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It’s AMAZING. An incredible resource. Hell, it even tells me what fabric they used in most of the captions, which makes me GIDDY WITH GLEE.

I’ll make a post later about the really really cool things in here, but something happened when I first opened the book. This was the first thing I saw:



Nemesis Romulans had stirrup pants…? (top right)

Hold the phone

Even the Klingon ambassador’s dignity isn’t spared?!

and apparently you put them in pants that will never ride up.

Do you know what this means?



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Character, All for the Game © Nora Sakavic

sadfangirl05  asked:

Can you give praise to the person dressing Emily this year. She looks amazing; someone has impeccable taste and knows exactly what suits her. Even her "mission" outfit in 5x19 was gorgeous.

Maya Mani is and has been our awesome and talented costume designer for the past five seasons.

Elsa FC’s parade winter dress is SO clever oh my gods

look at how many clothes layers she wears and it’s almost INVISIBLE

also her gloves please can we talk about her gloves

this is so high level ingeniosity there those are leather gloves (those keep your hands warm af) but like SUPER SKINNY so it really looks like her actual hands when you’re 3 meters down in the crowd


also can we talk about how ingenious this collar is ?

yes, you can clearly see she’s weary tons of layers (poor actress tho, it must be super freezing up there - especially in Paris in winter)


(also hahahah

better cover that #idontwannafallinacrowdofbloodthirstydisnerds cable in blue huh ?)

so yep basically this costume is AWESOME bye

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Hi Marc, I'm an Olicity fan about to be yelled out for asking a Laurel question. Here goes; Have you at any point gone 'crap we should have had Katie in the Black Siren outfit from the start'. Because its awesome. Your costume designer deserves and award for her costume design.

Maya is AMAZING.  I like to tease her because she’s had to do so many iterations of the “Canary” costume.  And each one is better than the last.


“I’m supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building!”

The “Chrysler” dress worn by the Roger de Bris in the musical “The Producers”

10 costumes for Marvel Future Fight

I’m a pretty big fan of Marvel Future Fight, it’s a fun beat um up with Marvel characters that’s free. I’ve personally never had to spend money but I’ve been playing from day one so I am pretty sure people who haven’t will have to spend money to progress eventually. I want to give an honorable mention Angela’s Queen of Hel Outfits, as of writing this she just has a lot so I don’t know what one I would want to be made into a costume, I imagine the queen one works but we’ll see.

Virginia: Virginia is Visions wife in the new Vision comic and she or either of his kids could make an awesome alternate costume for the not so human hero. The comic is very popular with it’s readers making many people’s favorite book at Marvel. It’s so strange and it be a cool way to promote it.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Wasp: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes ended far too early but the stand out from that show to me was Wasp. Seeing the version from the show get a costume would be best.    

Black Suite Daredevil: I am shocked this one didn’t get added in with  it being the main costume of the Daredevil Netflix show. I think it could raise doge rates or something for the character and I think it’s one of the few costumes that totally need to happen for the character.

Mayday for Spider-Gwen: Mayday Parker will likely never be worth a slot in future fight given she likely will never have her own series or movie again. Still she is the female character with the longest running solo series. So it’s a great idea to take the new hotness and give her a throwback to the coolest Spider-woman of the past.

Mania for Venom: I can’t think of many other cool versions of Venom but it’s never a bad idea to expand the number of female characters in a game so why not give Mania a go in this. She is from the Flash Tompson venom and would never get to be playable given the sort of low level hype this character has. Still she is really bad ass and I think she could work well inside the normal venom moveset but then again I’ve hardly read anything with her in it. 

ANAD Mockingbird: Mockingbird’s new outfit is really cool and with it adding wings it could add a cool extra feature to Mockingbird as well. I mean look at the cool design with her getting her own book finally she should be able to slip into that outfit.

Classic Luke Cage: Classic Luke is just way too Iconic to not be in the game. Plus he doesn’t really have very many other choices given his normal wear is just normal clothing. I really like this costume plus it’s what he wears in that iconic I’m already rock hard baby panel XD. 

Hoggie Jessica Jones: This would be a really funny costume paying tribute to the netflix series. Jessica Like Luke doesn’t really wear any “Iconic” costumes but she did have this funny number and it be a really cool shout out.

Lawyer She Hulk: She Hulk doing law has happened in many series now. She needs a lawyer outfit to bring the law down on this game. It’s a really cool look for her and it will let people who don’t know much about her understand one of the biggest parts of the character.

Loki Agent of Asgard/ Goddess of stories: Okay so this one is hard because I adore Loki and I would love to see every look that the Agent of Asgard Series had for them added into the game. Goddess of stories look though is the coolest one of them all. Awesome genderless costume design that  really pops and marks Loki freeing herself from his fate.

YELLS HERES THE FULL PIC new #batgirl what a good design good female superhero outfits give me life thank you cameron-stewart and babsdraws

Somebody needs to take my laptop away from me. 

…super confused though, the image looks kind of grainy to me right now. Is that just my end or something going on with tumblr not liking my images? 

(edit: huh, doesn’t seem to be posting like a normal photo. >~> )

Anyway, the awesome costume design Holt is rockin’ is by the awesome Creamo (Who has an equally awesome mh blog)

All-New X-Men Beast in his new costume.  

Just a quick drawing trying to get a feel for the new costume.  Awesome design by Stuart Immonen, but I totally underestimated the complexity of it.  I lost count of how many times I had to revise this drawing because I got some details wrong.  

Still, this has quickly become one of my all-time favorite Beast costumes.


I don’t usually post my drawings on tumblr but I’m really proud of these two and generally how I’ve been doing art-wise - so here goes! And plus Kylo Ren is fascinating to draw.

Up top is a costume design I did for Kylo (yes I know it’s form-fitting but have you seen Adam Driver without a shirt on)

The second one is a sort of AU drawing of Ben Solo where he never killed hundreds and went off with his space nazi boyfriend, but left Luke’s training to lead a simpler life. Ben also never fell under Snoke’s control, but returned to his parents (I wish).

(Both drawings were done in 3B mechanical pencil, the second one of Ben has a bit of ink wash)