awesome fruit


THANK YOU EVERYONE SO MUCH for a fantastic AX experience!! ;w; <33 I honestly thought that it would be pretty chill at the booth but that was totally not the case hahaha _(:’D I also spent way too much $$ especially on enamel pins but i came to AX to buy all of those SO YEAP just making my dreams come true !! HAHA 

here’s some shameless loot pics–my friend queued on the first day to get the FS Yuuri nendo for me aaaa /squishes his little cheeks/ !! AND THANK U FOR THE GIFTS HAHHAHA you all are simply ADORABLE and i consider myself extremely lucky to have y’all come by the booth, asking me TO SIGN STUFF U GUYS ORDERED ONLINE BEFORE AAAA that feeling is so incredibly humbling and i still don’t know what to say?? and sorry if i seemed…totally out of it when we spoke?? ahahaha i’m naturally awkward but add on the tiredness and i just become even more uninteresting _(:’3 I’ll try to get more pre-con rest next time! Thank you again for making AX so fun and rewarding! ^^

(a few AX pics to come in a separate post!)