awesome cd

staff is really pushing 110 in these post-show skits, i’d say it’s the most prevalent duo in extended materials lately – which is great, because their dynamic is super funny

you have:
- totty calling on ichi to poop on the table
- totty and ichi playing riddle games
- nandemonai kanji volume 1, “squid”: ichi teases totty to make him laugh and gets all angsty when, after time, totty gets bored and doesn’t laugh anymore
- and now, nandemonai kanji volume 3, “totty’s wish”: ichimatsu and totty conspire to scam osomatsu

it’s awesome that these drama cds have gone beyond the kun pairings… there’s been oso/jyushi, ichi/totty, kara/choro, choro/jyushi, and it’s too bad that these aren’t animated but i do think it holds promise for what’s to come in s2

Lovey dovey with Himuro Tatsuya
Taniyama Kishio
Lovey dovey with Himuro Tatsuya


Translation by:  希望の彼方へ 

Huh? What is it? You want me to kiss you more? You’re such an easy to read person aren’t you. Your eyes closing like that… Even though you said that you didn’t want to do it, you’re reacting this way to me. Well, even I can’t hold back anymore.
Ah, wait, I’ll look for that first… I wonder where it is… Oh, here it is—hm? What’s this? Ah, a rotor huh? Hey, want to try this out? Stuff like these are made to be tried out, right? I want to make you feel good, let’s try it just once, okay? It’ll be fine, and if you say no, I’d stop at once, so let’s continue?

WAAAAH!  The feels! This CD Drama is Kare Pillow Vol. 02.
While I was listening to this CD I imagined it was Tatsuya! Oh my god! My ovaries just exploded haha. joke! But seriously, this cd is awesome you should download it. :)