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Has anybody talked about Arby’s Genius Social Media?

I’m not sure who at Arby’s Corporate made the decision but whomever runs thir various social media sites (twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) is a fucking genius. Being online one needs to really snag an audience and people who will like their posts. However fast food and photos of what your food won’t actually look like can only go so far. So what did Arby’s do right?

They tapped into the fandoms. Any fandom. Big fandom, small fandom. People who are fans of entertainment and media are at an all time high now more than ever because of the internet. It’s generally waht people do talk about on their various accounts - the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, Netflix adding another awesome Marvel series, Doctor Who coming back, or hell even animations like RWBY and Steven Universe. Point is it’s big.

And boy does Arby’s fucking rock for what they post. Usually posting around significant days like the premiere of new seasons of shows or movies. And they make the most awesome creations from general items you’d find at a fast food restaurant.

From a kick ass Crescent Rose for the RWBY fandom:

To Metroid:

Game of Thrones

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Adventure Time (very clever)

Suicide Squad

Doctor Who

I mean just… I hope Arby’s Social Media team is getting their due credit. Because it’s these hooks of cool fandom appreciation that’ll then get us to say “Hey… I want the meats”.


all the awesome creations ♡

f. hair • @kijiko-sims
f. acc • @s-sac @pralinesims
f. top • @ooobsooo
f. skirt • @puresims
f. socks • @kiruluvnst ( @the77sim3 )
m. hair • @elzascarlet-yan
m. acc • @s-sac @yeji-k
m. top • @ooobsooo
m. pants • @s-sac
poses • @dearkims

again, so glad to be back!! 

Hey, loves. It’s late but I have to get this out.

With the rise of social media and creatives (specifically visual artists since this is my field) posting their work online, this looming cloud of judgment (self and others) and e-validation has spawned.

Now most seek to create what garners attentions. Most judge themselves too harshly almost to the point of losing all motivation. Most live in the constant suffocation of comparing their work to peers’. Most drown in bitterness and envy. Most give up when they don’t get instant results.

I speak from experience and slowly I’m breaking free of this by doing my best everyday to spread support to everyone I can. It hurts to see myself and others slowly forget why we do what we do. BECAUSE WE LOVE IT.

Create what YOU like. Don’t be too hard on yourself; did you enjoy the process? GOOD. ON TO THE NEXT! Don’t compare yourself to others; you are the only you! That’s what makes your creations awesome! Didn’t work the first time? Try again! Down the line you’ll be glad you got back up. Patience.

ART (anything creative!…and anything can be creative, really XD) IS AN OUTLET. IT’S BEAUTIFUL. As long as your creating with your heart: IT’S GREAT BECAUSE IT’S YOURS. There is no “bad” art and there’s no “right” or “wrong” in self-expression! And there’s always room for “improvement” no matter how much you practice so you might as well enjoy the ride!

Doing creative work for a living is a battle of remembering how to stay in love with what you do and why you do it. Even while you “work”.

I get so many messages from discouraged artists who don’t realize that what they’re creating is already great.

Don’t let society/feedback/anyone mold your creative outlet. We have enough sameness as it is. Encourage self-expression and encourage EACH OTHER!


This is so sloppy guys but I couldn’t sleep. Please stay making awesome stuff. Goodnight 💞

It feels like rick put tkc on a completely different way I mean he gave only 3 books and a story that is independent like in Magnus Chase we saw Annabeth and we were like “oh ma gash that is annabeth” in tkc is not like this is like rick doesn’t want to dedicate in it and we all know that tkc is so underrated i mean is awesome but absolutely every reader heard about pjo because there are so many demigods but…. tkc is a rick’s awesome creation too

anonymous asked:

Maybe my opinion might upset you, but if people repost your gifs at other sites, don't complain too much or feel a sense of entitlement. Feel flattered that they share your awesome creations in the first place, and they mean not too much harm. However if they repost your work and claim "I made this!!!!1111" on Tumblr or anywhere else, then you have the right to file a complaint. When reposters share with no claims that they made this, it's fine and Twitter character limits credit space unfort.

Wow….This whole reply won’t be to just you anon but every idiotic reposter that still don’t get it.

This is just an example of the shit responses I was reblogging against yesterday. You are CLEARLY NOT an artist/gif maker yourself! You don’t seem to have ANY idea how much TIME, HOURS, YEARS artist, gif makers and other creators might have spent on becoming so good they are, how many hours I spent making my thousand and thousands of gifs. I see twitter accounts that are basically repost walls from gothamedit tag or my blog. I see my dear friends work being reposted too obvs. And NO it’s not fkn flattering to have MY/OUR hours of work reposted, WITHOUT even a source link back?! HOW can that be flattering, because everyone who sees the gif will have no idea it was ME who created it. A 8 dialouge gif set for example takes SO much effort, time, skills and perfection to create. Right sizes, fix the colors, tumblrs dimensions and size limit! The reason I might do it what can seem quick is because I spent YEARS on making gifs. And to see all 8 gifs reposted 2 mins later on twitter or wherever it’s damn painful. An art can take HOURS, DAYS for an artist, it’s NOT flattering to have their hours and skills reposted. To repost something is a punch in the face to an artist lifehours and training spent to become so good. People never repost fics do they? That’s kinda obvious not to do? HOW can it be so damn hard to understand that art and gifs takes as much effort?

The way you formulate what you are saying makes me sick too. You are stating as if it’s okay, as if it’s up to YOU to decide what’s to be done with an artists work. ”When reposters share with no claims that they made this, it’s fine and Twitter character limits credit space unfort.” NO IT’S NOT FUCKING FINE. If you think it’s so easy and takes no time to create gifs and art, well go make YOUR OWN bloody gifs instead.

Here is some more reading for you and all other reposters, you clearly need it:

Theme Poll Results!

(Diabolik Lovers Week: June 26th-July 2nd)

Just a reminder that you do not have to follow the themes selected, they’re just there for guidelines in case you’re unsure of what to create. 

To add more diversity, each day has 2 prompts. The prompts can be both SFW and NSFW!

Day 1: Firsts theme (First date, first kisses, first time, etc) & Soulmate AU
Day 2: Happy Endings & Bad Endings
Day 3: Yandere & Kpop theme
Day 4: Crossover & Modern AU
Day 5: Mythological Creature & Role swap AU
Day 6: Ice Cream theme & Gender swap AU
Day 7: Free theme* & our moments as a fandom**

*If you’re unsure of what to choose, you could pick a prompt from any of the previous days or just draw/write the Diabolik Lovers characters as they come in the anime/games into whatever you like :) 

**talk about what got us into Diabolik Lovers. How did we discover it, if you’ve watched the show/played the games (or maybe both!), your favorite and least favorite characters, etc

I’m very excited to see all of the awesome creations we’ll have during the Diabolik Lovers Week! Thanks to all that participated in the poll & spread the word :) Depending on how DLW goes, we’ll hopefully have 2 or maybe even 3!