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NCT as always, being amazing ♡

Hey guys! This is just my reaction/summary post of the BTS Concert in Newark (Thursday, 3/23)! I’ll be going into a lot of detail, but bare with me. I’ve linked all the fancams I took throughout the post, so you can check that out :)

[Full Fancam Playlist]


Alright so first things first…I’ve been following BTS since ~May/June 2014, and this was the first time I was actually able to go to a live concert. I WAS LITERALLY BEYOND THE MOON when I got tickets, and I was so excited that I was badgering everyone I knew with my fangirling. BTS means so much to me, they got me through some of the hardest times in my life, and they gave me happiness and hope. So getting to go to one of their concerts, see them and support them in person, was such a blessing.

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kcon17 day 1

I was overwhlemed to say the least. But in a good way.

This was my first kcon, and I am so excited to go the next two days eeep. 

I got to hang out with my fellow kpop fangirls, listen to kpop and watch people do the awesome choreos, and got so much free stuff

I felt like we spent the entire day trying to get good stuff but tbh there was nothing that wasn’t good. 

Mostly they gave out beauty stuff but I am really excited to have them. Gave away some pepero, and they did raffles (which I did not win lol). Butttt, I did win a t-shirt and voucher for bibigo after completing a sticker scavenger hunt kind of thing :)

I got a WLFKBJ poster!!! AAAhhh! I didn’t get to visit the dramafever booth but I hope I can get some Goblin goodies tomorrow lol. 

My gramma gave me fifteen dollars for the day (she probably felt bad I wasn’t gonna have money to spend lol) and I bought some awesome pins omg. I’ll probably buy some more of other groups I stan tomorrow because my aunt also gave me money today so I could buy my cousin some merch tomorrow and said I could have the rest :)

I also went to Kevin Woo’s pannel and omg he is the nicest person ever! (my friend got to touch his hand!!!!) And omg he talked shit (not really but he was being funny and you will know why I use ‘shit’ in a second lol) about Jae (from day6) saying he’s loud and always moving, and that he’s always in the restroom LMAO, which is why Jae tweeted this, Kevin said that him always going to the restroom is probably the reason why Jae is so skinny lol. When I saw Jae’s tweet notification I fangirled fscislkbdc LIKE YES I WAS THERE WHEN HE SAID IT JAE (also, who told him lol) .

The highlight though, I went to JRE’s fanmeet and he was so funny. We were close to the stage because there weren’t that many people, a lot, but not like Kevin’s, so we were close. AND HE BODY ROLLED. Oh and also, he let us take pictures with him eventhough we didn’t have tickets for a photo, he was so nice. And he’s so short, and he hugged me tightly which was surprising for me because I hugged him lightly (I’m awkward with hugs lol) but it was great! 

I can’t wait for day two, omg. And Kevin said Amber was going so I am going to keep an eye out lol. Overall, it was a great ass day! The only downside, my feet hurt like hell kjajdklajdjaigiudhaiwuebd but it’s worth it! xxx

just saying but i loved both brightyn and haileys solos!!! Both awesome choreo with pretty/cool songs that did not sound like nails on a chalkboard, simple but nice costumes and im honestly hoping that choreo starts to count for more at btf so some of these choreographers get their shit together and end this trend of abstract titles with plain bodysuits dancing to songs that are simply painful to listen to

emxlin1  asked:

So this isn't rly a embarrassing moment but just something my friend and I did for fun. So basically I did random play dance and if I knew every song and the choreography to the chorus she would get dumped into a bath of cold water (me and another friend will dump her in) and if I can't it's the other way around. I did win the vid was like 10 - 13 mins long put my other friend decided that I should go in to😑😑 but I pulled her in as well. Uh my mom was just freaking out on why we're so wet 😂😅

HAHAHAH that sounds extremely fun!! a good way to exercise and spend your time tbh :’)) it’s awesome how many choreos you know though, like yes girl, work it!


A.C.E(에이스) - 선인장(CACTUS) MV 2x & 1.5x Dance ver.

TODAY’S VIDEO!: A.C.E attempts to dance their ridiciously hard and awesome choreo at twice the speed. I wonder if it’s their offering to get them on Weekly Idol. And @ 1.5x they do it almost flawlessly.

now while china slays this scene and the dancers do an awesome job with the choreo, I have a question:

why is uma obsessed with everyone knowing her name?  is it just because mal stuck her with the nickname shrimpy?  or is there something deeper to it?  like, dark fanfic writer in me wonders is it because ursula never referred to her by actual name or something?  or does she want to be well known as a villain her own right? 

idk, these things I wonder