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NaKniCroMo Photo Challenge - Day 16 - Your Dream Project

Apart from wanting to make a HUGE amigurumi someday, I think my big project for the summer is going to be this blanket. I’ve started a ton of blankets but only finished two and I really want to change that. This summer should give me the lull between cons for me to do that! Thanks for the awesome pattern @crochet-magic I’m excited to start!

anonymous asked:

Do you listen to My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, All Time Low, BMTH or 5SOS? Have you read The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare? If not, go read it NOW omg! Do you practise any activity other than writing (sport, painting, acting, etc)? Do you like horses? Sorry I'm curious😅 hope you're having a good time xox

No, I don’t listen to any of those. I have I’m actually on the last book of Infernal Devices right now, they’re awesome!

I like drawing, crocheting, any crafty diy stuff really, doing jigsaws and those are the top few I could think of right now.

Yes, I love horses! I love answering your questions too so thank you! 😊

Hope you have a great rest of the day!



Youmacon Photoshoot Set 2/5

This set is of me as Error by @loverofpiggies​ (with glasses).  I love how these turned out so much!!  The last photo of this set is suppose to be a Blueberry doll, lol, as I was gifted that awesome crocheted Sans head by a friend as she found us doing our shoot :) It all will sort of make more sense in the 3rd set, heh. Alary, thank you!

Stay tuned for more, and follow me if you want to see more!

Hello folks! This little dude
here is actually Shrek and
I am going to take him with me
on my journey back to East Timor.
It is currently winter in Sydney, Australia.
So my sister crocheted
this awesomeness to cover Shrek.
Anyways, 1 more day till our departure
to Darwin before we hit the
tropical Island of Timor Leste

I came to Australia as a refugee back in 1999.
It has been 16 years since I left my
motherland and have never gone back to visit.
I have lost families and friends during the war
as well as throughout the years after it.
Lost not only in ties and contacts but also
deaths and disappearances.
So this is something quiet big for me.
To be able to see and meet again
other family members who are still
alive and well.
It will be three weeks in total,
including our little side trip to
Bali for a couple of days. 😊
We will depart on Monday night and
arrive in Dili on Tuesday morning.
I would hope that there is a good
Chance of having a decent speed
of wifi over there so I can post the pics.
Thanks again folks for all
of your loving and I will be seeing
you all soon! 💝😘

Dolly xox 😊💝