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I’ve never noticed this before (it amazes me that I still find new things in this game despite playing it non-stop for over a decade) but in this moment, Yuna is literally and figuratively stepping from the shadow into the light. And it’s so fitting because this scene really shakes her faith in Yevon, and she finally begins to see it for what it really is. She’s no literally no longer in the dark.

alright i’ve got another visit to a possible new apartment on monday morning and it would be ideal! a bathroom with a big bath tub and a window (so convenient when you have two cat toilets to put somewhere lol), a pretty big bedroom and kitchen AND a living room with a glass balcony! like, a balcony closed with windows all around? which is awesome for having a balcony while not having to worry about your cats accidentally falling off and injuring themselves… gods if i can get that apartment i am absolutely celebrating bc i want it so badly ;u;

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If you're still doing these, The One Where [Name] Takes a Bath ?

Stiles lets himself into the apartment, yells his hello. Derek comes out of the bathroom and smiles softly at him. 


“You know, you really should come out to greet me naked, like, every time,” Stiles waves an arm around, “Just throwing it out there.”

Derek rolls his eyes, “I’ll bear it in mind.”

“All I ask,” Stiles hangs up his coat, comes towards him and sighs happily as Derek sweeps him into one of his big, welcome home, I secretly missed you a lot hugs. With his nose buried in Stiles’ neck and everything. It’s awfully nice, Stiles doesn’t even care how much of a sap it makes him.

“How was your day?”

“Ahh,” he pulls back to rub his eyes, “Allison and Scott are arguing about baby names.”

Derek winces, “They’re still not— seeing eye to eye?”

“Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure Allison is choosing all the names of ex-boyfriends just to wind Scott up. It’s hilarious to watch for about thirty seconds, then it just gets draining, you know?”

“I do,” Derek rubs his shoulders, “You know what would help?”

Stiles’ eyes light up, “Sex on the balcony?”

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