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I love your 9-to-5 mullet Stan art, but it has me wondering. How did Stan get a white collar job with no high school diploma?


🌟 #5YearsWithVIXX 🌟

It’s been five years since your journey has started and you’ve all achieved so much. I’m so happy to call myself a Starlight to be shining along with amazing and wonderful people such as yourselves. You all have worked so hard to get where you are now and despite so much recognition and praise you still remain as humble as you were in the beginning. You shine brightly in my life and you give me hope that good things will come when it will. You’ve shown that hard work does pay off and that remaining to your roots will lead to a prosperous path. You’ve all never once fail to amaze how wonderful you all can be. I hope to shine with you for many more years as your Starlight 🌟🌟🌟⭐️🌟🌟🌟

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I mean I was always weary of it from the get go but I had no idea the fakefactory mod was just that bad. like the level redesigns are an insult to all the work and artistry that went into one of the most meticulously developed games of the early '00s.


i feel so bad for making that post now that it’s blowing up because i was waaaay too fuckin forgiving in my short description of it and now i am very scared someone is gonna try it out not knowing how truly god awful it is            w h a t    h a v e    i    d o n e   it’s literally just a shitty porno version of hl2 made almost completely from stolen assets and i should have warned you all about how bad it is