awesome guitar solos

important post about wayf

HONESTLY wrapped around your finger still has me shook every time I listen to it, I just cannot believe how beautiful the entire song is. It works so well with both Michael and Luke’s voices and the lyrics are so heartfelt and musically it is awesome. Michael’s guitar solo is amazing, I love how he performs it live, especially when he starts getting raspy and with his voice and you can tell how strongly he still feels about this song even though it was written and produced about 2-3 years ago. Just, the passion in the song. Appreciate this song, appreciate the fuck out of it. Easily, it is one of 5sos’ best songs. 

i feel like people don’t appreciate Independence Day enough like that song is awesome. the guitar solo at the end, the drums, calum’s little ‘no excUUsE’ part like fuck me up son