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Date a demisexual who... "Am I demisexual or not at all?!"


Random nice things I have encountered today:

1. A tuxedo cat lying on the front porch railing when I went out to put some stuff in the recycling bin. A few hours later, I encountered him again, perched on the hood of my car. In both cases he deigned to let me scratch gently behind his ears and pet him a little. According to his collar tag, his name is Wilson and I am not supposed to feed him. :)

2. A hot air balloon floating serenely over Cayuga Lake as the sun dropped to kiss the western hills.

3. Golden-orange squash flowers, turned upward like cups and filled a half inch deep with clear water after this morning’s rainstorm.

The world is full of terrible things. Now and then, I think it’s important to remind myself that it’s also full of grace.


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story time

i still have a story for y’all, it’s the perfect combination of university + harry potter

i had education class on friday and each week one group presents a teaching method for foreign languages that encourages students to speak and then we try it out in class. yesterday, a group presented the so-called “hot seat” where one or two students sit in front of the class and are assigned a role (e.g. an actor, a character from a book, a politician or whatever) and the class asks them questions and they have to answer in the foreign language. 

it was a friday afternoon so no one was really keen on doing it, but then the group said “we need two people to come up to the front, we’ll hold a mock press conference that takes place after the first gryffindor quidditch match. one of you will be snape, the other harry potter. who wants to do it” and i was like hell yes sign me up, so one other girl and i went up to the front while the others started preparing questions. 

boy, they were not ready. everyone knew the books ofc, but that other girl and i were major harry potter nerds. the first question for me (harry) was “do you think the match was fair” and i was like “how can you call a match fair if alicia spinnet had to carry out a penalty shot not even 30 minutes into the game because flint crashed into me?”. that other girl and i also broke out in a heated discussion about different broom models. it was amazing, and when we were done our teacher was like “did you just read the books or did you write them?”

BUT THE BEST PART is that one dude sitting next to us whispered “you’ve waited 12 years for this, haven’t you” and i swear i love him

You are who you are, and there’s nothing that anybody can do to change that. However, that’s the beautiful thing about being who you are; you were created a certain way in which no one else can replicate. Not even come close to. And guess what? Nothing can ever change that; you will forever be your own unique original.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
  • Magnus: How do we usually get out of these types of messes?
  • Samirah: We don't. We make a bigger mess that cancels out the first one.