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Dungeon Master Apps

Dragon + is great for updates to current content, it is a endless well of information that should spark anyone’s creativity. It’s all around a great publication.

RPG Sounds: Fantasy is awesome for atmosphere and an alternative to the YouTube which plays adds, or constantly has you searching for a new song to play.

Trello connects to both your phone and computer and is a great alternative to physical note cards. My favorite for session prep.

Story Cubes always pull me out of writers block. Some of my favorite game moments came from a random roll of these die.

Time Tree my least favorite side of D&D is organizing the best time for everyone to play. This app allows all the players to upload their schedules and makes life so much easier.

Can anyone recommend any other apps that make DMing easier and more fun?


25 Days of Outlander - Dec 18 - Scene That Really Surprised Me
Fuck the King.


Lunch at Raglan Road located in Disney Springs.


It’s been a long time since I wanted to go to the Dr Sketchy in Paris, but every time I woke up too late and no more places were available…..but this week I did !! And that was so cool, now I just want to go back. First because ever since I left Macguff I stopped the life drawing classes and I really need it, to get better, and to relax, then because the models are awesome, then because the atmosphere created really put you in the mood of the scene, with lights and music and nice people and beautiful art all over ! 

I loved it. 

Thanks to the team Dr Sketchy.