awesome gang

You know what would be awesome though?

The gang leaves the Edge when Hiccup turns twenty, because the future chief needs to be at Berk to start his training. They pack all their things and there’s a sad bittersweet goodbye to Smidvarg and Sleuther and the whole island and it’s dragons.

But then Viggo sends a threat to Berk. He wants the Dragon Eye (this is after they get it back), or he’s going to destroy Dragon’s Edge.

And everyone who ever lived there is furious, because HOW DARE HE? They need to save their second home, and they look to their leader for a plan.

Astrid puts a hand on his shoulder and asks, “What do we do, Hiccup?”

Hiccup’s eyes are blazed with anger.

“Send a message to Mala and her tribe to meet us there. It’s us against the hunters, whoever can get there first wins.” He turns away from the gang, facing Toothless and placing a hand on his snout. “It’s a race…a race to the Edge.”


Another thing about this show that I absolutely love is Daemona and Kira’s friendship.

I love how they seem to be the closest members of the gang overall. And even when they had some little arguments here and there, they always really cared for each other and supported one another…I love these girls.


“As long as there’s a path… nah, even if there is no path… we’ll keep moving onward in order to destroy Naraku! We’ll put on new shoes and keep going, ‘cause this adventure isn’t over yet!”

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I see so many of those awesome Alphys-makes-the-gang-cosplay-Madoka-Magica-characters-with-her fanart/comic things, but I feel like we’re missing an opportunity by not letting the tiny pale red-eyed menace cosplay the other tiny pale red-eyed menace. not at all influenced by the fact that Kyubey’s English voice is my headcanon voice for Chara, no sir

Frisk disagrees, they’re prolly sick of Chara always calling dibs on the antagonist characters as an excuse to be shitty without consequences

“Come on, Frisk I was just being in-character! FRISK NO DON’T TELL MOM”



The dawn of a new era will bring about all manner of dissembling villains hidden within the light and shadows.