awesome gun

shift-shaping  asked:

your icon is super cute omg

That is a super sweet compliment! Yours is super awesome too. *finger-guns*

(I commissioned @learielle to do a simple head piece of myself and she did a freaking wonderful job. She’s a sweetheart and I recommend her very highly!)


Looks like I figured out where red hood got the idea for his move!! Figures he’s a john wick fan

Shiro: Hey Pidge, is it possible for us to modify my arm? I want to turn it into a gun.

Pidge: I’ll have to ask Coran and Hunk, but we can probably cobble up something. Do you not like your glowy hand anymore?? 

Shiro: Oh no, the laser hand is still cool and all, it’s just that Hunk and I have spent all day coming up with some awesome “welcome to the gun show” lines, and I really wanna use them.