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You could tag someone (even not one person), who could have that flower too :)


My response: awwwww, this is lovely!! In event of this, I will send this to @captainthane and @ravnicawatchwolf for helping me a couple nights ago, and for being awesome friends. And @azy-arty @kagamin3ko @nxsuper @scartale-an-undertale-au @luke0maker and @everyone for being their lovely selves ^^.

She Who Wanders (Pharmercy)


Super freakin late, but happy birthday @hana-blogs ​!?!!?! You arty, you awesome, you so sweet I think you eat sugar for breakfast every morning. Also, borrowed your headcanon here ;p Hope you like it.

Stole Adelah from @spatialheather to use in this one. Thanks yo.


Fareeha Amari.

Or, as Hana once called her, “Fareeha ‘I like to wander Pharah way and give everyone heart attacks and then insist I was never lost’ Amari.”

“I’m not that bad,” Fareeha protested the first time.

“Yes, you are,” the entire squad echoed in response.

“Okay, maybe I am,” Fareeha finally admitted when she returned to their field base in Nepal, carrying an armful of kittens and covered in soot, having saved them from a burning building.

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hey guys, so while people are still sending out their blogs, i figured we could make a little compilation ourselves so we’re sure we’re following everyone/know who everyone is!

(also because for those of us using sideblogs, when we like or reply to things it shows up as our main account and sometimes i don’t know whose main account is linked to which character!)

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Here’s another Artie drawing, this time with the Crystal Gems!

Love ya Artie, hope you have a great day! You deserve it for being awesome!

!!! omg this is such a big and amazingly adorable surprise!! Its just so cute! They all look so adorable! I totally love the idea of Artie hanging with the Gems. I love how Artie is riding on Amethyst’s shoulders (so cute!). I love Artie’s cute little feets (they’re so cute! You draw her paws so cute!). I love how Garnet is ruffling Artie’s hair (that’s such a Garnet thing to do). I love Pearl <3 I love all the expressions, each one of them is way too cute!! Gah, I just love this so much! Thank you!

I’m quite sick right now and my head is super spacey and this is such a cute and awesome pick-me-up, thank you so much!!