awesome harry potter jokes

I am a little bit disappointed that the Met’s code name for magic is Falcon and not Newt. Newt would be way more awesome.

  • It’s a callback to Newton.
  • It is still an animal so it is an awesome code name by default.
  • More Harry Potter jokes, either on Newt Scamander or N.E.W.T.
  • Nightingale would be confused because “Why an amphibian? Couldn’t you pick something… I don’t know. More majestic and slash or flattering?”
  • Seawoll (and rest of the Murder team) on the other hand would have Christmas coming early.
  • Nightingale and Peter could get a plush newt as their mascot and no one would bat an eyelid.
  • The rivers would be pleased as well.
  • You could also call any wizard you don’t like (or like, that depends, right Beverly?) Newt, too.