awesome chandelier

Okay, but does anyone remember in Phantom of the Opera how there was that great big awesome chandelier and at the end of the first act they make it look like it was going to fall on the audience but then it ziplines to the stage??

And now with Frozen coming to Broadway……….

I mean I know it probably wouldn’t work due to maintaining the performers’ safety - though I think they black out the lights and the thing doesn’t actually crash, it just sounds like it does - but just something to consider…….


 Frozen Live at the Hyperion- Let it go

This is so Awesome!!!!

The Chandelier, the Staircase, the dress transformation, Everything is so awesome!!!!

Brigette Watches Dance Moms. What even is this show?

I’ve been watching Dance Moms for a few years, and I’ve got so much to say about it that it overwhelms me. What was once a reality show/documentary about stage moms in Pittsburg has turned into a crazy-ass-Disney-child-star-launching-circus-what-the-hell-am-I-watching fiesta.

I’m not going to say that these kids are being abused or that their childhoods are being stolen. I have no idea what a “perfect” childhood even looks like or what circumstances create a well-rounded person. But I do have things to say. It’s possible, but not certain, that I will answer the following questions: 1) who is actually crazy on this show? 2) should we be worried about any of these girls? 3) what is real in this show, and what is real in all of our lives?

Here we go.

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