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“Neat where others were sloppy, organized where they were confused, sure of himself while they floundered, he cut a swath through England’s murderers that left the police far behind.
Unimpressed by titles, unfazed by difficulties, untiring in his labours, Hercule Poirot stood as a bulwark protecting English society from legions of lady poisoners, gentlemen stranglers, and murderers of all sorts and persuasions who, without his efforts, would have escaped justice.
Though he occasionally berated himself for his few mistakes and miscalculations, he knew his own worth well enough. Spurning false modesty, he allowed as how he was ‘the greatest mind in Europe.’”

- ‘Hercule Poirot, The Man and the Myth’ by Jerry Keucher, from The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie by Dick Riley and Pam McAllister

Just 👏🏻a👏🏻reminder 👏🏻to👏🏻ship👏🏻the👏🏻characters 👏🏻and 👏🏻NOT 👏🏻the 👏🏻actors 👏🏻please.

Wondercon 2017 / Hi teens! We’re young, we’re hip, dank memes! 

@lets-become-stories as Thumbelina
@sailortrashface as Odette
@sweetalissumcosplay as Lady Amalthea

I hope you aren’t held back because of a number.  And that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by.  I hope you do what’s right for you.  Hold on.  Slow down.  And breathe in.  Your age is your age.  But more importantly, your life is your life.  Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s.  We need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored.  Revel in the differences.  And enjoy where you are, in this moment.

Rereading the Pern Novels as I do Every Few Years and I Got Thoughts Both Good and Bad

-Mirrim is considered this feminism leap for Impressing a Green and yes that is awesome and Im glad that McCaffrey later put in that the first few generations of riders had plenty of female fighting riders but she missed the most important thing

-she had centuries of male riders Impressing the female greens

-Dragons dont give a fuck about sex or gender, Anne. How did no one bring that up??? How did no one go “wait if males have been Impressing female dragons why do we separate Impressing candidates by gender for the dragons???”

-I WANT MEN ON QUEENS AND WOMEN ON BRONZES AND BROWNS AND DRAGONS BEING LIKE “oh yeah we knew G'ton or whoever doesnt identify with any gender why should that matter with who they Impress?”

-more evidence dragons give no shits: Ruth is intersex (the intersex non-binary aroace dragon and he is my precious baby i love him) and the humans take a bit to really get their heads around it while all the dragons are like “….and?? why is this a big deal i dont get it Ruth flies awesome he’s great”

-white people are the minority on Pern

-im not saying that as an inclusive headcanon I mean most people on Pern are described with dark hair and dark eyes and when someone has more anglo coloring it’s marked as unusual/different (Kylara’s blonde hair, Lessa being pale, F'lar having light amber eyes instead of dark(but the rest of him is described as dark))

-which also makes sense since the original colonists were an interracial hodgepodge and fostering kept the population from getting sequestered so duh everyone is shades of brown with the occasional outlier after generations

-There’s a shit ton of East Asian descendents in the original colonist group so what Im saying is Lessa is described as pale but she aint Anglo-saxon lookin

-when Robinton goes South it’s remaked that the sun’s nearly turned him black. Your fave harper and almost all your faves are hot and POC

-hey Anne you have so many awesome lady characters we could have done without all the women in holds described as chattel or silly bickering mother types??

-“Kylara was blamed for the queen fight because SHE WAS HAVIN TOO MUCH SEX!!!” no Anne she ignored her dragon and fought their connection to the point that Prideth was unhappy with her and she had separated herself enough that she didnt even realize her Queen was rising. Like dragonriders are pretty open why do we focus on how much Kylara sleeps around when it’s obvious that her problem was she was a manipulative controlling abuser who only valued her dragon for how much love it gave her????????

-there’s just a lot of stuff where you can tell Anne had a lot of feminist ideas but still had just…a lot of ingrained stuff going on



-probably more to come discussion is welcome


Favourite ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ episodes [3/10]: Lord Edgware Dies

Lady Edgware asks Poirot for help getting a divorce from her husband. That evening thirteen guests are seated at a dinner table, which is supposed to bring bad luck for the first guest to rise. Next morning Lord Edgware is dead.

Why You Should All Watch Darker than Black

Okay so I’ve been thinking a lot about anime lately. And my mission in life is to make everyone I know watch DARKER THAN BLACK because it’s my actual favourite. Also I feel like most of my mutuals would love it because it’s off kilter and dark and fucks with a lot of notions of morality. Basically, Everyone’s a Villain.

So here as some reasons why you should watch Darker than Black:

  • the protagonist, Hei, is a contract killer (like, seriously, that should be enough)
  • he goes on all his missions in an awesome trench coat and THIS AWESOME MASK (he also fights with electricity, a Cool Knife, and lots of wires I can’t stress how cool Hei is and how much I love him)
  • CONSEQUENCES FOR POWERS like the premise is that the world changed when seemingly random people developed powers, but the catch is that every time someone uses their power, they have to do something as payment.
  • a talking cat who snarks a lot
  • In his civilian ID, Hei is the cutest ever and you forget that he’s a contract killer tbh
  • an awesome lady cop character (Misaki!!) who sometimes works alongside Hei and sometimes hunts him down and there is a lot of villain romance secret identity tension here guys seriously y’all would love it
  • S P I E S 
  • STUNNING FIGHT SCENES—the fight choreography and creative use of powers is really something else
  • There’s a Storm from X-Men reference character in there somewhere
  • My favourite thing about this show is this creeping atmosphere that something is wrong in the entire city, that there’s something fundamentally rotten about the world, but also that everyone in the show is living their regular lives despite that and idk I think it’s really beautiful

Also it’s not a very long show! (26 episodes) So it’s very easy to watch, really.

Basically, I love this show a lot and if any of you decides to watch it come message me so I can yell at you. It is the best. <3

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #15 Jeyne Poole

This is another kinda-sorta not in Game of Thrones character. The above image is of Jeyne Poole on the show, but I don’t really remember her at all. I won’t argue with photographic proof.

Jeyne Poole (whose name is, sadly, pronounced “Jane Pool” not “Jean Pool”) was Sansa Stark’s closest friend at Winterfell. She’s young and innocent like Sansa. There is one scene where Gregor Clegane murders Hugh of the Vale during the Hand’s Tourney and Jeyne becomes hysterical. She is not used to such violence.

That makes what happens to her all the more horrifying. Since Arya Stark goes missing, it is Littlefinger’s idea to dress one brown-haired northern girl as another. Jeyne becomes “Arya Stark” and is married to Ramsay Bolton. You all probably know that on the show, this storyline was given to Sansa herself and it caused quite a stir.

Obviously, being married to Ramsay is no picnic. (His first wife, Lady Hornwood, ate off her own fingers because he starved her. This was another storyline cut from the show, perhaps mercifully.) Jeyne has it bad because, from the get-go, Ramsay knows she is not really Arya Stark. Ramsay keeps her confined to a tower where her cries can be heard night and day. She has scars on her back from whipping and bruises all over her body. Though, unlike the show, Ramsay is never actually seen raping her. 

At Castle Black, Jon Snow & Melisandra mount a plan to rescue his “sister” (he does not know the truth) that involves Mance Rayder (who was not really burned alive by Melisandre, that is a complicated plotline that also got cut) and a handful of wildling women infiltrate Winterfell and attempt to rescue her. At first, Jeyne thinks it’s a trick and resists, saying Ramsay will cut off her feet if she runs.

But eventually she and Theon make a daring jump from the battlements of Winterfell. Somehow the two survive. We next seem them through Asha Greyjoy’s eyes (Asha is called “Yara” on the show–she is Theon’s sister). She no longer recognizes Theon. 

Jeyne Poole might not be the best fighter or a savvy political operator, but she managed to survive in the most horrific situation. I think that makes her awesome.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image of Jeyne Poole is screencap from Game of Thrones

You know this girl? 

Yes, this one. 

She’s awesome. She climbs trees like a monkey with an ax, treats twelve-year-olds like equals in her otherwise all-teenage gang of friends, casually survives the apocalypse best out of nearly everyone, and openly expresses that women should take what they want rather than putter around with outdated ideals of purity. And she does it all without the narrative sexualizing her, turning her into a prize to be won, or treating her friendship as a cheap conciliation prize for the protagonist. 

Wendy is awesome. We as a fandom should appreciate Wendy more. 

87% of Facebook/Twitter right now: I’m not against gay rights, but you can’t just give Captain America a boyfriend. He is a heterosexual™, has had nothing but female love interests, and giving a straight man a boyfriend makes him homosexual. Stop twisting existing characters to fit your gay agenda and make your own!

Me, a bisexual: 


A strong female character is one who is defined by her own characteristics, history and personality, and not solely by the actions or needs of other characters.  She is a person in the story, not a prop. (x)