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i can’t BELIEVE I’m showing a preview THIS. EARLY. into a project. Good lord. ._.
Proportions are literally the biggest bitch in HISTORY, and half the time I can’t believe I go full on “human model doll” mode when doing poses, and yet STILL fuck it up usually *facedesk* (and in case you’re wondering the blobs at the top are what I have of my color palette so far lol)
….Also, I will give you exactly one guess as to which fic this correlates with XD

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Hey, Admin! ♥ You must be really good at drawing hugs, now, after ruining this blog. I thank you for making many people happy. you're an amazing artist. Can I get hug?

{Y’know what… Funnily enough even after almost 2 years of basically binge-drawing hugs, I’m still not any good at drawing them at all. I kind of suck. A lot. Did you know I’m 24 on top of that?}

{But yeah… YOU guys make me happy if anything. Thanks so much. TwT}

My favorite BillDip fics

so anon ask me to make a list of my favorite Billdip fics, so here you go..

I’ve Made Mistakes In My Mind [this fanfic is so cute and sad idk i love this fanfic so much!]

Forgive Me [if you love gore and dark fanfic– you should read this one! Bill is such a dick in this fic. You will hate Bill and love him at the same time and this is smut btw]

Magnesium Flint [i haven’t really read this one, but my friend love this fanfic so much]

Payment in Blood [HA! another dark fanfic cuz im a trash]

The Nightscape Library [this is so cuteeeeeeee]

No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin [this is actually not healthy, but i cant stop loving this fic]

Dipper, Can You Hear Me? [im in love yes, Bill is so gentle in this fic]

Like Gasoline [two shots and damn. Just…..damn.]

What’s in a Name? [i love this one. Online dating thing is cute and Dipper is such a dork]

Can’t find my way home [i just got punched right in the feels, and the smutty thing..i just cant bear bottom!Bill(i prefer him as the top tho but why not)]

Consuming of The Mind [need fluff and angst at the same time?]

Til Death Do Us Part [i love kid!Bill hnghhh, still on going tho and im so curious for the next chapter]

Bow [friend o’ mine told me that i should read this one and damn she’s right]

KEEP CALM and USE THE WOK [short fic. they’re just so fluffly here and Mabel is the best sister ever]

The First Dance is Always Free [YES. just….YES]

For The Heatlh and Safety of Mabel Pines and For The Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines [these two are absolutely the best fanfiction ever! i love the relationship among the characters, and the plot is just hnghhhhh]

The New Employee [just the dorks fallin’ in love]

Lost Souls [my heart ached a bit when i read this, im still waiting for the next chapter tho]

Not Home [family feels is my weakness]

Shots in the Dark [oh yesss, i like how Bill and Gideon join together to win Dipper’s heart! they’re sassy as hell, Dipper just being a dork and adorable]

Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers [i like this AU next chapter pleaseee]

Mmm Watcha Say [reverse AU, just a short fanfic with cute Bill and attractive Dipper in it]

Look at the Stars [uggghhh i cried a bit, just a short fic still my favorite tho]

Dorito [i just got diabetes. Mabel, i love you for being the best sister ever]

A Tumble In The Bed [SMUT. so hot like…DAMN]

Repeat it…Now [the best drabble fics ive ever read! there is angst, fluff, smut hnghhhh i love this so much!]

sooo yeah, this is the list you asked anon! enjoy your reading ~ by the way if you open billdip fics req let me know eheheh

Sleeping Hux for @hollyhark

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Tag You’re It!

Thanks for the tag @itsmhayward!

Name: I just go by M on here :)

Age: 19 (A few months away from 20 woo)

Favorite HP movie: The Goblet of Fire bc 1. Cedric Diggory (obviously) and 2. I live for competitions so I love the Triwizard Tournament

Favorite Magical Creature: Bowtruckles. I would want one like Pickett to carry around and make comments to throughout the day.

Favorite HP Character: Cedric Diggory and Dobby

Favorite Fbawtft Character: Newt but also Queenie bc she’s great

Favorite Color: Midnight Blue

Last Song You Listened to: Vienna by Billy Joel

Last Movie You Watched: Ummmmmm it was probably The Circle? With Emma Watson and Tom Hanks. I don’t watch many movies though lol

Last TV Show You Watched: Next Food Network Star 😃 I’m such a dork but I love it (and it’s a competition so yay). It’s the only show I actually make time to sit down and watch.

If You Could Play Any Character in the HP Series, Who Would You Play: I would probably choose to be Ginny bc I think I’m a lot like her and she was my favorite character when I started reading the books so many years ago.

Favorite Spell/Charm: Definitely either Accio bc not having to get up (to get my laptop charger every few hours lol) and just dragging stuff over is useful or Episkey bc I’m clumsy and a healing spell is cool.

I tag @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @babybarryy @gemininomad and @malfoyyaf but if anyone else wants to do this feel free to consider yourself tagged by me


Helen Richey (1909 – 1947) was a pioneering female aviator and the first woman to be hired as a pilot by a commercial airline in the United States.

Richey was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. Her father, Joseph B. Richey, was superintendent of schools in McKeesport from 1902 to 1935. During her teens, Richey was one of the few girls in McKeesport who wore pants. She learned how to fly a plane at age 20 and her father bought her a plane when she obtained her pilot’s license.

In 1932 Richey partnered with another female pilot, Frances Marsalis, to set an endurance record by staying airborne for nearly 10 days, with midair refueling. In 1934 Richey won the premier air race at the first National Air Meet for women in Dayton, Pennsylvania. Also in 1934, Central Airlines, a Greensburg, Pennsylvania–based carrier that eventually became part of United Airlines, hired Richey as a pilot; she eventually was forced to step down from the cockpit by the all-male pilots union.

After leaving Central Airlines, Richey continued to perform at air shows. In 1936 she teamed with Amelia Earhart in a transcontinental air race, the Bendix Trophy Race. Richey and Earhart came in fifth, beating some all-male teams.

During the Second World War, Richey flew with the British Air Transportation Authority.

As an author, I think it’s more nerve-racking when a friend or coworker tells you they’re reading your books, as compared to random strangers, because you’re afraid they’re not going to like them. You don’t have to see strangers again, but you have to deal with friends and coworkers every day.