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a lil comic i did of one of my favorite moments in @terusmom ‘s freaking amazing, well written mp100 fanfic, “A Kick in the Teeth is Good For Some”


Hospital Ship BTS

The Grey Suit (part 2)

I had multiple requests for a part 2 of The Grey Suit, so here you go (:

(Shoutout to my bestie @baz-n-simon​ for supporting me through every fic)

Original was inspired by @ddoale

You can find this work on ao3!

(Part 1)

The Grey Suit - Part 2 (0.6k)


Snow is a wreck when we sit down for dinner.

We’re at the middle of the table, furthest out from my family. I had Snow sit across from me, next to my baby brother, and I could hear Mordelia huff in protest as I took my seat next to her. She had a devious look in her eyes, and I tried to convince myself that that was the only reason I asked him to sit on the other side. I didn’t succeed though.

When we’re settled at the table, I allow myself to glance over at Snow. Only a glance, I tell myself. No longer than a few seconds. No need to indulge. But Snow is nervously fiddling with his tie, and his suit coat is snug against his broad shoulders, so I let my eyes linger much longer than intended. I can never seem to just look away anymore.

Snow’s hair is still slicked over from my fingers running through it, and I suppress a smile at the thought that he decided to keep it that way. A few of his curls have slipped down in front of his face again, as if tempting me to reach across the table and push them away, but after putting a large wrinkle in his tie, Snow swipes them back into place.

“Basilton?” My step-mother’s voice breaks my gaze, and she’s looking at me with a raised eyebrow when I take the platter she’s handing me from across the table. I ignore her stare, though, as I let Mordelia take a roll from the plate, then pass it back across the table to Snow. I suppress another smile when he takes two rolls, then awkwardly holds the platter like he’s not sure what to do with it.

“Here, Snow,” I say, holding my hand out, and suddenly I feel every eye in the room on me. Even my baby brother, who has no idea what is going on, is staring me down. Snow passes me the plate, though, and I sit it down rather loudly in the middle of the table.

“Thanks,” is all Snow says, and that seems to break the attention away me.

When everyone begins eating, there’s a small nudge against my shoe. I suppress a third smile when I realize it’s Snow’s foot resting against my own. I look up to meet his gaze, his eyes smiling, but he’s just chewing his food like it’s not a big deal that his foot is touching mine under a table at dinner with my family. I didn’t dare to move it away though. Not that I wanted to anyway. Instead, I gently lay my shoe on top of his and look down.

Dinner continued on then, mostly in silence, with the occasional clinking of forks and mumbles to pass a dish. With no food on my plate, I make a routine out of staring at Snow, looking away to adjust my suit, taking a sip from my glass, looking back to stare at Snow, looking away to fix my tie, looking back as I pass a dish to Snow, and then let my eyes linger as I stare at him some more. This went on for at least ten minutes until I felt a finger being jabbed against my side.

“What?” I say, as my glare turns to Mordelia. She motions for me to lean in, so I do, and she cups her hand against my ear.

“Why does your friend keep staring at you?” she whispers, adding a quiet giggle at the end.

This time, I let a small smile spread across my lips.


Baz looks really amazing in his suit.

Four Years Later by @everythingshiny is my no. 1 comfort fic. Had a bad day? FYL. Having lots of Eruri-feels? FYL. Feeling like cuddling up and having a cup of tea while reading a great romance with feels and the most perfect eruris? FYL. Thank you for this fic ♡

At this point, it would be a bigger shock if P.I.X.A.L. WASN'T the new Samurai X

Between the coloration of the new suit, the personal stake she has to fight for now that Borg is involved, the annoyed ‘do I have to do everything myself!?’ sigh she made after Zane didn’t wake up, and the fact that she’s FREAKING HOOKED UP TO THE SAMURAI CAVE’S MAIN SYSTEM; I can’t see how it’s not her!

Okay I’m still in shock xD. Today I finally met @boopymooplier and it was one of the best days of my life. We spent our time together sitting and talking at Bagels & Beans and we has so much fun. If it wasn’t for Jack, I wouldn’t have met her and I’m so grateful that I can call her my friend :D Hopefully we can meet again next year :)

“As the ship crossed ocean after ocean, they found a new activity to engage in. They kept on reading and practicing magic and swordfighting, but during the afternoons, they would often sit on the warm deck, fishing. Wonderland held many ridiculously colorful fish, and they made it a game to fish for the funniest looking-one. Comparing their catches usually ended with them bickering about which fish was the most amazing one, but it was something they both enjoyed doing - even when Belle always seemed to end up with the winning fish.” - from Heart of the Ship - art by the wonderful qtarts 

Comparing the first Portal 2 (UNAUTHORIZED) musical and the 2k17 version is like comparing portal 1 and portal 2. Portal 1 was groundbreaking and new, and it was freaking awesome at the time. Then portal 2 happened and everything was improved, new ideas were introduced, and the whole thing was set in stone as my favorite game. Just like the 2k17 portal musical is my favorite thing ever from the portal fandom in general.  


“Using nothing more than Newton’s laws of gravitation, we astronomers can confidently predict that several billion years from now, our home galaxy, the Milky Way, will merge with our neighboring galaxy Andromeda. Because the distances between the stars are so great compared to their sizes, few if any stars in either galaxy will actually collide. Any life on the worlds of that far-off future should be safe, but they would be treated to an amazing, billion-year-long light show. A dance of a half a trillion stars to music first heard on one little world by a man who had but one true friend.”

Cosmos - A Space-Time Odyssey (2014)

College Roommates: Part 13

Character: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 2400-ish
Meanings: Y/N=First Name L/N=Last Name H/C=Hair Colour B/S = Body Shape Y/H = Your Height
A/N:  Again, let me know what you think!

Ow and let’s just pretend that Dean doesn’t recognize you  through your mask or your voice… even thought that’s ridiculous because he’d have to be blind and deaf not to see/hear that, but you know… for the sake of the plot… just go with it and read fjadklasjfkdalsjflkadsj!

Masterlist (including all parts of College Roommates)

“So, you’re my mistress?” He’d asked.

You were frozen for a second, since Dean Winchester is standing in front of you, you were were going through your options at lighting speed.

You could just say no and excuse yourself but that would get him and Miss Martinez suspicious and that’s not what you wanted. You could just get it over with, try to make it as bad as possible so he’d never come back… but you were being monitored so that would definitely be suspicious to Miss Martinez. Sigh.

So conclusion. You’re fucked. You are just going to have to suck it up and give Dean his service like any other customer.

Still the fact that he came here surprises you, it’s not like he doesn’t have enough girls to choose from, even if it is summer break right now. Also it was weird that he’d requested a mistress with your exact description but you can’t think about that now. You’ve got to answer Dean.

Get your act together. It’s just one hour, one hour of your life. It doesn’t have to be that bad. You could make this into a fun session.

You corrected your posture and stood your ground before answering him. “Yes, I am.” He kept looking at you, up and down, as did you. Sure you’d seen Dean walk shirtless around the apartment, not a lot but you’ve seen him, but this was different.

Then again, you have to stop drifting off in your thoughts and get to it. Playing your routine like you usually did.

You took a step forward, letting your finger tips rest on his chest. “Have you ever done this before?” You asked as you walked around him, letting your finger tips glide over his skin as you did. “No.” Tracing your fingers over his chest, arm. “You have any special fantasies you’d like to play out?” You now let your finger tips glide over his shoulder blades, feeling  him shiver. “You taking control.” He answered, his voice getting lower. “Any other whishes?” You let him think for a second as you continued to glide your finger tips along his other arm and back to his chest, now standing still in front of him, looking into his eyes.

“Do you have a safeword?” You asked when he didn’t answer. He shook his head, no. “Okay, how about ‘red’? If you say red then I’ll stop, ‘yellow’ then I’ll slow down and ‘green’ I’ll continue. Agreed.” He nodded. “I can ask for a colour whenever I want. When I do I expect you to answer honestly, okay?” He nodded again. “I need to hear you say it.” “‘Red’ is stop, ‘yellow’ is slow down and ‘green’ is continue.” You looked up at him and let your hand go through his hair. You did it with every costumer as a sort of reward. Nine out of ten appreciated and liked it, as did Dean, his eyes closed and he leaned into your touch. “Well done, Dean.”

He opened his eyes and looked at you confused. Oh ow. “How do you know my name?” You thought quickly and walked past him, letting your fingers glide over him, as you made your way to the table where you’d left the form. You took it in your hands and waved the piece of paper at him. “I read your form.” His eyes flickered in some kind of realization or recognition when he saw the form and nodded.

You tried to lighten the mood, reading in his file he had a soft spot for nicknames. “Now what kind of mistress would I be if I didn’t even know my pets name?” You said smug, seeing his eyes flicker when you called him your pet.

You had one last glance at the form. Teasing, tying up, hair pulling, nicknames, orgasm denial. You could work with that. You looked back at him and recognized the hidden emotion in his eyes. You put down the form and walked back to Dean, taking both his hands in yours.

“You nervous?” It took him a while to respond but he eventually nodded. “Don’t be, we can take it slow if you like?” He nodded again. Okay so mental note… not to much “denial” as you’d first intended.

You guided him to the bed and sat him down. Letting your hands rest on his knees, leaning forward, so close that your lips were nearly touching. He tried to lean forwards into a kiss but you pulled back “No, Dean. Let’s get the rules straight. You may call me Miss or Mistress. You will do as I say and you only get to come if and when I say so. Do you understand?” Dean’s breathing became harder as you said it, letting out a brief “Yes.” You let your hand go through is hair and surprised him by suddenly taking a hold of it, pulling his head back. His neck now exposed, you could see his Adams apple move as he swallowed. You leaned forward and left butterfly kisses on his neck, trailing towards his ear and whispering demandingly. “Yes, what?” His breath getting heavier and his voice lower. “Yes… Mistress.” You let your hold loosen and petted him. “Good boy.”

You stood up and made your way to the cabinet, making sure to make your hips swing. “Dean, go to the bed and sit on your hands.” You said as you grabbed something from the cabinet. When you turned around, Dean had done as told. You held the object behind you as you made your way back. Keeping one hand behind you with the object and your other hand you let glide through his hair again, ‘rewarding’ him. “Well done, Dean.”

You sat down, legs wide, on his lap. His cheeks were getting pink. Was he always so bashful in the bedroom? Odd, you hadn’t expected that from him. Anyway, showed him the object you’d hide behind your back. It was nothing special. A short whip with feathers at the end. “Dean, you are not allowed to touch me.” And you tapped the whip softly at his chest. “Understood?” Tapping a bit harder this time, also on his chest. “Yes, mistress.” You looked into his eyes. God. It was so hard not to lean forward and just kiss him right now… so instead you tapped him again at your ‘regular’ force, making him flinch a bit. You then let the whip just glide over his chest, letting the feathers tickle him a bit. “Me on the other hand.” You continued, leaning back a bit, letting the whip glide from his chest down his stomach. “I’ll do whatever I want” You saw Dean swallow, hard. “And you will let me, won’t you, Dean?”

He didn’t respond, he was just staring at you. Lust so clear in his eyes. You doubt he even heard your question. So to get his attention you leaned forward a bit. Throwing the whip onto the bed, letting your now free hand firmly grab his hair, as your other hand rested on his chest.

When he still didn’t respond you, pulled harder at his hair and let your hand go down to the tent forming in his jeans. Letting your hand softly go over it, getting an almost animalistic growl out of him. Well, didn’t expect that. Still you continued with your act.

“I asked you a question. Pet.” You said demandingly, rubbing harder over his trapped dick. “YES! Yes mistress.” “What do mean with yes, Dean?” It was clear he was having trouble finding the words but that changed rather quickly. “Yes, I’ll let you. Do whatever you want. I’m yours.” Wow. Again, surprised, Dean is a damn good and sexy beggar.

You let your hand that was holding his hair release it’s hold and petted him. You leaned forward and kissed him on his right cheek, then the other cheek, jawline, forehead, basically everywhere but on the mouth. In the meantime you rub/massage/tease the bulge down below, feeling him become harder under your touch and getting all kinds of moans and growls out of him.

You continued this for about 10 minutes when you realized you were running out of time. Dean only had 30 minutes left to tease, come and preform decent after care before you had to kick him out. You started to rub harder.

“Yellow.” You heard Dean growl and slowed down, giving him a minute. “You okay, Dean?” You leaned forward a bit trying to get a look of his lust filled eyes. He closed his eyes and let his forehead rest against yours. “Yes. I just want this to last… mistress.” You chuckled a bit at that and petted him on the head.

“I understand Dean but if you’re going to last this long then you’ll be leaving here with a boner.” Dean leaned back and you could see his smug smile forming. “I’ll be doing that anyway.” You pulled his hair. “Mistress.” He finished quickly and you petted him again.

You moved forward, completely pressed against him, as you let your heat rub against his trapped dick and let your hands glide from chest into his hair, pulling him towards you so that you could whisper in his ear. “No you wont, pet. You don’t want to make me look bad, right? Letting my pet leave here, unsatisfied. Leaving, me unsatisfied.” It was true, this denial thing was just as much of pain for him as it was for you. “You wouldn’t dare of doing that. Would you, pet?” You could feel him shiver. “No. mistress.” You then shoved yourself back, this time making sure there is no contact besides for you sitting on his lap. You could just see the frustration of your loss in his eyes. He was such an open book in the bedroom.

Anyway you continued. “Then again, I’m starting to wonder if you’ve even earned it.” Dean swallowed hard. “What do I need to do to earn it, mistress?” You couldn’t help but smile smugly, letting one finger glide over his jawline, teasing him. You then looked him straight at his closed eyes. “Start begging, Dean.”

He opened his eyes, piercing right into yours, showing this accusing evil glint mixed with complete willingness and lust. “Please let me satisfy you mistress. Let me make you proud.” He said with his low voice, he face getting closer to your but not daring to touch. “How do you intent to do that, Dean?” You asked teasing him again with your hands, looking at them as they teased him. Dean didn’t answer, it seems like he’d waited to answer until you were focused on his face again, making sure to pierce you with his black lusted green eyes. “Let me fuck you.” You swallowed at that but forced yourself to jump back into character. “Haven’t I taught you any manners, pet?” You asked, forcing yourself to look back into his eyes. He went back to begging. “Please mistress, let me fuck you. Use me to satisfy you.” You had to admit, saying you had a rough time keeping it together was an understatement. “Well Dean. How do you intent to satisfy me?”

Dean stayed silent. “I’m waiting, Dean.” He swallowed hard and just blabbed it out. “Ty me up and ride me.” Oh my god. Did he really just request that? Okay, you can do this. You can gladly do this.

You petted him, letting your hands go along his arms, silently commanding him to get his hands from under him.  “Who would have thought?” You asked, taking Dean’s hand in yours and standing up, he looked confused. You leaned forward, whispering in his ear “Guess we want the same thing.”

You pulled him up and opened up his jeans, putting your hand in and teasing him trough his boxers. He was so hard, you wondered how he is keeping himself from coming without a cock-ring? You let your hand go lower and softly rub over his balls, getting a low moan out of him. “May I touch you mistress?” He asked, you didn’t look at him and stayed focused on his balls. “You may.” Noticing your own voice changing as well.

When you gave him permission, his hand were all over you, making up for having to hold back. He pulled you closer and kissed your neck, making you moan. His hands going over your corset, following your curves and then going down, cupping your ass giving them a firm squeeze. In the meantime you’d let one hand go into his underwear to take a hold of his dick. You felt pre-come leaking and used it to rub him while with your other hand you went through his hair, petting and caressing him.

He was getting closer and closer to kissing you on the mouth. With pain, you pulled yourself out of his grip and letting him go. “Take off your jeans and underwear and go lie on the bed, arms and legs spread.” You grabbed some furred cuffs and condoms.

When you turned back around Dean laid there naked. You’ve never felt this aroused before. You first cuffed his feet, then you climbed on top of him, sitting down on his dick. Dean’s arms immediately going to your waist. You didn’t tell him off for it now, you were to horny. You let his hands roam over you for a little longer before you took hold of his hands and guided them above his head, cuffing them as well.

You rubbed yourself over him, feeling him throbbing under you, both of you moaning at the friction. You took the condom and put it over his hard length, you now understood why he was so wanted in the bedroom.

Just as you were about to put yourself onto him he interrupted. “Mistress?” You looked at him and leaned forward, laying down, pressing your body against his. One hand going through his hair and the other still holding his dick. “Yes, Dean.” You could feel his dick twitch. “Kiss me.” You didn’t think twice as you planted your lips on his, the kiss was hungry, eager and so much better then you’d expected. In the meantime you were slowly pushing yourself onto him, both of you moaning into the kiss.

You pulled back and sat up right so that you could focus on taking him in completely and to give Dean a nice view of him going inside you. “Fuck.” Dean moaned frustrated. You could hear the cuffs rattle as Dean continued cursing, letting out a frustrated growl. He’d definitely wanted to touch you.

You put your hands on his stomach, stabilizing yourself, taking in his full length. You sat there for a moment, getting used to him and then you lifted yourself letting him go out of you almost completely, only to let yourself fall back onto him, making both of you moan. You did it again, again and again. Dean getting more frustrated at the slow and teasing pace. “You think we should speed it up, Dean?” He moaned and nodded frustrated as he pulled at the cuffs.

It didn’t take either of you long to find a rhythm and to fill the room with moans. You let him fuck back into you and even immobilized Dean was good. Very good.

“Dean make me proud. Make me come. Make us both come.” You said moaning. He apparently put his full effort into it and pounded back. “Oh, god.” You couldn’t help it, you didn’t expect it. He was so thick, long and deep inside you. It felt so good. It felt too good. You fell forward, letting your head rest on his chest as you were just taking his pounding. Hearing his streams of cursus. “God. Fuck. Shit, you’re pussy feels so good. Fuck, you’re so tight.” The rattling of the cuffs falling to the background. Making the slapping of skin and your moans the main music in the room.

You then just couldn’t hold it in anymore. You came. Hard. Dean still going, making you nearly scream through it, keeping you at your high. Feeling your eyes water as you were scraping your nails down his chest. Trying to find some kind of ground. That’s when he came and you could hear him. “Fuck, Y/N!” Feeling him twitch inside you as he pumped into you another couple of times. Both of you riding out your orgasm’s.

You let yourself rest on top of him, with your ear against his chest, hearing his heartbeat. It was going like crazy. “That was awesome.” Dean mumbled exhausted and you agreed by nodding your head, but there was one thing that slightly worried you. He’d hadn’t called you mistress when he came.

He’d called out for Y/N.

Disappointed? Ghehe, this story is far from over but I might need a day extra to write the next couple of parts. I’m no longer ahead with my writing, so you’ve got to bear with me.

Part 14?

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Ha! That sweet summer child Anon who hate waiting for updates~ As a person who reads Jim Francis "Outsider" with a couple updates a YEAR, i say two page a week is freaking awesome! Take your time!

I almost got salty with that earlier Anon considering mangaka don’t maintain their own sites, produce and ship their own products, produce completely alone with no editor or assistants, or uh, work in colour.

But I’ll just keep quiet over here in the corner being my inferior western self ;)

Ooohh Lord of the skies thank you so much for letting me see a full moon in my hometown before I leave.

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