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I’d really love to see more of smol Steve, with his mother, living thru Great Depression, but you know, still a hopeful, hardworking Steve we all know and love.

It must’ve been really hard for Steve, and having it on screen would do so much to explain Steve as a person. Explain maybe that the pre-serum Steve was not just a dweeby bloke feeling entitled to a dose of hegemonic masculinity, but a young guy who’d been through a lot from the youngest age and still believed he had something to give to his country, to the good fight, and believed the potential negative consequences of an experimental treatment (which had already failed once) to be preferable to not trying at all. And it’d be nice to have a few on-screen moments with the woman who instilled those values in Steve, Sarah Rogers.

But anyway, MCU won’t deliver…



Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

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Yeah, but we only use them when we mean it!

I had wondered for a while why Yang purposefully said “father figure” here.
It’s not just Ruby, Yang totally sees Qrow as a father figure too and I love it.


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My friend’s and I current DnD party! This is the first campaign we ever played so we are still learning but we are having so much fun, we have weekly sessions with cooking and a lot of snacking involved, my character is the drow wizard to nobody’s surprise haha 

some info about them!

Leonane: Mountain dwarf cleric from a respected clan, found a talking enchanted reliquary with an old god symbol in an expedition, believes it to be the word of the divine and asks it for advice at every chance. team’s grandpa, cautious and concerned about survival, good at negotiating not so good at mingling, judging your every move, is very tired of all of us.

Gruk: Very charismatic albino half orc paladin that is convinced he was chosen by the gods to save the world, quick to trust, lawful good, not the smartest guy, gives away too much money and information, heeds Leonane’s every word, will help everyone in need, will run into a group of thirty enemies without a second thought. needs to stop getting us into fights.

Velare: Drow wizard raised by humans, lives in the underground rooms of a human city’s public library working as an archivist, a hermit that fell in love with a human girl and scared by the passage of time put her in stasis without her consent and hid her away, is looking for a way to extend human lifespan. Has a soft spot for humans, looks very villanous, laughs at inappropriate times, yells at Gruk a lot.

Ulthimesia: Human warlock, left her husband and her noble title for a dream demon, her husband found out and went after them with an army and struck down the demon, in an attempt to save him she trapped what was left of his essence in her pendant giving her control over dreams and the ability to materialize nightmares, is looking for a way to restore her lover to his full form, an expert in monsters and creatures, panics and puts people to sleep when threatened, a refined lady.


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