awesome jesus

Have you ever noticed how Jesus of suburbia makes everything so much more angsty and rad? Like you’re on a road trip? Jesus of suburbia makes it better. You’re lying in bed? Jesus of suburbia makes it better? Studying? Jesus of suburbia makes it better. Having a shower? Jesus of suburbia makes it better. Awesome.

okay so i just watched wonder woman

and like

i was left speechless. like, i literally sat there in the theater, staring up at the screen in wonder (eyyy) and let me tell you guys very few movies have done that to me.

i still feel shooketh™ from the sheer amount of incredible emanating from this movie.

once that kind of subsided though, i was reminded of the Pain™ and started crying


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Cartimandua was a 1st-century queen of the Brigantes, a Celtic people living in what is now northern England. She came to power around the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and formed a large tribal agglomeration that became loyal to Rome. She appears to have been widely influential in early Roman Britain.

Our only knowledge of Cartimandua is through the writings of Roman author Tacitus, who presents her in a negative light. He writes of her treacherous role in the capture of Caratacus, who had sought her protection, her “self-indulgence, her sexual impropriety in rejecting her husband in favour of a common soldier, and her "cunning strategems” during her rule. However, he also consistently names her as a queen, the only one such known in early Roman Britain.

Boudica was ruler of the Iceni people, a Celtic tribe, who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. In AD 60 or 61, while the Roman governor Gaius Paulinus was leading a campaign on the island of Anglesey off the northwest coast of Wales, Boudica led the Iceni as well as the Trinovantes and others in revolt.

Boudica led 100,000 Iceni, Trinovantes and others to fight the Roman Legio IX Hispana and burned and destroyed several settlements in Britannia. An estimated 70,000–80,000 Romans and British were killed in the three cities by those led by Boudica. The crisis caused the Emperor Nero to consider withdrawing all Roman forces from Britain, but Suetonius’s eventual victory over Boudica confirmed Roman control of the province. Boudica’s fate is not known.

The two women are the only known female Celtic rulers of the age.

Here’s the lil story of how my neighbor agreed with me on desus.

He’s 35, a normal dude and he just likes watching the show, no more. No cons, fan stuff, theories whatever.

So, well, he came over for barbecue one day and of course we started talking about the walking dead, because I’ve no rl friend who watches the show, so I talked with him about it instead.

Well, first it was just normal stuff like “Who do think will die next?”, “Is Negan really that evil?”, “How did you like the last episode?”, but then he mentioned that he wasn’t a big fan of Richonne, so we discussed that a little bit until I thought ‘why the hell don’t you mention desus now?’. And so I did.

Of course I thought he’d be like “wHAAT, NO, NEVER!! DARYL’S NOT GAY, THAT’S STUPID!!”. And he did react like that at first (well, not exactly like that, his eyes just grew big), but only because he didn’t know that Jesus was, in fact, gay. He watches twd in german and we don’t have a good translation for “boyfriend”. “Boyfriend” in german’s just “Freund” and that’s the same as “friend”. So yeah, I had to explain that to him.

And can you believe what happened then? He just started nodding and said “I never thought about that before, but I’ve to say, you’re right.” aND THAT WASN’T EVERYTHING, HE KEPT FUCKING TALKING. “I mean, Daryl never seemed interested in anyone, so he could be gay. And yeah, Jesus and Daryl did spend a lot of time together those last few episodes. To be honest, I love the idea about them actually becoming a thing.” rEMEMBER THAT’S THE GUY WHO SAID HE WASN’T A BIG FAN OF RICHONNE??

I was grinning like an idiot, you have no idea.

So yeah, tell this story to people who say shit like “desus is just another shitty gay ship for fangirls with a gay fetish”.

Nothing you face is unknown to God. Let God help you move from panic to calm, fear to assurance, and weakness to strength by the power of His Spirit.

I never encountered as a nice fandom as the desus fandom, I’m serious. You guys are so lovely.

I love talking to you, I love drawing desus fanarts to make you happy, I love writing fanfics to make you smile and I, this fandom, means so much to me. This ship, this fandom is perfection, like srsly. I love you so much. I’m so glad to be part of this.

So, thank you guys.

Worship is not a duty nor an obligation; worship is the response of a thankful heart for everything God has done.