of you decides to watch it come message me so I can yell at you. It is the best. <3


A strong female character is one who is defined by her own characteristics, history and personality, and not solely by the actions or needs of other characters.  She is a person in the story, not a prop. (x)
If we see any mermaids, I'm going to ask them where their merginas are - Tina Belcher, Bob's Burgers Quote Art (9x7)
If we see any mermaids, Im going to ask them where their merginas are. -Tina Belcher (Bobs Burgers) If you are a lover of lady power or Tina Belcher

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Why You Should Watch Gundam 00

I’ve been trying to think of a way to convince people to watch this show for a while.  I even tried to make one of those goofy PowerPoint things, because people need to understand.  This show is incredibly cheap on Amazon and the legal GundamInfo Youtube Channel puts it up and pulls it back down again every so often, on top of that.  Besides, you all know where to find anime if you really want to watch it. The only reason you haven’t at least tried watching it is that no one has tried to convince you yet. Allow me to at least make an attempt.

So you don’t like giant robots–because that is the argument I get, when I try to talk people into watching this show.  You don’t like giant robots, they’re not really your thing.  That’s fine. Gundam 00 is about the Gundam robots, like Fullmetal Alchemist is about alchemy, or Supernatural is about the supernatural, or the Captain America movies were about superheroes.  It’s there, and it’s important, and there are even people that watched it only for the robots, or those other things only for those other elements.  But the people in those fandoms kind of cringe to think about that fact, because there’s so much more to those stories than just the fantasy set pieces.  Gundam 00 is the same way.

Gundam 00 is about Setsuna F. Seiei, a teenager who’s a robot pilot for Celestial Being, an armed organization that’s determined to eradicate war—by attacking everyone who tries to start a conflict with their more advanced weapons.  But it’s also about Saji Crossroad, the ordinary civilian who lives in the apartment next to him and doesn’t really care about Celestial Being when they first appear.  Setsuna enters the show with firsthand experience with the horrors of war; Saji does not. While contrasting these two, Gundam 00 turns the usual line of questioning about “the costs of war” on its head, and asks the viewer what price they’d be willing to pay for peace.  As the show continues, they make that question more complicated by showing us the rest of the cast and their range of opinions—and the range of backstories they got those opinions from. Everyone takes their stance, and those stances have consequences—except when what happens isn’t a consequence at all, and the world is just random and cruel, because this is a show about war.  

There’s no mistaking this show for one made before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Not only are terrorist attacks and accusations of terrorism all over the show, there are also some things that are definitely supposed to be drones, and some pretty messed-up prison systems.  The entire plotline is shadowed by the past Solar Energy Wars, a past war over energy resources that was part of many of the characters’ backstories—and parallels real events in the Middle East’s recent past.

Gundam 00 has high aspirations, and the only reason it gets anywhere near them is the fact that the huge cast is also terrifically written. I could go on and on about the character relationships and the nuances the writers took time to add, but I really think my favorite is the fact that Celestial Being’s four robot pilots, our main characters, do not get along in the least at the beginning of the show. Not screaming rivalries, either—two of the characters approach this, but for the most part it’s just that they’re all awkward and a little too different from one another.  It takes character development for that to change.  I’m also very fond of the standout side characters, such as the Unbeatable Patrick Colasour, who you’ll meet in the first episode.

The battle choreography is pretty great, too.  The person who does it also worked on Evangelion briefly, doing an episode where two characters had to fight a monster in sync.  In Gundam 00, he does the opposite—using the four main characters’ robots, all of which have different weapons, he has the robots fight in ways that are more interesting than just them shooting the same kind of beam canon at each other repeatedly (which is what happens in the badly-done robot shows). The Exia Gundam, in particular, uses mostly knife-type weapons and looks like something out of a martial arts movie.  Just, you know, big and metal.

The cast is not only well-written, but visually well-designed, and incredibly diverse for an anime. The main protagonist is Middle Eastern, and the cast has people over forty, as well as lots of awesome ladies.  There are characters with disabilities and ones that don’t identify along the gender binary, too (though in both cases the characters are spoilers).  

I know some people have reservations about Gundam series, or giant robot series, or anime in general. And I can’t promise that you’ll love this anyway.  But I can promise it’s at least worth giving a shot.