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upon brief deliberation and with some motivation from the replies of @universitybee and @gottastudygottadosonow (thanks guys) from my previous post, this is going to be my first ever stationery/supply haul!! hell yeah

pardon me if i don’t happen to do this correctly. again, this is my first one.

anyway i’ll cut the chitchat and get on with it!

all the supplies and stationery listed below have been purchased from National Bookstore (Philippines), Muji, and Lazada.

1: document file cases, various folders, and binder clips are super helpful when it comes to organization, especially when you’ve got a tough year ahead of you with teachers that just love to give out papers. organization is key when in the academia.

2: index cards, both blank and lined can be real useful when reviewing for exams. flashcards or mini-reviewers. or maybe just for doodling. they’re your best friend at the worst of times.

3: glue!! did you really think your teachers will let you off without a project or two? or ten? oh no, not in my school. these two adhesives will help you keep your project and grades steady and together.

4: what’s studying without notebooks? i bought three kinds: Cattleya Note lined notebooks, Muji lined notebooks, and some (if i’m not mistaken) Soti Time notebooks that are totally blank. i love collecting notebooks that i won’t use anyway

5: journals are also an essential part of life. from left to right in the photo above, i have an idea journal from Daiso Japan, a bullet journal (ofc) from Papernotes, and a ihaveyettoknowwhatthisisfor journal from Yeah. they’re all so lovely!!!  

6: writing materials + a ruler are very necessary in the world of school. what are notebooks and paper without them? above i have a good ol’ pencil case with Pilot G-Tecs 0.4 and 0.3, a Pilot G2 0.5, and a Uni Pin Fine Line 0.5. correction tape, because i tend to make mistakes while writing, and a ruler.

7: highlighters, markers, and sticky notes prevent your notes from becoming boring and dull. make your notes real snazzy with them! these bright babies come from Faber Castle, Stabilo Boss Original, Muji, and Best Buy.

that’s about it, folks! tell me what you think about it! tell your siblings! tell your family! your friends! or don’t! or just do a stationery haul of your own! i’d love to see the stuff that you use daily.

remember to be nice and to have a nice day, friends! :^)

nicole x

Ann Leckie’s doing a signing near me soon, so I’ve decided it’s time to finally get off my butt and read Ancilliary Justice like people have been telling me to for ages.

This accidentally lead to me spending $90 on new books yesterday WHOOPS. (They were all for signings though so I feel like they dont count as normal book purchases. More like event ticket purchases. That also happen to be books.)


Today was my 5th day training at the bookstore. My first week was a success! I’m having such a great time and I’ve been so busy learning that I hadn’t gotten the chance to browse the books for myself.

After my shift today I spotted the book I had been searching for forever. The Great Tree of Avalon Book One. And it was half price!
I went up to the counter to pay for it, but my boss snatched it from me and said “You know what? It’s paid for!” Then she gave me a big hug.

I almost teared up. My boss bought me my first book. Now I know for a fact she loves me. ☺️

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