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One of my favorite memories of my time cosplaying Damien was when I was getting into the cosplay the last day of that con. My boots for him had gotten dirty, through no fault of my own, and I had meant to clean them. However, I had forgotten to and had the full, gothic regalia on my person as well as having just painted my nails black when I looked down and noticed I done goofed. I immediately started bitching to my friend cosplaying Joseph in the room that I was now worthless for the next century while my nails dried but couldn’t possibly be seen as the dark daddy with muddy boots

Without a word he exited the room and returned with a wet washcloth and instructed me to sit. So I did. He kneeled, gently lifted my boot, and began cleaning it for me in silence.

After a couple awkward seconds I mumbled

“Why Joseph thank you.. this reminds me of a famous scene…”

He smiled up at me and glanced at the hotel bible he had been using as a prop the whole weekend and opened his mouth to make some holy quip but I immediately spoke over him

“… of one of my most favorite japanimations. You know the one, Death Note? When L washes the murderous Light Yagami’s feet? A poignant and striking scene indeed. Though I hate being in the place of a murderer”

His face was priceless and what I can only imagine Joseph’s would actually be


On set of Murder on the Orient Express

It’s a great time to flock to Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. An hour’s drive north of California’s state capital, the refuge provides critical habitat to migrating waterfowl. Duck and geese numbers peak in November and December with huge groups filling the sky. It’s an amazing experience, and another great reason to #OptOutside. Photo of snow geese by Steve McDonald, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


This is so beautiful!