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The Boy & Sister Alma - It’s You

Been listening to the Infinity Train Inspirational Music Playlist on Spotify, and man it really makes me want to see this show come to fruition :O 

I have finally joined Voltron hell.

I just left @soobaki at the airport.

These last few days were so fantastic! This was the first time I got to meet a long distance friend so I was nervous because anxiety and all. What if I wasn’t a proper host, what if she realized what a loser I am in real life? But it went amazing! She’s so great guys, and she was really patient with me. 

After the initial nerves, I loved showing her around. It was so interesting to see my country and my city through her eyes too. It’s given me a whole new perspective. She taught me the wonders of banana pancakes in return, so we’re pretty even.

Also bilingual friendships are great because of all the moments of “Mmmm…what’s the word…wait let me google that really fast.” And cultural differences are fun. 

We stayed up till 5AM yesterday and had to get up early today because of her flight but it was worth! Best time I’ve ever had watching Yuri on Ice with someone, 10/10 would do it all over again! Will probably eventually pass out later today but still, worth it.

@soobaki You’re welcome back any time ♥

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How would sidon react to seeing his human s/o in a swimsuit for the first time? Stay awesome!

You too mah dude!

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Swimsuit s/o (Sidon)

  • Not sure where they managed to find a swimsuit, but points to them for doing so.
  • “Ready to go swiMMING what is that that you’re wearing?”
  • Red
    • more so than usual
  • Isn’t sure where to look
    • It doesn’t help that he’s so tall, because when he looks down to look at them, he gets a pretty good view of the chest (regardless of gender)
    • Settles for the eyes.
    • Or literally anywhere that is away from them. 
  • does his best to play it off
    • “It suits you, nice color!”
      • Screaming inside
    • Feels super guilty for eyeing you up but eventually decides “screw it” and embraces it internally
  • Externally he’s 100% fine with it, still swimming alongside them happily and enjoying time with them
    • Even if he occasionally enjoys a peek of dat booty
  • Once he gets used to it and is not longer phased by the shock of it
    • Smoothness goes up by a lot.
    • A lot a lot
    • That said, may not want to wear that suit during mating season
      • Getting out of the water may prove to be a bit awkward

Sunday All Stars - Glaiza de Castro


one more thing to note about ansatsu kyoushitsu is nagisa’s development. i love karma, but nagisa would be that “this dude is awesome too” character or just basically my next favourite character of the manga. from start, he looked like a normal person to me, but as the story progresses, he impresses me quite a lot - from being a sick-ass hitman, to having set a life goal.

i never thought about his parents until i watched/read the nagisa’s mom arc (and before, the time he met his dad) and it was such a pity of him. in the end, through this chapter, i am happy to see him getting to finally see his parents together. 

nagisa now lives with a good life. everything is clear of him.

can we all protect nagisa now? he’s still crying ;-;