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HA weirdness?? oh no, i think we can ALL agree on that statement lol

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I like your latest fic! What is this au? Can you tell us more? Are you and amalas are doing a collab? Is there going to be more? This is exciting!

Thank you anon, I’m so glad that you like my fic!

For now we’re calling it the War AU. It’s a historical AU set somewhere in the early-mid 20th century. If you have any specific questions, send in another ask!

Yes this is a collab with @amalasdraws​! We have a whole lot of plot and story planned out and we are so excited to bring this story to life! There is so much yet to come!

For now… how about a small teaser?

Tooru’s so close.

He’s so close that Hajime can feel his warm breaths against his face, his neck. Hajime shifts, Tooru’s arm sliding further down his side, fingertips resting on his lower back, warm and light even through the heavy fabric of his jacket.

Hajime swallows, eyes sweeping across Tooru’s face as they look at each other. Really look.

He’s never really looked at him this closely before… Tooru’s eyes are so dark and captivating, and he has a tiny scar across the bridge of his nose. Hajime wants to ask where it’s from, find out more about him - everything about him that Tooru will tell - but all of his words get lost somewhere in his throat, all mixed-up and jumbled when Tooru brushes their noses together softly.

The war feels far away when it’s just the two of them here, tangled up together, breathless from their laughter, warm and comfortable for the first time in weeks. Hajime moves his hands up to Tooru’s shoulders, holding him close, more relaxed in cuddling him in. Tooru tugs himself a little bit closer, leaning in slightly, and Hajime meets his hesitant gaze.

“Have you… ever kissed a man?” Tooru asks, voice quiet and shy, but he doesn’t look away.

Hajime swallows.

He looks down for a moment, his response coming out quiet and small. “No… I haven’t.” He pauses, shifting a little, nervously. He keeps his thumbs moving in careful circles on Tooru’s arm, the touches calming. Grounding. “Have you?”

Tooru smiles shyly and nods his head. He keeps his eyes on Hajime. “Yes… I have.”

Hajime looks down at Tooru’s lips and wonders what it would feel like to kiss him.

Are his lips soft?

What would he taste like?

He keeps his thumb moving slowly, eyes flicking up and down, conflicted. “What… does it feel like?”

“To kiss a man?” Tooru asks, still smiling. His hands slide up Hajime’s back, leaving goosebumps in their wake until he grips Hajime’s shoulder blades tightly.

Hajime bites his bottom lip, still entranced with Tooru’s lips. He can’t tear his gaze away, and leans in a little bit closer unintentionally. “Yeah…”

Tooru nudges him carefully. He moves a little bit closer, fingers curling in the fabric of Hajime’s shirt.

“You wanna find out?”

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Perhaps draw the turtle boys with their favorite pokemon starters? Hope you're feeling better and keep on drawing~

That was an awesome idea, Anon! Thank you, it really helped and I had lot of fun sketching them! I couldn’t choose between two starters sometimes so…

I picked Chimchar for the energy that would fit Mikey, and Mudkip just… because I thought it’d fit too and because yes, I love Mudkip =P

This one is dedicated to my dear @feujenny because she loves Raph, and we talked several time about how Incineroar is literally Raph’s pokémon version. =P Also, Raph does great with pets, and I was thinking about the episode of 2003 where he befriends a blind lady and  her cat.

Leo also has two starters. Rowlet will evolve in Decidueye which is basically a Ghost of the Jungle/Forest? =P But a Greninja partner would be simply perfect for him also so have a Froakie.

And finally, I couldn’t pick a starter for Donnie but I immediatly pictured him with a Magnemite, I wanted him to have an Electrik partner. But Rotom would be a good idea too, since he can fit into different machines, so I guess it would be a useful partner to power all of Donnie’s differents machines!

Hope you’ll enjoy them!

To Make You Smile (The Host x Reader)

TW: None, this is pure fluff
Word Count: 505
Fandom: The Host
Author’s Note: Anon Request “Could you do the Host with a S/O who plays the flute and one day plays a serenade for him and leads him to dance?” I really hope I got this right, I feel like I didn’t but I really tried. Its very fluffy though.

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UT Mob headcannon: Alphys tried to join The Gang to get closer to Undyne. Asgore noticed how unsuited for mob life she was immediately, but instead of turning her away, called in Undyne to 'show her the ropes.' Cue failure montage and awkward semi-flirting until they're a couple, and now Alphys isn't technically part of The Gang because she never really want to be, but still helps by whipping up bullet-proof suits for them.


Though gonna add a slight tweak, because in my mind they’re not a couple yet. ;D

I would like to take a second to appreciate all the sheith fans in this fandom. They are just as valid and important as anyone else. I’m sorry that you guys get harassed. I’m sorry that you can’t catch a break. I’m so happy that you’ve had some good things happen to you this month and I hope it keeps coming. You guys deserve everything good that happens to you and I hope one day that you guys can live in peace without worrying about what people will say next. You guys deserve all the best.


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Hello! I was wondering if you could make an icon tutorial for the background effect you've been using on your two last icons (the pancakes one and this new). I tried to follow your last tutorial for it but it doesn't look like it so I assumed it was another process? Thank you!

Hi! Yes, it’s indeed a new effect I started trying just recently and I really like it. It’s quite simple to achive.

This is how you want your icon to look:

And for that you’ll need:

  • Photoshop (I use the CC version)
  • Basic knowledge on PS and on how to make an icon (my tutorial for that can be found here)

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Grape what do you think of the trope of Kagome being an "uptown girl" and Inuyasha being an average working person, but they are drawn together despite being from different social areas of city life? Kagome would be sincere and not snobby, and Inuyasha would be surprised about her sincerity. Do you think this would work for a fic?

Um. That I would LOVE IT SO MUCH! 

I mean the idea that they are from two different worlds and just fdbnxm,nbjkcnbm,xgmbkn. I mean it would makes sense!! Kagome being cute and overly trusting and naive to the streets. And Inuyasha who has to work 100x harder then the average person because of prejudice towards half-breeds and how Kagome doesn’t like it. 

asjfhjkdfh YEs I think it would work . xdklsdhjvk h

faces in your dreams
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Natasha Romanoff/Peggy Carter, 1735 words; for an anon who said:

can you write peggy and natasha? like can that be a thing? i don’t care how or why i just. need it.

They split up.  Steve’s tracking an informant.  It’s most likely a dead end, but Natasha’s instincts to hoard intel are proving difficult to quash, and he wanted to follow the trail, so she lets him go.  She and Sam infiltrate a suspected HYDRA base south of Olevsk; Sam finds nothing but a recently-evacuated warehouse, and Natasha finds the clues that lead them to Dubrovitsya.

They haven’t even been over the border for a full day when Natasha spots her.

She’s got a hat pulled down low– something that could pass as a thrift-store find or a modern attempt at vintage, but Natasha would bet otherwise– and her clothes are nondescript.  Everything about her is utilitarian and sort of abstractly feminine; just enough personality not to catch the eye of someone looking for enemy agents, but nothing really memorable about her.  She doesn’t even catch Sam’s attention, and he’s been hyper-alert to the point of paranoia ever since Project Insight.  Natasha, though, wouldn’t pass her over in a crowd of hundreds, no matter what she wore– her face is too familiar.

“Secure a room,” Natasha murmurs, hand on Sam’s shoulder as she slips cash into his hand.  He takes the litas, looks between Natasha and the woman, and nods.  Then he disappears in the opposite direction.

A few weeks with Sam has Natasha reconsidering why she’s preferred working alone for all these years.

Natasha drifts into the crowd, following from a few blocks behind until the woman disappears down an alley.  Then she checks herself for tails, decides she’s not being tracked, and sprints to catch up.  Before Steve and Sam, Natasha’s only worked comfortably with two partners: Clint– and the woman currently leaning against the alley wall like she’s been waiting for the Black Widow to arrive.

“Didn’t expect to see you here,” the woman says, expression blank and eyes alight.

Natasha resists the smile tugging at her own lips, narrows her eyes instead.  “Who are you here for?”

“Complicated,” the woman replies, accent crisp and clean and terribly out of place in the alley’s dank.  “Where exactly are we?”

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What if Kunsel is actually dead during the events of CC and only Zack can communicate with him; that would explain how he can get all that info - he's a ghost, he can go anywhere. Might also explain why you never see his face. It probably shows how he died.

[ OOPS I DRABBLED YET AGAIN– ref pic, mood music ]

     “Who were you talking to earlier today?”

      Cloud’s features contorted into that of concern as he watched his friend look confused by yet another email on his phone. The raven was pulled away from his concern and gave Cloud a blank expression.


       “I was walking down the halls the other night and heard you talking to someone and you kept saying the name ‘Kunsel’. When I leaned in I couldn’t see anyone– I mean I didn’t mean to spy but– are you alright?”

      The SOLDIER’s jaw hung open, gears slowly churning as he turned to his PHS screen once more and read the words lingering there.

       Cloud is about to ask you about me. Please… lie. I’ll explain later. Meet me at the usual spot tonight. 

      “Uh– no one. I was probably just trying to psych myself into doing more squats. I’m perfectly fine.”

        Cloud opened his mouth, then closed it. His concern remained there but he knew better than to push the matter with Zack so he let it drop. For now.

      Had the lounge always been this cold? Cold normally didn’t phase Far but he couldn’t help but rub his arms as he walked in, seeing his friend sitting there like everything was alright.

      Kunsel stood up, a hand going to rub at the back of his neck.

       “You came. Thanks–”

       “Cut the crap, what’s going on…?”

        It went without saying that Fair was more than a little unnerved. Kunself bit his lip.

       “I guess… I’m. Well, no use beating around the damn bush. I’m dead, Zack.” 

      “I said cut the crap.”

       “Zack… “

       There was no use at all. Kunsel felt like he had to do this– Zack won’t believe him otherwise. A soft exhale we released and the helmet was lifted, revealing the man’s face.

       Zack did a double take.


       “I should have told you sooner.

       But how does one tell his only friend that they are, in fact, a ghost? The ex-SOLDIER’s face was fine once you started at the chin. And even as you moved up. Clean, high set cheekbones lead the way mako blue eyes that lay under to where the problematic ken. A large gaping hole was set in the man’s head, above his forehead to the left. It was a bullet wound. And not just any bullet wound (Fair could only guess) but one shot at point blank. Cheap fucking shot he reckoned as well.

       “I don’t know why you’re the only one who can see me but– I had to help you. I had to warn you.”

       “Warn me about what?”

       Meeting the same fate I did…” 


       Zack gave Cloud the excuse that he was homesick and said he was going to visit a friend’s grave. Once again, Cloud didn’t question it. Zack was off at said grave, standing as solemnly as possible, deciding that even if he had to meet the same fate

       No. Back to Cloud. Back to the fact that he was itching to go through the PHS that Zack accidentally left behind before leaving. As idle thoughts of snatching it grew stronger, the device went off.

      Fanfare played and Cloud jumped back. Should he answer? A few more rings and he gave in, going to grab the damn thing and flick it open. The screen read ‘Kunsel’. Strife gulped and answered.

      White noise.


       More white noise and this time something barely audible. 

        𝒹͕͕͗͗𝑜͕͕͗͗𝓃͕͕͗͗'͕͕͗͗𝓉͕͗ ͕͗𝓁͕͕͗͗𝑒͕͕͗͗𝓉͕͗ ͕͗𝒽͕͕͗͗𝒾͕͕͗͗𝓂͕͗ ͕͗𝑔͕͕͗͗𝑜͕͗


         𝓲͕͕͗͗𝓶͕͗ ͕͗𝓼͕͕͗͗𝓸͕͕͗͗𝓻͕͕͗͗𝓻͕͕͗͗𝔂͕͕͗͗.͕͕͗͗.͕͕͗͗.͕͗ ͕͗𝓬͕͕͗͗𝓵͕͕͗͗𝓸͕͕͗͗𝓾͕͕͗͗𝓭͕͕͗͗.͕͕͗͗.͕͕͗͗.͕͗ ͕͗𝓲͕͗ ͕͗𝓬͕͕͗͗𝓪͕͕͗͗𝓷͕͕͗͗'͕͕͗͗𝓽͕͗ ͕͗𝓼͕͕͗͗𝓽͕͕͗͗𝓸͕͕͗͗𝓹͕͗ ͕͗𝓲͕͕͗͗𝓽͕͗

       “What’s going on?!”

        The line cut out and Cloud could only stare in disbelief at the screen. Moments later, fanfare sounded again. It was a text message that only contained one word:


       Without a second thought, Cloud grabbed his jacket and rifle and ran out the door to find Zack. 


       The next day, Strife found himself, along with two other infantrymen, in front of Zack and the great general himself. Zack double checked the troops and then turned to Sephiroth to ask.

      “By the way, where are we going?”

       Cloud’s heart sunk to his stomach– memories of that white noise and words of ‘don’t let him go’ flooding through him when the general responded.

      “To Nibelheim.”

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I would love to know who do I contact about making a gifs with explanations of how Rick went from be cautious of Michonne and building it up to love and when he actually fell in love with her. I think everyone says it was during What happened and Whats going on but I think he started developing feelings for her at the prison but after it was destroyed he could not give her stability so he had to hide those feelings...I think he fell in love with her on the tracks.

Oh man, I am so not that person…I am not a gif maker, but that is an AWESOME idea Anon.  Someone, please make this happen.

And I agree–while there was a lot to fangirl for Richonne-worthy moments in WHaWGO, they were in love before then.  I am certain Michonne fell in love with Rick post the Claimers incident:

They were both in-like for a long while, but I believe they fell in love on the road.  This is so clearly Michonne’s moment for me.

Rick?  It’s a bit trickier for him.  The romantic in me believes he fell in love with her the moment he saw her; it just went unrealized for a time.

He’s looking for Lori, right?  And then he sees her.  This moment is referencing some story or something–you look for the mirage or the ghost, and then you see the real thing, standing before you.  You wonder, “Is she real?  Am I seeing things?”  You look for salvation, and then you see her…He looks for Lori, but finds her.  It’s such a gigantic SPOILER ALERT! moment.

Anyway, he realizes how he feels when the Governor asks him to give her up.  And it’s true, Rick does ponder his offer.  But while he’s sitting there, listening, letting this digest, it looks as if his insides have been twisted then turned inside out.  It is a visceral reaction. You don’t feel something on that level with just any ol’ body.  His poker face died when the Governor said, “I want Michonne.”

He cocks his head to make sure he heard him right; his eyebrows go up to his hairline, wrinkling his brow; his mouth is slightly parted in shock.  If you rewatch it, he looks ill [to me].  It made him confront what she meant to not only the group, but to him.  

Even when he confesses his part in Merle taking her to the Governor, Carl drops his head, like he is both disappointed and disgusted.  When he later sees his father, he brushes him off completely.  Rick doesn’t call him on it, cause he knows why; he fucked up.  Michonne had both Grimes boys all the way back then.

A lot of people think he realized he was in love with her at the train tracks.  But I think it’s when he saw her on that porch.  He laughs; he’s relieved; he’s overjoyed.  That is the moment, I think, where he realizes what that feeling he’s been feeling is.

Rick tells her Carl needs her, and she asks him for leadership–”Is this home?” It’s Freudian on the one hand, because neither suggests looking for anyone else; home is them being together.  The question was really, “Are we staying here?”  Rick thought that he’d look lesser in her eyes after the Governor incident, but she doesn’t value him any less than she did before. She still respects his opinions.  And then she lets him know it’s okay for him to rest. She can take care of herself and Carl.  She provided him with the stability (finally) that he hadn’t had.  And she wasn’t leaving; she wasn’t taking breaks.  That was love.

Whoa, that got long…sorry!

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Hi there! So, why do you ship kiliel? (in other words, pleeeeeeease help me get into this beautiful ship *-*) ♥ Thank you and i hope you have an amazing day dear.

Hi there, dear anon!

Ummm, where to start xD

1.  First of all it’s an atypical relationship with endless potential for cultural exploration (from customs and language to beyond)

2. It screams ‘’forbidden. beware of doom’’ which I am a complete sucker for when it comes to my fictional ships (honestly, it’s ridiculous how shipper trash I am when my otp faces those kind of odds)

3. The angst factor has a scale of its own when it comes to these two, usually ranging between soul-scorching longing and vicious agony (just in case it’s not obvious by now, I’m drama garbage)

4.  Kíli and Tauriel represent the defying of social norms and ancient grudges in a world that draws clear, red lines between races. They’re the young generation, not yet poisoned beyond hope by their elders/leaders/peers. They’re the stuff a brave new world is made of

5.  They prove that hope, love and idealism still count in a time plagued by mistrust and slow, enclosing darkness. They prove that dreams are worth fighting for, even against impossible odds 

6.  The sudden, and highly unexpected, discovery of a kindred spirit in the most unlikely of ways, the most unlikely of places. They’ve been taught to hate each other on spot, based on race alone, and it is socially expected of them to not even question such teachings. Yet here they are, discovering that they’re not so different after all and that looking beyond the veil of ignorance, and petty quarrels, reveals a bright, new horizon.

7. Immortality vs. mortality and their respective consequences (bring on the bottomless pit of despair; even the whole ‘’til death do us part’’ aspect gains an entire new meaning and dimension in this particular case)

8. The way both elves and dwarves love … I mean … ♥-♥ (the emoji to do that justice has not been invented)

9. They couldn’t be more different if they tried: height difference (how adorKable is that!!!), age, fighting style, customs etc. … but DAMN … they also couldn’t be more alike if they tried … Kíliel is a beautiful, all-defying contradiction 

10. Tauriel is an elven slaying machine with a viciously gentle, loving heart and Kíli is a dwarven muffin wrapped in stone and iron … what’s not to love???!!!  xD

11. Their thing is  - s t a r l i g h t - and - r u n e s t o n e s (for a sheltered Captain of the Woodland Guard and a posturing young Prince of Erebor, they’re such pure-hearted idealists … ’DEM DORKS)

12. Who needs I love you when they have ‘’return to me’’  


14. Certainty of death. Small chance at a happy ending. What are you waiting for? xD

15. Did I mention the tears? ( + bonus points: heaps of denial)

And … the list of why I ship Kíliel goes ever on and on, down from the scene where it began.Case in point, dear anon, they make each other feel alive … they make each other feel alive!