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Halcyon Days

For @tmntflashfic’s wonderful Spring prompt, a fic that is sort of a sequel to my ‘April-joins-the-Foot-clan-post-season-4′ fic, but can be read as a standalone.

Have some soft family fluff and mutual grieving between the murder lady trifecta and the four chaos brothers + Casey. Main focus is on Karai and Leo, enjoy them being adults and (mostly) stable individuals together.


Karai leans her head back against her seat, idly watching the country side rush past her window. She blinks slowly, eyes feeling tired from the abrupt time change she’s experienced coming back to America. The sounds of April and Shinigami in the front seats chatting quietly further soothes her nerves, because their familiar voices have long since become staples in her life, and she can always depend on them to anchor her.

Karai feels their car turn, and shifts her weight as they begin the journey up the farm house driveway. April’s voice picks up a note of excitement, and Karai smiles to herself at the red head’s eagerness to see the other half of their family.

As they keep driving, Karai sees the car following them suddenly stop and then park in the middle of the road. It’s one of four in the area, with three or two Foot soldiers in each. Extra protection, just to ensure they aren’t interrupted during the celebration.

Karai’s men and women are good soldiers, now that they’ve served a solid ten years under her reign as clan leader. She made sure that none of them were anything less than perfect, and knows she can trust her chosen subordinates to guard the perimeter. She can let go of her constant vigilance, at least for tonight.

Karai eases the last of her leaderly stress from her mind, and finds herself grinning as the farm house comes into view at last. Just a fourteen hour flight from Japan, and then four hour drive from New York, and they’re finally here.

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Say what you will about Facebook, but if it wasn’t around I never would have found out that there is a prom photo in existence that has both my wife and me in it. (Even though we didn’t go with each other.)

She’s the pretty girl in front in the white dress. I’m the nerd in the middle with the spiky hair.

I’m sure you can all find plenty of humor in this photo taken almost 15 years ago, but for tonight I’m just tickled to discover it at all.

that moment when you have two big things you need/want to include in a chapter, but have no idea how to fit either one.

and then you get a sudden plot bunny and you use idea A as the transition into idea B and it goes flawlessly. and you’re really proud of this plot bunny.

but your partner in crime is busy and you can’t say anything to anyone else.


i’m in that weird mood where none of my music is appealing. over 5,000 songs and none of them are THAT song that i want. and i don’t know what THAT song is. so i just keep listening to all of them skipping through them like someone with ADD.

oh wait…

i have ADD

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Little Stephew fic with a protective Matt please!!!

Stephanie started slightly as she felt an arm slide around her waist, only to relax upon looking up and seeing her husbands face.

Thank god he was back from the bathroom, maybe he could get rid of the tipsy stranger who had sidled up far too close to her and had been churning out frankly disgusting comments regardless of how many times she flashed her wedding ring or said she was here with someone. It was moments like these, Stephanie would admit, that Matthew’s slightly jealous streak came handy.

“Sorry to interrupt-” Matt began, only for the man to cut him off with a wave. “Gittout, I have dibs.” At that, Steph saw Matt’s forced almost friendly expression turn to something a lot less neighbourly and more Hello Neighbour. “Actually no, you really don’t and I’d appreciate it if you stopped harassing my wife before I kick your fucking teeth in.” Matthew replied with a frankly unnerving smile. “Choice is yours, friend.”

Boys who collect stamps. Boys who read comic books. Boys who play video games. Boys who love science fiction and fantasy. Boys who tap dance. Boys who love computers. Boys who are interested in all the stuff people call “nerdy” or “geeky.” It’s the things you love that make you who you are and you are awesome.

I forgot that my niece is 7 years old, so when I casually mentioned that Garrus Vakarian was my space husband she took it literally and burst into tears, asking my sister why she wasn’t allowed to go to the wedding. I showed her a picture of Garrus, hoping that would explain that I was kidding without me spelling it out, but all she did was squint at it and ask if he was wearing a mask or he really looked like a dinosaur.

  • Some white idiot: But Danny Rand has to be white! The whole point is that he feels like an outsider in both New York and back in K'un Lun, and he doesn't really fit into either culture. And he's got a huge destiny to live up to, but he doesn't feel like he can do it!
  • Me: Ok, dude, have you ever actually met an Asian American before?