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You know who doesn’t get enough love? Ace boys. So here’s to the demi or grey-ace or ace boys. Here’s to the boys who get told by society that they should be all about sex but who don’t feel the same way. Here’s to the aro boys who get told they’re jerks for not wanting a relationship. It’s ok, you’re ok! You and your feelings are valid.

I couldn’t resist drawing Demi, so here she is. Ahh she was so much fun to work on, Demi belongs to @badasserywomen  ♡

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“If it has dirty stuff like that, I should check it out.” 🌟

Girl after my own heart.

Boss Battle
Shoji Meguro
Boss Battle

We’ll sacrifice the son of heaven
Man’s greatest glimpse of fire red
Oh, how they’re lost in their prayers for a greatest god

Let me sleep, please!
I am a man, half human
I am tired as heart and person weaken

I will not crack! 
Can you hear them?

Pan aros? Magnificent!

Pan aces? Fantastic!

Pan aroaces? Awesome!

Pan demis? Amazing!

Pan grey a-specs? Stupendous!

Pan aro/ace/aroaceflux? Marvelous!

Pan aro/ace/aroace-spike! Wonderful!

Pan a-specs with another label? Lovely!

Pan a-specs? You keep on being great!

Demisexual positivity post

I haven’t seen one of these for demisexuals yet and as your ace brother I’d like to spread some positivity so:

  • You are still valid as a demisexual if you look at porn/masturbate as well as if you don’t
  • You are still valid as a demisexual if sex doesn’t really interest you
  • A close emotional bond is the condition in which sexual attraction MAY occur- if you have a close emotional bond with someone or many people who you do not find sexually attractive then you are still valid as a demisexual
  • You may call yourself ace as a demisexual as you are part of the asexual umbrella
  • As a demisexual you have just as much right to be a part of the ace community as gray aces and asexuals 

Thank you :) this has been a demisexual positivity post! Stay awesome, Demi friends! Please feel free to add other important points of positivity to the list as you reblog.