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That’s right! I’m doing a contest! The winner will receive a gif made by me! 

I will make any gif within reason of course! The winner will just need to tell me the scene they want or character! If I can’t find any good quality source material for it I will tell you.

The Winner will be send a ask/message by me and will be pick by random.

Rules are simple reblog/like this post and again the winner will be pick by random. 

The draw will finish…  Next Saturday Feb. 18 at Noon EST 


Awesome close up shots of a 2015 lava flow on the slopes of Mt. Etna, Sicily. This is a classic “a’a” type lava flow - higher viscosity than flows like many of those on the slopes of Kilauea today. The lava moves as though pushed by a bulldozer - crystals growing inside the lava cause it to break into small chunks that roll forwards rather than ooze forward. Hear the sound? These rolling, broken chunks of lava are called “Clinker” for a reason.

Silver requested by cakefrump . Thanks so much for the sticker request! My queue ran out for all the stickers I made so I have to get busy and draw some more. >o<;;; Edit: cleaned him up he was so messy sorry!


strangerthanfictionlife  asked:

I know you get this a lot, but it was cool seeing you in the Drag Race Finale. I do have one question: how much better is the show live?

The live season finale was awesome!! We sat up close and got to see a lot that was cut out of the show. It was awesome seeing how the show was taped and seeing all the queens walking around during breaks!


gifs of sooyoung smiling