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🍑dreaming of visiting Amsterdam and Van Gogh’s museum again. i miss it so much!
🍑Kånken is great tho - convenient, pretty color, stylish💫
🍑this awesome book contains a lot of Vincent’s artworks and tells a lot about ‘em
🍑gotta study for my IELTS today again! cus it’s hella important👌🏻

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I love jamilton with chubby ham! Could u do some more hc? Thank you!

I too love Jamilton with chubs!Ham (he’s great since he totally sees himself as hot shit no matter what, as should everyone, ya’ll hot) 

  • Thomas borrowing Ham’s shirt instead of the other way around because its roomier and Alex is like “Dayummm” 
  • Thomas resting on Alex’s belly 
  • Fuckboi selfies with Thomas, abs and flab still hot af
  • “I got stretchmarks because my physical form can’t contain my awesome”
  • Thomas is in love with his potato body and confidence 
  • Alexander has a hardcore sweet tooth; homeboy can put down a Mississippi mudpie faster than he can write 




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Sam never found out what happened to Magda ;____;


This calls for self-indulgent headcanons! 

  • Obviously, Sam finds out and we get an actual emotional response, preferably including “negative” emotions since Sam is so very rarely allowed to be angry.
  • Sam kicks Ketch’s corpse in the head for killing Magda.
  • Alternatively (or perhaps in conjunction with the aforementioned), Magda is a hardcore psychic destroyer of evil in the Apocalyptic!AU and comes through the portal and joins Sam and Dean as a powerful telekinetic badass. She totally teamed up with Missouri Moseley in the Apocalyptic!AU and they were freakin’ superheroes. Missouri probably remains behind because the world needs her and honestly the world would explode for sheer awesomeness if it contained two Missouri Moseleys.
  • Powers!Sam makes a reappearance? Please?

I actually think I filled all the pots in my container garden this year.  

I have this awesome self-watering container that the Hubby made for me.  And then four pots from last year.  <3  

I’m going to try to grow cucumbers on my patio.  This year it will happen.  Cucumbers are my absolute favorite and if I could just get them to grow, I would be a happy, happy camper.  <3  

I got organic fertilizer to feed them.  I got seaweed extract.  I got a new watering can.  

Yes.  I’m ready. 

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Artisanal Vomiting

To become a vomit artisan
it helps to first become
a drooling zombie
with a superiority complex

Then just puke
a lot
(which is the easy part)

The hard part is
living with yourself
(or anyone for that matter)
because not only is your art
literally nauseating
but so is your breath

After a while though
you’ll get used to it

Enjoy your new career path.

Inspired by @stevenluce whose poetry always contains several awesome band names. Artisan Vomit: my new metal band.

A Robbie Reyes Prompt: “You are adorable.” & “Kiss me.”

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    (Y/N) was a brilliant mechanic and everyone in the job really liked her. But truth to be told she only had eyes for Robbie. He was the best mechanic she had ever met but also he was a sweetheart. Although he had that bad boy style he was rather soft and cute, especially when he talked about his little brother. (Y/N) admired the young boy and his determination to do anything about his brother and he always was happy to help the others and that put a smile to her face every time.
   “Hey boss.” Robbie’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts almost causing her to drop the heavy tool she was holding. “I know Gabe shouldn’t be here but I didn’t know where else he could go, since he didn’t have school today. It will be only for a couple of hours and he won’t cause any trouble. Gabe is the best after all.” Robbie said ruffling his brother hair. Their boss agreed knowing that the Reyes brothers were not troublemakers and returned to the car he was working on. “(Y/N)” Robbie said and she melted hearing him saying her name.
   They always had a flirt ongoing on work causing some of the other boys to laugh at their shenanigans. “I don’t believe you have met my little brother.” Robbie smiled proudly as he watched Gabe approaching (Y/N) and extending his hand to her. “Oh you are right. I am (Y/N), and you must be Gabe. I have heard so many things about you. This big dork over here won’t shut up about you.” You smiled at the child showing him the oils you had in your hand causing him to jerk his hand away and make a disgusted grimace. Robbie and you giggled and Gabe hugged his brother. “What should I do, Robbie?” the kid asked. “You could help me with the tools if your brother agrees.” You offered. The kid nodded with excitement “Ok if you are that eager you can help her out, baby bro. Just be careful around here it can be a bit slippery.” The kid nodded and went over your tool-case. “You are adorable when you are in this big brother mode.” You said to Robbie smiling at him and before he could say anything you had left. He felt flustered. He stared at you working with his brother, laughing and joking around. “You should ask her out.” Josh, another boy said. “She likes you. Go, tiger.” He laughed snapping Robbie out of his thoughts patting him gently his shoulder. Robbie felt butterflies in his stomach and went to work, trying to distract himself from these thoughts.
    It was true that he liked (Y/N) rather a lot. She was everything he ever dreamed of. She was smart, witty, excellent on her job and an awesome friend. He could contain his thoughts until last week when he saw her changing her shirt. Her soft skin shinned from the light and sweat. She was amazing. Her laugh brought him back to reality as he heard her laughing with his brother. Good thing Gabe liked her too.
   “Hey Robbie.” Gabe waved over him. “(Y/N) says we can go grab some ice cream after your swift is over. Can we go?” he did his puppy eyes. “Of course, baby bro.” he assured him.
   After a couple of hours (Y/N) and Robbie had cleaned up and they headed with Gabe for ice cream. They left Gabe to pick the flavors as they sat down to a cute little pastry shop. “You are adorable.” (Y/N) told Robbie again and he tried to fight the blush that rose from his cheeks. “The way you are around Gabe it’s so precious. I love seeing you like this. A protective big brother.” She continued. Robbie took some courage from her words and closed the distance between them. “You are adorable, too. The way you treat everyone like they are the most important person of earth. The way that you played with my brother. The way that you are around me. The way your smile lightens up your whole being. The way you laugh like you are inviting the others to laugh too.” He said not taking a breath. She stared into his beautiful eyes and opened her mouth and closed it again. “You are so cute when you are speechless.” Robbie said. Leaving a soft peck on her lips. As he returned to his original position.     
    “What are you doing?” she said annoyed. Robbie felt his heart beat raising. Crap he did a mistake. She didn’t like him back and now he ruined their friendship. Way to go Robbie! “Wh-What do you mean?” he stuttered. “Why you left me like this, you dork? Kiss me!” she said grabbing him softly from his shirt collar and pushing him to her. He kissed her and they both smiled in the kiss, their lips moving into sync.
   “Ew!” Gabe exclaimed as he came back with the ice cream causing them to laugh.

If Peter didn’t open the gift containing Awesome Mix Vol. 2 until after the battle with Xandar, where did Come A Little Bit Closer come from????? Rocket asks Yondu if they “got any of Quill’s old tunes” which means Peter listened to it back in the day.

And technically, shouldn’t Ain’t No Mountain High Enough be on the Vol. 2 mix?

I guess it’s supposed to be implied that the mix from the first movie isn’t ALL the songs that Peter had on the tape, and the albums/soundtracks are just based off the songs played in the movie. Either that or someone went out of their way to get Peter some new music and lbr if I had to hear the piña colada song for 26 years I’d probably do the same

Homemade laundry detergent

So, I saw a post about how millennials are just ruining yet another industry :coughbullshitcough:, and it had a “recipe” to make your own laundry detergent

I’ve done it before, so, I decided to make a picture guide

Start with this:

(Ignore the seltzer. That was for me for later.)

OK, so here we have:

  • Borax  ($3.97)
  • Washing Soda  ($3.97)
  • 4 lbs of baking soda (cheaper in grocery section than laundry section)  ($1.98, basically 50 cents a pound)
  • a Fels Naptha or Zote bar (laundry soap bars; either one will work)  (approx $1 each)

To make fragrance salt crystals:

  • Epsom salt (pharmacy)   ($2.86)
  • Essential oil blend (in the candle/incense section)   ($4.87)

All prices are Walmart prices, because I was there and didn’t want to bother going other places. So, for 1 batch of laundry detergent, it’s about $10-11, and another $9 to make multiple batches of salt crystals (I’m rounding a bit with MA sale tax)

The clear bottle on the right is an empty Purex fragrance bottle from a previous batch of detergent, with the last of that batch

Mix the Borax, washing soda, and baking soda in a pail, and grate your soap. I’d recommend buying a cheap cheese grater from the dollar store just for this, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the soap off

Your alternative is to cut up the soap and microwave it, 30 seconds at a time, to make it dry and crumbly when it cools:

WARNING: It stinks. And that smell will last for a while. Microwaving a bowl of water with vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda for 5-10 minutes, and leaving it for an hour will help. You can do the same with coffee if you have any left over. 

Also, large cubes are better than small cubes, because air flow. And don’t be impatient and do longer bursts:

So, mix it all together:

You can mix by hand, but they’ll get dry and soapy if you don’t wear gloves. I have an old laundry detergent pail with a tight fitting lid, so once everything’s in and I’ve crumbled the soap as much as I can, I can close it up and roll it around. This is a double batch, so it takes a bit over half this pail.

That Purex bottle I mentioned above? It happens to make an absolutely awesome shelf-sized container, and you’d use about 1/3 -½ the lid’s worth of your new soap per load of laundry. So if you want to, buy a bottle or 2 and mix them into your detergent, and reuse the bottles. (They’re about $4-5 or so)

The fragrance salts I kept in a separate bottle, and they were even easier. I poured salt into another Purex bottle (about ½ the carton) and added essential oil drops until I thought the smell was strong enough. Then just shake it up, and you’re done. Add a tablespoon or so to your load of laundry when it starts.

And that’s it! We go through the detergent quickly, but we go through any detergent quickly, because it’s a farm and we have lots of laundry to do. It will still take me several months to go through $20 worth of detergent

A recent study suggests that each black hole contains another entire universe! According to the new equations, the matter black holes absorb and seemingly destroy is actually expelled and becomes the building blocks for galaxies, stars, and planets in another reality. Essentially, every black hole contains a smaller alternate universe. And our universe might just exist inside a black hole of a galaxy in a much larger universe.

clairvoyant. (m) part two.

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Author’s note: just so you know there isn’t any smut yet, that M is just there for future chapters bc of the things they’ll contain okay awesome. also still dont know who its centered around, what a thrill. 

 Word count: 3k

part one. part three.

The stares you were getting as you walked across the quad that separated the girls dorm from the boys were definitely something else. Maybe you had something on your face? Oh wait, no, it was because you were carrying a giant size photo of Taehyung’s ass.

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