awesome band for sure

the australian version is about how good they are as people and about their music and the american version paints in them in the worst possible light that a band could be painted in but sure america is awesome for them and really good and they absolutely don’t need to spend more time at home

Pin of the day! Hearkening back to to the Phytomancer (the official name I’m calling the plant-based necromancer) post, this strange druidic-looking dude looks like he’d step up to the challenge of being your main villain.

Skulls and branches? Sounds like a high school rock band name - and a really awesome theme for a campaign!

I’m not sure what I’d name him tho. Maybe Jorvel? What would you call him?

- Mo!

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Definitely won’t be getting my Bastogne report up tonight…too tired…so have my angle of Cpt. Dye leading the Band of Brothers actors in two cadences

Funny story: my dad kind of orchestrated it into happening…he was asking a bunch of the guys if they’d do it, and they said only if Dale Dye ordered them to, so my dad asked the captain and he said, “Sure!” And this awesome moment happened

stormageddondloa42  asked:

One time when I was a freshman, I was trying to learn how to throw playing cards. I succeeded, but I accidentally got a card stuck in the ceiling (there was exposed insulating foam). Fast-forward to senior year- the card was still there. I decided to try to get it, but there was nothing I could use to get it so I climbed up to it via the exposed support beams. Long story short, I fell 20 feet and almost broke my legs and severed a finger trying to get a playing card out of the band room ceiling.

Not sure if that’s awesome or horrible… Just gonna go with both.