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Title: Fight Fire With Fire

Summary: Of all the things Lucy was expecting that night, a fire in the apartment across the hall was not one of them. Getting handcuffed to her bed also wasn’t part of the plan, but at least they’ll have a fun story to tell at their wedding.

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T (rated for Lucy’s potty mouth and implications at the end)

AN: Happy birthday @soprana-snap! I’ve had this idea for a bit and figured you might enjoy it <3

In hindsight, letting Dan handcuff her to the bed was probably a bad decision on her part. Not only does her wrist hurt from him locking it too tight, but she also can’t do anything but watch in absolute horror as he rips away from her neck, eyes wide, and falls off of the bed in his hurry to get away from her. Her family always did say she had a talent for driving men away, but she never thought it was this bad.

Lucy stares down at Dan, sitting up as best she can to peer over the side of the bed, and that’s when the obnoxious, shrill sound of a fire alarm reaches her ears. “Oh, shit,” she mumbles to herself, suddenly feeling very exposed in her lacy underwear. Smothering a laugh, Lucy tries to stand before remembering the cuff on her wrist. She turns to ask Dan for help, only to find the man stumbling to him feet in a panic. He glances around wildly, fingers twitching at his sides, and Lucy’s reminded of a very stupid squirrel that can’t decide whether it wants to run into traffic or stay on the damn sidewalk.

“Dan?” she murmurs, nudging at him with her foot. He glances at her, shaking his head as he mumbles something she can’t hear, and spins in a quick circle. “Dan, what are you doing?” she asks again, frustration creeping into her voice as he freaks out. On any other day, she would probably panic, but this is the third fire of the week and she knows it’s just Warrod from down next door forgetting about his pot-roast in the oven again. It’s really nothing to worry about so long as he grabs the fucking key and lets her out.

He backs into the nightstand, knocking it onto it’s side, and Lucy flinches as her favorite lamp shatters across the floor, ceramic pieces splintering and creating a mess that she’ll have to clean up before Happy or Plue hurt themselves. “Fuck,” Dan swears, running a hand through his rumpled hair. He pulls his lip between his teeth, then stoops, scooping his shirt into his arms and yanking it down over his head. “I can’t—” He stops suddenly, shaking his head, and sends Lucy an apologetic look.

Sighing, Lucy purses her lips, eyes rolling as she glares at her boyfriend. “Dan,” she says slowly, smiling at him as best she can despite wanting to rip his head off, “just unlock me so we can go.” She covers her bare stomach with her arm, curling up slightly, shy now that they’re no longer in the heat of the moment.

It’s always been like that with Dan. She always ends up feeling uncomfortable whenever they aren’t doing something physical. Though, that might be because he rarely sticks around for anything besides that. They don’t know how to talk to each other, and Lucy’s finding it to be more draining than anything else.

She thinks Romeo may be right: she should just dump him and find something better than whatever this is.

Dan nods slowly, patting himself down as he searches for the key, then goes very still. “I don’t—oh shit,” he whispers, growing frantic as he doesn’t find it. Lucy slaps her forehead, rubbing at her temple and silently cursing the day she met Dan, suddenly wishing she’d never accepted his offer for a date at the sushi bar—which was actually the worst date she’s ever been on, but oh well. This is ridiculous and she can’t believe this is happening to her.

He lost the goddamn key.

Excellent. Lucy groans, curling in on herself and resisting the urge to throw herself out the window—something she obviously can’t do because she’s still fucking cuffed to her damn bed. She didn’t even want to do this in the first place, but somehow she let him talk her into trying now things—a horrible idea, really—and now she’s stuck to her bed, there’s a fire, and Dan looks like he’s about to piss himself or start crying.

She’s never going to let Lisanna set her up on a date again.

Lucy decides that maybe it’s not that bad. It’s just a small fire, and Dan can probably get one of them to cut her loose. They’ll all have a laugh over this, no one will ever let Lucy forget about this moment, and some sexy firefighter is going to have a lovely story to tell all of his friends over dirt cheap wine and stale donuts. It’s a simple fix, really.

And that’s the exact moment that Dan decides to bolt for the door without a word.

For a moment, Lucy can only stare, her mouth dropping open as he fumbles with her doorknob, yanking it open a moment later. Her cat Happy bolts into the room, disappearing under her bed, and Plue barks out in the main room, whining by the door as he urges her to hurry. “Dan?” Lucy shrieks, watching him slip out, the door beginning to close behind him. “What are you—Dan, what the fuck!” she screams, lunging to her feet. Panic wells in her chest as he glances back at her, hesitating for only a moment.

“I’m sorry, Babe,” he sputters, shrugging, “but I—” He simply shrugs again, then turns and slams the door behind him, leaving Lucy alone and stuck on her bed, a fire burning in her neighbors apartment.

“Dan!” she calls after him, tears burning at her eyes, more from the betrayal of him just leaving her in potential danger than the potential danger. It should be an easy fire to put out, but that doesn’t mean he can just leave her here. “Dan, you piece of shit!” Lucy snarls, yanking at her wrist violently.

It holds fast, the metal digging into her wrist painfully, a bruise already forming from her continued tugging, and Lucy bites back a sob as she drops back onto her bed, curling up tight and hoping she isn’t stuck in here until Romeo comes home later. The last thing she wants is for her younger brother to find her half-naked and handcuffed to a bed.

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  1. Why is it that every time I open a wine bottle you call me to get into some kind of trouble?
  2. Pardon all the mess but our pilot seems to have forgotten how to steer our ship.
  3. But I might be afraid that you are not here for tea and biscuits
  4. She’s going rather paranoid at this point…
  5. ”I don’t remember you being so sensitive.”
    ”Well I don’t remember you being such a dick, but apparently things change.”
  6. They laid down to the desert sand, clinging to their guns. This was how they were going to die, and at least one of them had accepted their fate.
  7. Maybe we can leave together, run away and never come back.
  8. They cut off her tongue with rusty razor blade and locked her to the deepest of the dungeons. But witches were bitches, and she was biggest one of them.
  9. Thank you for that confusing clarification.
  10. My closet holds more skeletons than you can imagine
  11. You gonna try to kill him with nail clipper’s file? Mate, that’s like inch long what fucking damage you think you gonna do?
  12. ”Are you gonna get stubby tonight?”
    ”No. But then again and I said that last time, didn’t it?”
    ”Okay, then you have to wait a minute, I have to change my dress.”
  13. Knucklehead alarm! What are we gonna do?
  14. Could you stop gnashing your teeth and help me fix the engine?
  15. This is a kidnapping, not an assassination!
  16. Do the rich care that they are sending the young to war?
  17. It took years for me to stood on my feet again, and of course she would come to knock me back down.
  18. She knew it wasn’t the wisest of things leave her mouth, but like her grandma always said, ’Fuck it’.
  19. ”What your doing?”
    ”I though you were gonna choke me.”
  20. Don’t throw a kid to the wolves, for he might return as one of their own.
  21. What now? You are going to keep me in a cage like an animal?
  22. What an novel act, Mr.Renz.. But unfortunately I think this might’ve been an idea right out of the bad part of the brain.
  23. Sacrificing yourself for the well being of others? How heart breaking.
  24. Healthy level of narcissism? I think we are far over the healthy limit, crossing to fucking insane level
  25. Stop ignoring me, I’m the only one properly armed to save you
  26. Why do I always have to do the painful work? It’s not like you couldn’t do it.
  27. Not as graceful as I thought, but let’s work around it.
  28. Maybe I’m stronger than I thought I was.
  29. I suggest we blame someone else and scatter on our own ways
  30. ”I told you to be careful!”
    ”You also told me to shoot my way out of trouble if I need to!”
  31. Well my judgement was always little dodgy.
  32. And I thought I was fucked up. Goddamn, you need help.
  33. Secret rooms shouldn’t have other secret rooms!
  34. The sweet old lady is gonna help us kidnap the King! What a glorious day!
  35. I swear you will be endangered species, if you don’t shut up
  36. Don’t ever mention knives and laugh like that afterwards.
  37. You know, I don’t think I should eat this…
  38. I think I’m just bitter because you have most of your life ahead of you
  39. My reasons are none of your concerns
  40. Well that’s something anybody hadn’t never said out loud
  41. Don’t snarl at me, I didn’t invent the game or the rules.
  42. Shouldn’t you attack somebody who actually pulls the strings?
  43. Lay low for a while didn’t mean that you should
  44. Only if these people knew what you have done for this world.. What you have scarified to protect these people
  45. ”Maybe one day you might understand”
    ”Rather hope so”
  46. What a fucking disaster! I knew you were stupid but this is ridiculous.
  47. Have you had a fucking stroke? The fuck are you talking about?
  48. You got any prove of that? Cause I don’t remember doing nothing like that
  49. Blood and mud covered her clothes, even the rain wasn’t washing it away.
  50. Do I have to start treating you like a dog again? Sit, boy. Down. Don’t bark.
  51. Please don’t make me sit in limousine, I’m just gonna get a fucking headache and get angry
  52. Oh my God, I didn’t think I could look more like a whore than Charlotte..
  53. Why do you feel obligated to give me roses every time you see me?
  54. How much do you think he uses hair gel? Because that looks like a whole bottle it’s on top of his head right now.
  55. We vowed to protect this land, no matter who’s the ruler
  56. She offered 5 grand just to kill one useless high school student?
  57. The information passed like a wild fire through the city
  58. Any day might be our last, we can’t predict anything.
  59. When the daylight appears again, remember our luck
  60. That’s probably the worst way to die, honestly… Drown in a fish tank.
  61. What an amazing fall. 10/10 points, bravo
  62. Do you think it’s edible?
    I don’t know, it looks like it is.
  63. Maybe you should write it up? You know, ‘cause you’re kinda stupid
  64. This is gonna get sad very fast, isn’t it?
  65. What a literal fucking moron you are.
  66. Casted from heaven to forever travel the earth.
  67. What an absolutely weird thing to say, really…
  68. Well.. the car is fucked now
  69. If she starts acting up again, or brings that damn knife, I’ll knock her the fuck down!
  70. Bloody palm print was smudged to the bunker’s wall
  71. Smell of death filled the air around the alter, making the visitor wonder what the walls and floors are hiding
  72. It didn’t matter how long she had been gone, the feeling was the same.
  73. Leaning against the cold railing of The Queens Walk, he looked down at the Thames, hoping this day wouldn’t end like last Tuesday.
  74. His eyes were as black as his heart
  75. She made a pact with the Devil and stabbed him in the back with the first change she got.
  76. She laid down her live for others and what happened? You act like se was the biggest brat of these people
  77. And the King didn’t have no other choice than to allow the black sheep of the family to take the throne.
  78. ”Why can’t you just let them work things out between them?”
    “Because they will end up stabbing each other”
  79. Blowing it up seems rather bad choice, doesn’t it?
  80. I feel like this would have to be something for national security to handle
  81. Do I need to start shooting people to get trough this fucking crowd?
  82. What about plan F? I mean I know it involves Margarita dying, but G would involve me being used as a bait, and that would be drastic
  83. These cars tend to have trackers, so if you may just step out
  84. Stay inside the car, or if you must disobey the order like the last time, please make sure you close the doors behind you
  85. The hound is barking again,
  86. Ohh… We making a bomb? Fucking awesome.
  87. Oh yeah, they are trying to kill each other in middle of London’s tube, how fucking great!
  88. Am I failing to see the obvious here?
  89. You feed your children lies? Or do you tell them what lurks in the light of day?
  90. ”Who’s in the body bag?”
    “He’s dead?”
    “Sedated. Probably will wake up soon, too.”
  91. Stop waving the gun at me if you’re not going to shoot me.
  92. ”We’ll burn their lungs out!”
    ”Smoke inhalation? Awesome.”
  93. Oh woah.. We REALLY need to work on your subtle threats.
  94. Eventually blood will dry and maybe you’ll realize what you have done
  95. The blood from our past haunt us now.
  96. Maybe the history books will read our names. Tell the story how we ended up fucking up so bad.
  97. Tug your skirt down, wipe your tears and load your gun.
  98. You’re stronger than any fucker here
  99. “We still need the information!”
    “Probably shouldn’t have killed her then.”
  100. Hey, have I done anything incredibly stupid in last five minutes?

Thank you all. Really.

anonymous asked:

Hi Lily! Good luck with your blog!! Can I request (headcanonned) reactions of TFP Bee, Smokescreen, MTMTE Rodimus, Ratchet, and Swerve reacting to a human's voice going high pitched because they inhaled helium?

I love this! It’s a cute ask, it made me giggle just thinking about it. Ah, how easily humans can be entertained (I feel like the bots here are thinking that too). Thanks for sending this and with all characters I absolutely adore?? You’re awesome! :D


  • His s/o inhales helium with the other kids, all of them goofing around and having a good time. He doesn’t notice until they call out to him with their silly voice and for a moment, he just looks around confused. Who was that? Nobody he knows has such a high pitched, weird voice.


  • When he realizes it’s his s/o, he’s immediately delighted. That’s so cool! Not to mention hilarious, do it again s/o! His s/o starts singing and he’s laughing, he can’t help himself. Even when Ratchet grumpily yells at them to be quiet, the two continue to snicker to themselves. He keeps asking for s/o to say certain things.


  • Eventually, it goes on so long that everyone else begins to get irritated. So they have to stop and Smokescreen is totally disappointed.  But every once in a while, when the two sneak out for a drive, they’ll do it again and amuse themselves till they’re both crying from laughing so hard.



  • Bee’s s/o is also messing around, blowing up balloons and sucking out the helium with the other kids. But when he hears how it changes their voices, he’s super curious. How does that work?? He makes a series of inquisitive beeps and whirs to let his s/o know he wants to learn more about what’s going on.


  • Once Raf explains it to him, Bee can’t help but feel light-hearted. He watches his s/o have fun and pokes them occasionally to remind them to keep going. Say this, say that! At one point he lifts them up in his hands to eye level and they tell him they love him with their helium voice. He’s caught between laughing (in his own way) and being embarrassed. He settles for giving them happy nudges with his head.


  • He definitely goes around to the other Autobots and shows off what his s/o can do. He knows the other kids can too but somehow, it’s more special when his s/o does it. Interrupts everybody in their work or relaxation time to excitedly show them his s/o’s voice. He becomes a bit pouty when no one cares but his s/o cheers him up~


  • He’d die … of laughter! No seriously, he would be laughing so hard coolant would start leaking out of his optics. It shouldn’t be that funny but to him it is. Humans are already so freaking weird and now, by simply breathing in some helium their voices sound ridiculous? What a riot!


  • Swerve decides (once he’s calmed down) that he has to try this for himself. He knows it probably won’t affect him the way it does his s/o (it definitely won’t) but it just looks like so much fun! Ooo maybe if he tries it in his holomatter avatar?


  • After he’s gotten that out of his system, all he wants to do is get his s/o to say different hilarious things with their high pitched voice. The two spend the rest of the day recording the s/o saying weird stuff and then running around playing it for others.


  • His first reaction would be to look over at his s/o goofing off with this completely straight, stone cold face. He just watches them as they talk with a high pitched voice, before reaching up to rub the spot between his optics. Somebody save him, his s/o is just too much sometimes.


  • But when he looks at them again, they’re laughing, still in a high pitched voice. They look so darn happy and he can’t help but feel his spark jump in his chest. Well they are rather cute now that he thinks about it …


  • He wouldn’t join in or encourage them but the slight smile lingering on his lips is enough to tell his s/o that deep inside he’s a bit amused. It’s more just that he enjoys seeing them having a good time, even if it is rather silly. He quickly gets a headache though and takes away the helium. Party pooper. :P


  • The first time he hears the affect the helium has on his s/o’s voice, Rodimus falls out of his captains chair. Not on purpose of course but he just wasn’t expecting … that. It’s so weird! Why does your voice sound like that s/o? Someone tries to explain it to him but he gets bored. He doesn’t really care he just chalks it up to humans being humans. 

  • For a little while, he’s content to have a good time laughing over the silliest sayings and words his s/o speaks with their high pitched voice. But then he gets a great idea - s/o! You should do your funny voice over the intercom! He finds a way to hook it up so the whole ship can hear the two of you being giant nerds.


  • Legit, these two pretend to be ‘serious’ and make important announcements while the s/o still has their silly voice, until Ultra Magnus barges into Rodimus’ office. There’s a lot of screeching and a high pitched yelp before the intercom is cut off. Later on at Swerve’s bar, Rodimus and his s/o are still laughing about it. Needless to say, Ultra Magnus banned the fun times with helium after that. :P


Reyna Problems

Okay. I’m sorry, but I cannot let everyone hate on Rick Riordan just because one character isn’t the sexuality you wanted her to be. Listen up chumps. If it wasn’t for Rick, she wouldn’t even exist. Please, just stop hating on him. He doesn’t deserve it. He’s created all of these great characters, so just stop.

If you’re upset, just write FanFiction. That’s your world. Don’t get mad at someone for creating one of their own. You know, he could just punish us by not publishing or *gasp* making everyone straight!

If you truly like the series, sexuality of the characters shouldn’t matter

congratulations [jimin&you+oc]

Summary: Jimin is met with his girlfriend on the subway, but she isn’t alone.

a/n: I’ve been listening to DAY6 all day last night and this morning after iKon, and I thought I’d write something for the song. It’s just a mini drabble, but do enjoy! Don’t forget, requests are always open so INFIRES me!


Sitting on the subway while staring at his cellphone being held in both hands, Jimin’s head lifts up when he hears a familiar laugh he hasn’t heard in awhile. Eyes wide in disbelief, Jimin begins to feel a hard stab—a pang of hurt inside his heart.

After sitting down with the man who’s one arm is wrapped around her shoulder, she looks up and sees Jimin staring right at her. She slightly frowns at the sight of the lad in front of her, but the man next to her says something funny to which she laughs and forgets Jimin being in sight.

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Sorry guys, I’ve really dropped the ball on updating the blog more often! I will try to get on more often and mix in news with personal experiences so that I can share more often.

Anyhow… here is an awesome application of nanoparticles! Inhalable insulin is not a new idea, but this shows promising future results. The past models had to be large, and bulky due to the drug delivery system. Because inhaling drugs often results in a very diluted amount with a lot of it not being absorbed correctly, in order to have the correct dosage of insulin it was difficult. Also it was very difficult to clean, got messy and eventually was taken off the market within a few years. 

Here, by using nanoparticle insulin they were able to compact the device (increased delivery transfection). I really look forward to seeing this new Afrezza in action as it leaves the FDA and clinical trial stages (the graveyard of inventions) to do great things!