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🍑dreaming of visiting Amsterdam and Van Gogh’s museum again. i miss it so much!
🍑Kånken is great tho - convenient, pretty color, stylish💫
🍑this awesome book contains a lot of Vincent’s artworks and tells a lot about ‘em
🍑gotta study for my IELTS today again! cus it’s hella important👌🏻

SCP-015: Pipe Nightmare

A large mass of various pipes, vents and boilers (made from various biological and non-pipe-like materials) which grow when not observed. If any violent action is made within SCP-015, a nearby pipe will burst and spray the offender with any random substance (live rats, mercury, ground glass, entrails, and seawater have all come from burst pipes), and then stop. Pipes will continue to burst around the offender until death or retreat. So far, it has killed 11 personnel.

TL;DR? Scary pipes. Do not enter.

A Rec List Out of Spite

Spite is a really motivating emotion. Sometime last summer I was telling my friend Laura about how I wanted to start a story-rec blog based on things other than genre or pairing. That was probably a year after I started thinking about doing so. But it took a full year after for me to do anything about it. And the key catalyst was how wrong another rec list on tumblr was.

See, in this post an asker was asking for recommendations similar to The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. And the answerer had nothing similar to recommend. There were no other m/m, YA, Georgian historical books. That might technically be true. I don’t remember what they rec’d instead.

But I read The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian and The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue back-to-back. The reading order was a total coincidence. They are incredibly similar books. And so, YA readers, let me introduce you to romance novels.

Let’s start with the initial book, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzie Lee. The tags I gave it were: YA Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Bi Character, Character of Color, Asshole gets Redeemed, Terrible Father, Awesome Sister, Adventure, Best Friends to Lovers, The Question of Inheritance, and an Epileptic Character.

My first similar recommendation is The Ruin of a Rake by Cat Sebastian. It’s got: Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Bi Character, Asshole gets Redeemed, Terrible Father, Awesome Sister. On top of that, things that are close but note quite are that one of the main characters has an illness he collapses from, and the awesome sister has a non-white husband. There is no traveling in this book, but both characters have traveled and lived outside of England in their past. It goes without saying that I liked this book.

Also, check out Brothers Sinister Series by Courtney Milan. These books are primarily M/F, Olde Time Historical England romance novels. The Countess Conspiracy has Best Friends to Lovers and Asshole gets Redeemed. And The Suffragette Scandal has an F/F B-plot. But the one I think will tick the most similar boxes TGGTVAV is The Heiress Effect. It’s got Kidnapping & Rescue, an Awesome Sister, an Epileptic Character, and a Character of Color love-interest. It’s my favorite of the series, because while the main couple are off dealing with marriage-plot and kidnapping shenanigans, the awesome little sister saves herself.

The hardest tag to match from TGGTVAV is “Adventure.” Most of the similar romance novels take place in London with some jaunts to country estates. They don’t tend span cities. But while I wouldn’t necessarily tag these books “Adventure,” there are plenty of romance novels with high-stakes, tension filled plots. And there’s one undisputed queen of historical M/M romance: K.J. Charles.

The Charm of Magpie Series by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Surprise, Magic Exists!, Terrible Father, The Question of Inheritance

TGGTVAV doesn’t really have magic, per se, but the cure-all that everyone’s on the hunt for veers towards it. And in the Magpie books adventure takes the form of Stephen, a sort of magic police, saving the world, or at least Lord Crane, from evil warlocks. It should go without saying that they fall in love, and it is delightful.

Society of Gentlemen Series by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Politics
Specific books in the series also contain: BDSM, Awesome Sister (in Law)

Society of Gentleman goes the opposite direction of Charm of Magpies. The high-stakes here are shockingly real. These characters are falling in love and making lives for themselves in a world where they are all expected to get married and produce heirs, and being caught with each other could be a hanging offense. That is to say nothing of publishing seditious pamphlets and plotting murder. The stakes in two of the three books here are life-or-death and the machinations required to give everyone their happy ending are amazing.

Think of England by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England

A spy and injured war hero solve a mystery while guests at a country estate.

Sins of the Cities Series by K.J. Charles
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time England, Character of Color, Terrible Father

These books are ‘The Question of Inheritance’ brought to a several attempted murders extreme. There’s still one more book coming out in October before this trilogy is complete, so I don’t want to or know enough to say too much. But I loved the second on in the series.

And lastly for something slightly different:

The Whyborne and Griffin Series by Jordan L. Hawke
Romance Novel, M/M, Historical, Olde Time America, Surprise! Magic Exists, Terrible Father, Low Fantasy, Detective, The Question of Inheritance, Kidnapping & Rescue
Specific books in the series also contain Awesome Sister, F/F B-Plot, M/F B-plot, Character of Color, Monsters

These books take place in America, rather than England, in a later time (the very first electric lights come to town!). But they have the travel missing in all my other recs. Home for Whyborne and Griffin is a creepy Massachusetts town, but when they get wind of suspicious magical disasters around the world, they travel to them. These books are delightfully formulaic: Let’s split up to cover more ground! Oh no, my partner has been kidnapped! Time to mount a rescue mission! And my favorite is when they live this out around the world in Kansas and Alaska and Egypt.

Is there anything you’d add to the list?

The Great Movie Ride is something special. It’s a part of my childhood, and riding it as a kid helped to define in my wee little brain just what a “great movie” really was. And while it certainly wasn’t perfect, it was larger than life in a way that only Hollywood can be. To kid-me, it made total sense that such a ride would exist in Walt Disney World, even if most of the movies weren’t actually made by Disney.

Thanks to living on the other side of the world for a while, I didn’t make it back to the old GMR for nearly a decade. When I did return, I found that it was in many ways as grand as I remembered it - grander, even, in that there was no Sorcerer’s Hat blocking the gorgeous view of the exterior. Though, at the same time, I could see the flaws and general cheese that went over my head in the past. The ride did and does feel dated, the Tarzan scene is painfully bad, and Ripley’s AA doesn’t look a damn thing like her, and now it never will.

Still, none of these to me are fatal flaws, and the good heavily outweighs the bad. The queue through the movie theater is, to me, often overlooked despite its great, simplistic design and success in drawing you in to the experience you are about to have. It works wonderfully, and for as screen heavy as Universal Studios queues are, I’m shocked they’ve never tried something like this. The hijacking of the ride vehicle may be over the top, but it’s an awesome twist for first time riders, as I found out when I went with friends. And when it hits it’s highs, boy does it hit them. The Alien segment really brings you into the feeling of tension and claustrophobia in a terrifyingly real manner, and the Wizard of Oz finale feels transporting.

If the ride did have a fatal flaw (besides, you know, being non-Disney properties and all), it’s perhaps that the ride was too ambitious. As much as theme parks borrow from movies for IP, even so far as Universal’s old tagline being “Ride the Movies!”, those rides are really about specific films, scenes, and experiences. There are precious few attractions celebrating the medium of movies themselves. The Great Movie Ride did its best to celebrate that medium while also trying to figure out what “Movie Magic” is and where it comes from. And you know, through design and happy accident, it does. In the little moments, where all is quiet and you enter an old Western town, or in the big ones, when tension reaches its fearful climax as an alien attacks, it rekindles that magic, however briefly. Still, though GMR asks these questions, it never quite answers them, instead ending on a note of celebration, suggesting that movies are just awesome and contain a bunch of amazing stuff, but never getting too academic. As an overture for a park, the Great Movie Ride does a great job of getting you excited to go out and see what movie worlds you can explore around the park. Importantly, it also suggests the artfulness of movies, and through its own merits, the artfulness of theme parks as something to think about as you’re exploring.

And soon, it will be gone. The Chinese Theater will go from celebrating movies to hosting the short that comes before the main attraction. I am sad to see the Great Movie Ride go for so many reasons, but a few in particular stand out. Historically, it is one of the last examples of Disney’s 80s period dark rides. Given its roots and set up, I would even suggest it is one of the last remaining rides in the EPCOT Center mode. With this and Universe of Energy leaving, the last two from this period remaining are Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land. For a time period full of creativity, ambitions, and interesting ideas, it’s incredibly sad to have so few remaining examples. More than this, however, is that there will not be a ride that celebrates the medium with such an honest, heartfelt admiration again for the foreseeable future, perhaps ever. With major theme parks now using movie IP for virtually every new attraction, it seems a damn shame there won’t be at least some sort of tribute to the medium around.

So here’s to the end of an era. Thanks for everything, Great Movie Ride. You may be leaving us, but you certainly won’t be forgotten.

Aha! I have managed to finish something! Because I think I am busy on @viperbranium‘s actual birthday, I shall post this early - have some fluffy first-meeting Evanstan writer-of-kid’s-books Seb and reading show host Chris AU! And have a lovely birthday, my dear! I hope it is EVERY BIT AS WONDERFUL as you deserve. <3333


Chris shows up for his first day on set nervous. He knows what he’s here to do, he knows he wants to do it, he just can’t quite shake the sense that he’s going to flub a line or sit too stiffly or fail completely at reading.

He eyeballs the children’s book in question. He’s read it three times to get used to the rhythms, the pacing. Lots of good messages. Superheroes, compassion, accepting help.

The book eyeballs him right back, but somehow does so with kindness. It knows about encouraging nervous kids. Chris Evans, clumsy with enthusiasm, is pretty much a big kid at heart, and could use the reassurance, right?

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Gorgeous Blonde Bikini Hottie With A Beautiful Smile And Amazing Big Boobs!!!!! This Hottie Needs A Little Bigger Top To Contain Her Awesome Tits!!!!! I Like!!!!!


“Being a man is exhausting!”

Ossi Oswalda in Ich Möchte kein Mann sein (I don’t want to be a man) [d: Ernst Lubitsch, 1918] realising that the grass is perhaps not always greener. 

Do not repost on other sites please.

TUMBLR ATE MY POST WHAT THE HECK. Tumblr can’t contain he awesomeness..

I blame @what.a.buzzz on instagram for making this beatiful. I was being annoying on instagram and they actually accepted my request for coloring on of their amazing sketches??? Like how cool is that?? They are also like the coolest person??? GO FOLLOW THEM IT IS AN ORDER

I am basically drooling over this. I want a tattoo of this???
I want to marry this picture???

A Robbie Reyes Prompt: “You are adorable.” & “Kiss me.”

Originally posted by tanghulus

    (Y/N) was a brilliant mechanic and everyone in the job really liked her. But truth to be told she only had eyes for Robbie. He was the best mechanic she had ever met but also he was a sweetheart. Although he had that bad boy style he was rather soft and cute, especially when he talked about his little brother. (Y/N) admired the young boy and his determination to do anything about his brother and he always was happy to help the others and that put a smile to her face every time.
   “Hey boss.” Robbie’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts almost causing her to drop the heavy tool she was holding. “I know Gabe shouldn’t be here but I didn’t know where else he could go, since he didn’t have school today. It will be only for a couple of hours and he won’t cause any trouble. Gabe is the best after all.” Robbie said ruffling his brother hair. Their boss agreed knowing that the Reyes brothers were not troublemakers and returned to the car he was working on. “(Y/N)” Robbie said and she melted hearing him saying her name.
   They always had a flirt ongoing on work causing some of the other boys to laugh at their shenanigans. “I don’t believe you have met my little brother.” Robbie smiled proudly as he watched Gabe approaching (Y/N) and extending his hand to her. “Oh you are right. I am (Y/N), and you must be Gabe. I have heard so many things about you. This big dork over here won’t shut up about you.” You smiled at the child showing him the oils you had in your hand causing him to jerk his hand away and make a disgusted grimace. Robbie and you giggled and Gabe hugged his brother. “What should I do, Robbie?” the kid asked. “You could help me with the tools if your brother agrees.” You offered. The kid nodded with excitement “Ok if you are that eager you can help her out, baby bro. Just be careful around here it can be a bit slippery.” The kid nodded and went over your tool-case. “You are adorable when you are in this big brother mode.” You said to Robbie smiling at him and before he could say anything you had left. He felt flustered. He stared at you working with his brother, laughing and joking around. “You should ask her out.” Josh, another boy said. “She likes you. Go, tiger.” He laughed snapping Robbie out of his thoughts patting him gently his shoulder. Robbie felt butterflies in his stomach and went to work, trying to distract himself from these thoughts.
    It was true that he liked (Y/N) rather a lot. She was everything he ever dreamed of. She was smart, witty, excellent on her job and an awesome friend. He could contain his thoughts until last week when he saw her changing her shirt. Her soft skin shinned from the light and sweat. She was amazing. Her laugh brought him back to reality as he heard her laughing with his brother. Good thing Gabe liked her too.
   “Hey Robbie.” Gabe waved over him. “(Y/N) says we can go grab some ice cream after your swift is over. Can we go?” he did his puppy eyes. “Of course, baby bro.” he assured him.
   After a couple of hours (Y/N) and Robbie had cleaned up and they headed with Gabe for ice cream. They left Gabe to pick the flavors as they sat down to a cute little pastry shop. “You are adorable.” (Y/N) told Robbie again and he tried to fight the blush that rose from his cheeks. “The way you are around Gabe it’s so precious. I love seeing you like this. A protective big brother.” She continued. Robbie took some courage from her words and closed the distance between them. “You are adorable, too. The way you treat everyone like they are the most important person of earth. The way that you played with my brother. The way that you are around me. The way your smile lightens up your whole being. The way you laugh like you are inviting the others to laugh too.” He said not taking a breath. She stared into his beautiful eyes and opened her mouth and closed it again. “You are so cute when you are speechless.” Robbie said. Leaving a soft peck on her lips. As he returned to his original position.     
    “What are you doing?” she said annoyed. Robbie felt his heart beat raising. Crap he did a mistake. She didn’t like him back and now he ruined their friendship. Way to go Robbie! “Wh-What do you mean?” he stuttered. “Why you left me like this, you dork? Kiss me!” she said grabbing him softly from his shirt collar and pushing him to her. He kissed her and they both smiled in the kiss, their lips moving into sync.
   “Ew!” Gabe exclaimed as he came back with the ice cream causing them to laugh.

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Do you have any Lietpol fic recommendations?

Ohh! First of all if you want to read amazing LietPol fanfics check out @still-intrepid‘s fic recs!! They contain awesome LietPol content (for example No Love Too Great which is one of my absolute favorite fanfics out there. But just check out the whole list because every fanfic is so much worth the reading!!)

I got a similar ask about a year ago and I collected my favorite fanfics here. c:
Let me just point out that some of the ones mentioned in my answer are not completed because that’s what I forgot to say back then. OTL

Other than that I might add some awesome fics I found/read recently and therefore are not included in that post from a year ago. c:

The Flowers Of Her Name by @aph-belarusia a very nice fanfic featuring nyo!Lithuania and male Poland which is a super cute combination in my opinion! The dynamics between these two are adorable.

The storm by @probably–somebody  a fluffy fic with nice dialogues. Also contains poland owning a cat named Jadwiga which is incredibly cute.

The Union of Krewo by Lietuva'sGirl  this is adorable, Poland and Lithuania may not be the best friends in this one but their childish little quarrels are cute and amusing and this also contains some nice interactions between Lithuania and Grand Duke Jagiello.

Then I want to mention the nice fics @gnostic-heretic wrote recently;

Prudentia catholic school AU in which Poland and Lithuania are adorable the story is very interesting and especially the last chapter is incredibly sweet.

De natura amoris again great dynamics between Poland and Lithuania, takes place during the rennaissance era. Contains nice metaphors and is researched very well in my opinion.

I also want to recommend
old haunts by @rosiethero an amazingly cute and very interesting monstertalia AU with a neat mixture of humour and tragic scenes.
the dimensional door by @scarlettlillies Sailor moon crossover AU! Poland and Lithuania interact adorebly and it’s amazing how everything seems so well tought through. I love how that Sailor Moon AU is implemented.
At this point.
Both fanfics are amazing and I’m very weak for AU’s with slight LietPol including the other baltics c:

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Sam never found out what happened to Magda ;____;


This calls for self-indulgent headcanons! 

  • Obviously, Sam finds out and we get an actual emotional response, preferably including “negative” emotions since Sam is so very rarely allowed to be angry.
  • Sam kicks Ketch’s corpse in the head for killing Magda.
  • Alternatively (or perhaps in conjunction with the aforementioned), Magda is a hardcore psychic destroyer of evil in the Apocalyptic!AU and comes through the portal and joins Sam and Dean as a powerful telekinetic badass. She totally teamed up with Missouri Moseley in the Apocalyptic!AU and they were freakin’ superheroes. Missouri probably remains behind because the world needs her and honestly the world would explode for sheer awesomeness if it contained two Missouri Moseleys.
  • Powers!Sam makes a reappearance? Please?

This is how I store my perler beads if anyone was curious. I found these awesome containers at walmart’s back to school sale a few months ago for $1 each so naturally, I bought 50 of them so I could store all of my bead colors lmao

I actually think I filled all the pots in my container garden this year.  

I have this awesome self-watering container that the Hubby made for me.  And then four pots from last year.  <3  

I’m going to try to grow cucumbers on my patio.  This year it will happen.  Cucumbers are my absolute favorite and if I could just get them to grow, I would be a happy, happy camper.  <3  

I got organic fertilizer to feed them.  I got seaweed extract.  I got a new watering can.  

Yes.  I’m ready. 

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Homemade laundry detergent

So, I saw a post about how millennials are just ruining yet another industry :coughbullshitcough:, and it had a “recipe” to make your own laundry detergent

I’ve done it before, so, I decided to make a picture guide

Start with this:

(Ignore the seltzer. That was for me for later.)

OK, so here we have:

  • Borax  ($3.97)
  • Washing Soda  ($3.97)
  • 4 lbs of baking soda (cheaper in grocery section than laundry section)  ($1.98, basically 50 cents a pound)
  • a Fels Naptha or Zote bar (laundry soap bars; either one will work)  (approx $1 each)

To make fragrance salt crystals:

  • Epsom salt (pharmacy)   ($2.86)
  • Essential oil blend (in the candle/incense section)   ($4.87)

All prices are Walmart prices, because I was there and didn’t want to bother going other places. So, for 1 batch of laundry detergent, it’s about $10-11, and another $9 to make multiple batches of salt crystals (I’m rounding a bit with MA sale tax)

The clear bottle on the right is an empty Purex fragrance bottle from a previous batch of detergent, with the last of that batch

Mix the Borax, washing soda, and baking soda in a pail, and grate your soap. I’d recommend buying a cheap cheese grater from the dollar store just for this, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the soap off

Your alternative is to cut up the soap and microwave it, 30 seconds at a time, to make it dry and crumbly when it cools:

WARNING: It stinks. And that smell will last for a while. Microwaving a bowl of water with vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda for 5-10 minutes, and leaving it for an hour will help. You can do the same with coffee if you have any left over. 

Also, large cubes are better than small cubes, because air flow. And don’t be impatient and do longer bursts:

So, mix it all together:

You can mix by hand, but they’ll get dry and soapy if you don’t wear gloves. I have an old laundry detergent pail with a tight fitting lid, so once everything’s in and I’ve crumbled the soap as much as I can, I can close it up and roll it around. This is a double batch, so it takes a bit over half this pail.

That Purex bottle I mentioned above? It happens to make an absolutely awesome shelf-sized container, and you’d use about 1/3 -½ the lid’s worth of your new soap per load of laundry. So if you want to, buy a bottle or 2 and mix them into your detergent, and reuse the bottles. (They’re about $4-5 or so)

The fragrance salts I kept in a separate bottle, and they were even easier. I poured salt into another Purex bottle (about ½ the carton) and added essential oil drops until I thought the smell was strong enough. Then just shake it up, and you’re done. Add a tablespoon or so to your load of laundry when it starts.

And that’s it! We go through the detergent quickly, but we go through any detergent quickly, because it’s a farm and we have lots of laundry to do. It will still take me several months to go through $20 worth of detergent