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Capable [Jason Todd x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Wow these angst prompts are already breaking my heart Hmm, I’m in a Jason mood so how about Jason with prompt number 3″
Requested by anon: “Could you do a batfam x reader with number 3 and 17 Like she’s a new vigilante and everyone is super overprotective (plus she’s dating Jason so he’s even extra protective)”

Prompt 3: “Despite what many think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself.”
Prompt 17: “You’ll die and I can’t watch the person I love die.”

A/n: I think this is number foouur? Of the angst prompts? Idk but here it is. Hope you guys love it!

**By the way thank you @kamuithedragonlord for reading through this for me! You’re awesome!! <3


Your bike screeched as you quickly pulled it into the cave. Kicking the kick stand down and swinging your leg over when idle. Anger and frustration rushed through your nerves as you stormed farther into the cave. Hearing the roar of the batmobile and the other’s bikes not far away. You threw your biker helmet off along with tearing off your mask, doing so while hearing them all pull in behind you.

“[F/n]!” Jason yelled as he pulled his bike to a halt, pulling his hood off. Turning to him you growled, “GO TO HELL! All of you!” eyes turning to the rest of his family standing there.

“[F/n] will you just listen? Come on!” Jason rushed over and grabbed your arm in order to stop you from storming off any farther. Yanking your arm away you whipped around to look at him, “DON’T fucking touch me!” Spitting venom at him.

You are straight pissed. Having started helping Bruce and the others after you began to date Jason. You used to live in Central City where you were affected by the particle accelerator. The dark matter had heightened all of your senses making you an amazing fighter. You worked as a vigilante in Central City helping team Flash before moving to Gotham due to your normal job relocating you. Barry had talked with Bruce allowing your continuance as [s/h/n] in Gotham. You met Jason when you moved and you both hit it off, once learning of each other’s identities, he and his family became extremely protective. Which ended with them stepping on your toes. Something Barry and the rest never did in Central City.

This is why you’re so pissed. You had been tracking this drug trafficking ring for weeks, it was your mission, your information, your bust. But the moment you went to make a move the Batfamily swooped in and took the whole thing down, leaving you to hang out to dry. They took the entire thing over so fast you didn’t even to take down a single person.

Leading to the current situation to you glaring daggers at your boyfriend. “I don’t want to fucking talk about it Jason! That was my bust! My mission! And you all just hijacked it! I swear you make me feel inferior on purpose!” Screaming at him. Jason was taken aback, he had now idea this was how you felt.

“[F/n]” he said, taking a step toward you. “I swear if you take another fucking step closer to me” threatening as he stopped.

“[F/n] we weren’t meaning to make you feel inferior, we just were going to help.” Tim tried to explain their reasoning but you just shook your head, not bothering to make eye contact with him. “Tt, [L/n] it’s not like you could’ve handled that yourself anyway.” Damian crossed his and you shot a glare at him scoffing. “Last time I checked neither could you, you’re still training for a reason demon brat.”

“[F/n] we just didn’t want you to get hurt is all.” Jason tried to reason but it only made you feel worse. “Oh really? Because I don’t see you all running off to Bludhaven when Dick has a mission, or when you’re tracking down Black Mask. Despite what many think, I am completely capable of taking care of myself. And if you can’t see that then being here, being with you Jason, it was all a mistake. And I’m done making mistakes.” Growling before turning your back and walking out of the cave.

You felt angry tears prick at the corners of your eyes as you stormed up into the Manor. Pulling on a jacket to cover your suit you were about halfway out the front door before you felt a grip on your arm, making you stop midstep. “[F/n]” Looking back to see Jason.

“I’m sorry” he tugged your arm to make you face him. “I never wanted to make you feel inferior. I just worry about you. If you go out there and take this all on alone, you’ll die and I can’t watch the person I love die.” He cupped your cheek, his thumb wiping away tears you hadn’t noticed were escaping your eyes. Though you were frozen because of his words, “You love me?”

Jason also realized what he said, allowing a smile to grace his face he nodded. “I do, I love you so much and that’s why I always want to step in, because if you ever got hurt when I could’ve prevented it, I couldn’t live with myself. I promise to not step on your toes anymore, just please, don’t leave me. I need you.” You could hear the strain in his voice. Just the thought of losing you made his heart clench in his chest.

Sniffling before letting out a sigh, “I love you too Jay.” He beamed before connecting his lips to yours in a soft kiss. “Want to get out of here?” he asked while pulling away to rest his forehead to yours. You nodded, whispering “Yeah, I’m tired.” Jason turned and grabbed is jacket from the coat rack, zipping it enough to hide the emblem in his chest. Taking your hand he leading you out of the manor and to his bike.

On the ride to your apartment he memorized the feeling of your arms around his waist and your head resting on his back. He allowed a small smile, thinking about how lucky he is. But also realizing how close he came to losing you tonight. That realization made him decide one thing, he will never allow himself to come that close to that line ever again.