awesome everyday

Yes, I love youtubers

Yes, I watch them everyday

Yes, I appreciate them

No, I don’t like when they overwork

Yes a new video everyday is awesome but, we have to remember.


They need to eat and sleep as much as we do.

Youtubers overworking. I found it amazing they do so much for there fans but, I’m still worried. I’m worried they aren’t taking care of themselves.

Epically if they admit they’ve gotten no sleep for a long period of time.

I don’t want to wake up one day and find out they’re in the hospital because they’re sleep deprived


So many awesome MMV’s everyday ♥


Newton’s Cradle.

Newton’s cradle, named after Sir Isaac Newton, is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy via a series of swinging spheres. When one on the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres; a force is transmitted through the stationary spheres and pushes the last one upward.

A Smoking Revelation.

The cigarette smoke which emanates from the cigarette tip is actually Blue in color. 

The smoke which is puffed out, on the other hand, is White!


This has everything to do with particle size!

The smoke from cigarette is blue for the same reason the sky is blue. The smoke particles are small and as a consequence of which blue light out of all the other wavelengths of light get scattered the most. Hence, you see the smoke to be Blue! ( known as Rayleigh Scattering )

The smoke which is puffed out from the lungs has moisture in it. And the presence of water molecules in smoke increases particle size. With an increased particle size, all wavelengths of light get scattered to the same proportions. Hence, you see the smoke as White!

There is physics which lurks even in the smoking zone! 

PC: Univeristy of Hartford, isciencetimes.

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Yesterday, I just watched a Rap and Rock musical based on El Filibusterismo that was written by Ricky Lee himself and HOLY SHIT IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

It’s not everyday that you get to see a dabbing Simon!

The Clapperboard Resolution.

The snap of the clapperboard is hard to miss. Frequented in Musicals, Dramas, and in movies. This quotidian device serves as an important tool in the filmmaking and video production. 

I am sure that you are aware of its function - to designate and mark particular scenes and takes recorded during a production. 

But the most important function ( that is often forgotten )of a clapperboard is to assist in the synchronizing of picture and sound! How, you ask?

The sharp “clap” noise that the clapperboard makes can be identified easily on the audio track, and the shutting of the clapstick can be identified easily on the separate visual track.

The two tracks can then be precisely synchronised by matching the sound and movement

That’s a wrap!

Have a Good Day!

INTP Treats #13

Everyday Thought Process:

I want to eat and not get fat!

Wish a day was 48 hours long…

People just don’t get me :/

Parents are stupid. Need to get out of this house.

I need a girlfriend….(

Do I really need one?!?

I need to buy drum sticks.

Note to self: WATCH WHIPLASH

Do people think I am crazy??

I wish Walking Dead would come true. I’m bored.

Wonder who will die this season?

F**k!! I really should concentrate on one thing.

Wait… What was I writing this post about?!