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Youmacon Photoshoot Set 2/5

This set is of me as Error by @loverofpiggies​ (with glasses).  I love how these turned out so much!!  The last photo of this set is suppose to be a Blueberry doll, lol, as I was gifted that awesome crocheted Sans head by a friend as she found us doing our shoot :) It all will sort of make more sense in the 3rd set, heh. Alary, thank you!

Stay tuned for more, and follow me if you want to see more!

lazynbored  asked:

Did you knit the little robot in your icon by yourself? 'Cause, that's awesome ♥

I crocheted it! I’m sorry I can’t share a pattern, but I sort of just cobbled it together. Basically It’s just two cubes and 4 cylinders…and a dash of love. <3

I’ve been on campus for 13 hours at this point. So I’m pretty freaking ready to get out of here. Also, I’m expecting a package from @dsteinyrunner as part of her awesome crochet initiative to raise money for the SAMS Foundation (”a non-profit, non-political, medical and humanitarian relief organization that is working on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria, in neighboring countries, and beyond to alleviate suffering and save lives”), which makes me even more excited to get home and check my mail. :D :D :D