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Celebration “Prompt” @emilybillard : Hey! Congrats on 500+ followers! Can I have both an mood board and a prompt? 💖I followed you bc your an amazing writer and an awesome person..I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I love reading. I love photography. I’m shy and awkward until you get to know me, then I become more awkward and you wish I would shut up. People have told me I have a very kind personality and I could give people cavities bc I’m so sweet😂 I suffer from anxiety and I’m Canadian. And can that be with Tom? Thank you!!

A/N: This is the “prompt” for the lovely @emilybillard . Thank you for all the kind words, I love you, I don’t deserve you, you’re awesome!! Even though I really like this fic (I really enjoyed writing it!), I’m shit at writing prompts! I can’t keep it short dvjddj I’m trash. I hope you like it anyways! Enjoy!

“Are you ready?” he asked as the car came to a halt and layed his hand over yours.
“Will we leave if I say no?” you asked and you two both knew that you were joking. This event was really important for Toms carier and you’d never leave him to deal with it on his own. He was really nervous about it and it helped him knowing that you’d always be by his side.

“We could. But we probably won’t.” he chuckled and you flashed him a smile.

“Come on. Let’s go.”

You were somewhat used to the flashing lights as soon as you both left the car and walked onto the red carpet. First they took bazillion of photos where they would yell your name constantly to get you to look over. You tried to look in every direction possible so they’d get their picture but after a few minutes you felt slightly dizzy so you tightened your grip around Toms arm which made him look down worriedly.
You kept smiling and ignored his worried look but he understood and wrapped his arm around your waist to give you more stability.

After the photos it was time for the interviews. You walked alongside Tom and he did not let go of your hand.
“Hello you two! Look at you! I’m so honoured to be interviewing these gorgeous love birds.” the interviewer said into his mic while looking into the camera and you looked down to your feet trying to hide your blushing cheeks.
“Who are you wearing tonight?” the interviewer asked you both and you looked up at Tom so he would answer first.
“Uh, you know. Probs to my dresser. She does an amazing job but never tells me “who I am wearing”. It’s an ongoing joke of hers, she finds it very funny.“ he said chuckling and you grinned to yourself. You loved her and it really was entertaining to watch Tom find new anwers everytime he was asked that question.

“Now you’re exposed. Eat that, homie!” he said into the camera and made gang signs which made you laugh.
“No, I’m joking. She’ll kill me. Or not dress me well and embaress me. I depend on her. She’s a great person.” he apologized immediatly and made the interviewer laugh too.  After they talked about a few other things where you threw in little comments here and there he finally asked a question directed to you.

“So, tell me. What are you guys doing with your free time?”

“Regarding that we don’t have a lot of free time, we enjoy little things. Simple things, you know. Like watching a movie or going out to have dinner. Sometimes we have friends over and play charade.” you said sheugging your shoulders,“ And Tom is not a good loser. He is very competitive.” you added while covering the side of your mouth as if he couldn’t hear you that way.
“That - ” he started to decline but as you looked up to him he let it go, “is kinda true, to a certain point.”

“What do you do when Tom is away. Like what keeps you busy?”

“Well other than college. I read a lot. Sometimes I go out with Toms little brother Harry to snap some pictures because we share the same passion for photography, you know?” you said and looked over to Tom who was watching you with a loving smile. “And Tom over here will pout if he hears about it. How dare I have fun while he is away.” you joke and Tom blushes while you laugh with the interviewer.

“Y/N! Could we have an interview!” you heared someone yell and looked over your shoulder.

“You can go if you like. I’ll finish this.” Tom encouraged you and pointed at the interviewer with his head.
“Uh, sure…” you said and shook the interviewers hand as a goodbye and moved on to the next one.
Tom watched you in awe how you handled the situation. You went from one interviewer to the other answering politely and having nice conversations. He saw you laugh quiet a numorous of times and he felt a little pout-y suddenly. You were really sweet and friendly with everyone and they loved you whihh was great. But Tom somehow felt left out even though he was busy himself. He liked having you by his side. Especially when you were wearing a gown like that where every guy in your presence tried to impress you.

You were talking with an interviewer about your no-goes when you felt someone wrap his arm around your waist.
“I’ll have to steal her from you know.” he said and took your hand.
“It was so nice talking to you!” the interviewer said and leaned in to give you a hug which you kindly accepted.
“Same goes to you.”

“Thank you for your time!”

“Thank you for your time.” Tom hissed under his breath as you two walked into the bulding and you looked at him with furrowed brows.
“Are you okay?” you asked and tried to look him in his eyes but he looked straight forward.

“Did I do something wrong?”


He didn’t make sense what so ever so you decided to let it go. You walked to your seats where Harrison and Harry were already waiting. You hugged both of them and sat down. Tom did not say a word the whole time they talked on stage and you couldn’t understand his sudden mood swing. The event itself went really well and the four of you decided to attend the after party.
“I’ll have to go talk to some people. Are you okay with staying with Haz and Harry?” he asked you leaning in so you’d actually hear him.
“Of course. Off you go. I’ll occupie myself.” you agreed and waved him off. He smiled thankfully and leaned in to give you a quick kiss before disappearing in the mass of people.

“Wow! You look gorgeous.” you heared someone say from behind and when you turned around your mouth dropped as you saw Robert Downey Jr standing behind you with open arms.
“Uh…thank you, I guess. So do you!” you said and wanted to vanish into thin air as soon as it left your mouth. He chuckled and came closer while sipping at his glass.
After you had a long conversation with Robert you talked to many other people. Celebs mostly which left you totally shook.

Tom was talking to his manager when someone approached him with a big smile on his face.
“Hey Tom!” he greeted Tom and they shook hands.
“Your girlfriend is the most down to earth, sweet and funny girl I have ever met. Does she have a sister or anything?” he joked and Tom forced a smile on his face. Was she talking to everyone but him tonight? Tom knew that it was douchy of him to think like that but if he was honest to himself then he would admit that he was jealous. It was great that everyone loved Y/N but he liked having you for himself. Jesus, you were nice to everyone. Too nice maybe which would bring the guys on unwanted ideas. As soon as Tom thought of that he excused himself and went to find you. As he found you, you had your head thrown back laughing along to something Chris Evans had said. He picked up his speed and was by your side in seconds.

“Hey, Tom! Nice to see you man!” Chris said and gave Tom a quick one-shouldered hug.
“You too, Chris.” Tom said and Chris did not stay long after that.
“Do you want to leave? I think we should leave.” Tom said suddenly and you looked up in confusion.
“What’s going on Tom? You’ve been weird the whole time? Did I do something to upset you?” you asked and tried to read his emotions but he shook his head.
“We should get home.” he just said and you let your shoulders sink.
“Sure. Let me just grab my stuff.” you said and took off to gather your stuff.


Tom did not talk the whole ride home. He did hold your hand but it felt weird and this situation was bugging you. You thought you were doing great with the interviews and the press and all of that but appearently you had messed up somehow. When you finally got home you two changed into more comfortable clothes which were old T-Shirts and baggy sweatpants. You cought him staring at you with furrowed brows as you turned around after you finished changing your clothes.

“Alright. Spit it out. What did I do?” you asked finally and crossed your arms infront of your chest, feeling a little annoyed.
“You still look hot.” he groaned and your eyes widened.
“Pardon me?”
“I don’t get it. You’re not even showing skin or anything.” he said staring at your body and you couldn’t hold back a chuckle.
“What did you drink tonight? Something heavy?” you said amused and he rolled his eyes. You walked towards him and wrapped your arms around his waist.
“What’s bugging you? Come on, tell me.” you encouraged him and he wrapped his arms around you too.

“It’s dumb.”

“Come on.” you said rolling your eyes and he sighed.

“You’re beeing too sweet.”

“Come again?”

“You looked smoking hot today AND you were sweet to everyone. They were literally drooling after you.” he growled and furrowed his brows.
“Are you se-…You are serious oh my god!” you exclaimed and chuckled while cupping his face with your hands.
“I thought something bad happened. I thought I did something wrong! You were just jealous.” you laughed and he mumbled something you didn’t understand.
“No you were great. You’re so sweet you could give me cavities.” he said like a little boy and made you laugh.

“You’re so dumb!” you said and leaned in to give him a statisfying kiss. You broke the kiss after a few seconds and grinned teasingly.
“I’m canadian. I can’t turn of the sweet. Thank god you have a sweet tooth!” you teased him and wiggled your brows which made him roll his eyes.

“Shut up.” he said and leaned in to kiss you again. Whomever drooled after you, at the end of the day you were only his.